the government is moving towards a
strategy of mitigation meaning they will be shifting resources to minimize the
total damage and contain new infections Eagleman explains further South Korea’s efforts to fight the
corona virus outbreak will move beyond the current quarantine strategy to a
mitigation strategy a currency strategy is applied in the early stages of an
outbreak when the primary goal is blocking the virus from entering the
country such as by enhancing inspections at airports or issuing travel
restrictions this strategy is still viral in the beginning stage of
community based transmissions where the countries should still focus on
isolating infected patients and those they have come in contact with but when
the outbreak enters an advanced stage where the virus spreads into general
communities it is time to move on to a new strategy as it becomes impossible to
track the links between patients in that face the country should focus on
mitigating the total damage to society it should use limited resources more
effectively by separating patients based on the severity of their symptoms and
dedicating more resources to high-risk patients on Monday following the latest
fighting infections the government announced that the country is in
transitional period where both strategies will be carried out
simultaneously following the upgrade in the crisis alert level we are going to
apply to mitigation strategy to special management zones while keeping the
quarantine strategy in place elsewhere depending on the respective levels of
contagion prior to the government’s announcement some 11 medical communities
suggested specific plans for the strategy on Saturday topping the list
was establishing an emergency medical delivery system studying the case of
Cagle which is currently suffering from medical shortages due to the series of
clusters of infections experts also said companies share allow ill workers to
work from home and use flexible work hours without a doctor’s prescription
however they added that as well as the government’s measures it is crucial that
the public follows personal hygiene advice to prevent an explosive surge of
infections jung-in arirang news