Hello friends. I was hoping that BJP would also release its manifesto, so that a comparision between both (congress and BJP) would be possible. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released. So, for this video, we will look into the overall analysis of the Congress manifesto And let us see what have been their promises, their plan and their vision for the country. How right is it, how wrong is it, how possible is it and how much of it might be a “jumla”. Come, let us see. This manifesto is 55 pages long and detailed, which is a good thing, friends because, the more specific you are in articulating your promises, the easier it will be to fulfill them and it will be easier for the country to judge whether you have fulfilled the promises or not in comparison, friends, the BJP 2014 manifesto was only of 10 pages and the promises were written in somewhat this way The problem with manifestos is that often they contain futile things written in a twisted manner for example, look at this ,”remove bottlenecks and missing links in all sectors, activities and services” “strive for sale in futuristic vision” What did all these mean? how would you judge whether these were accomplished or not? Its not that such things are not there in the new congress manifesto. They are there in the Congress manifesto as well In their manifesto, the first point states, “Congress pledges to give highest priority to protecting existing jobs and creating new jobs” now how would you define ” highest priority?” therefore, I am not going to talk about points like these in this video I am only going to talk about those points that specifically talk about what is to be done and by what time it is to be done so, i have classified the specific promises made in this manifesto into four categories 1) most needed promises that are easy to implement 2) most needed promises that are difficult to implement 3) other promises- the ones we don’t know how their results would fare if they are implemented. We don’t know whether they would be good or bad the fourth category is the category of 4)improbable promises- the ones that we are in need of, but they are so difficult that its impossible to implement them Firstly, those promises in the manifesto that are very necessary to take the nation in the right direction, in my opinion. and they are very easy to implement Congress has promised to do away with the electoral bonds. This is that disastrous decision that Modi government had brought about through the 2017 finance bill This had legalised corruption, like i explained in this video , and the political agenda was completely hidden Defamation will be made a civil law We need this because, in our country, influential people use it to suppress the voices of the people look at the defamation case against “the wire” worth thousands of crores Air pollution will be declared a national health emergency. This is so important, it should have been done three years earlier A new, independent Environment Protection Authority will be formed that will enforce and monitor environment related regulations It will replace the existing bodies the ones that are under the government control The government, which, for the crony capitalists, sometimes sells our forests and sometimes sells our lands Lokpal will be appointed and the sedition law will be revoked this is a law that has been in force since the time of the British. They made use of it to suppress the voice of the freedom fighters today our government is using it to suppress the voices of the people whosoever talks against the government is declared an “anti national”, sometimes it is called a “tukde tukde gang”, and sometimes an “urban naxal” so the sedition law was being used as a tool to supress the voices of the people. there was no other use of it in the present day to do away with it is an amazing thing aadhar will be made voluntary random internet shutdowns would be countered by bringing in a new law that would preserve internet freedom what is the cost of environmental degradation in the yearly budgets of the government? how much is our environment affected by each point in the budget? all of this would be taken into account. a ” green budget” would be made Pondicherry is promised full statehood and Andhra Pradesh and the north eastern states have been promised the “special category” status but a terrible point here is that Delhi hasn’t been promised full statehood. this is a demand that every party has put up in the past and the people of delhi has demanded full statehood time and again on the other hand, the citizenship amendment will would also be scrapped- something that the northeastern states have been protesting against time and again it has also been promised that atleast 50% of the EVM results would be verified through VVPAT all these promises, you must have noticed, have been issues that the public has been raising since the past five years again and again revoking disastrous bills, doing away with dangerous laws is easy it is also easy to introduce new laws and bills let us now look at most needed promises that are difficult to implement the biggest thing in the congress manifesto, and the best thing in my opinion is that they have prioritized education and healthcare and science and research they have specifically enlisted what they want to achieve and by when they promise to devote, by 2023 6% GDP to education, 3%GDP to healthcare, 2% GDP science and research in the year 2018 only 3.5% was devoted to education, 1.5% was devoted to healthcare it is almost the double of the existing budgets, hence it would not be easy to do Atal bihari vajpayee ji had tried his utmost to increase the share of GDP of science and research to 2% but he too was unsuccessful regarding job related specific promises, the manifesto states by march 2020, 4 lakh vacancies of the central government would be filled up and the 22 lakh vacancies of the rest of the government jobs would be filled up by jan 2020 by november 2020, all the vacancies in the police forces would be filled up the vacancies in the public hospitals, on all levels would be filled up by may 2020 specific deadlines have been provided for each the cureent forest cover is 21% in the country it has been promised to increase it to 25% by 2025 it has been promised that all panchayats will receive broadband connectivity by 2021 it has also been promised that our fiscal deficit would be reduced to 3% of the GDP by 2021. right now, it is 3.4% of GDP It appears a little difficult to be achieved because all the schemes that we have talked about in this manifesto would require a lot of capital where would the money come from? How will the fiscal deficit would be reduced. this problem arises. Hence I’ve put it in the difficult category between 2004 and 2014, 14 crore people came out of poverty under the congress government in comparison, in aug 2018, Modi stated that the modi government had taken 5 crore people out of poverty in the past 4 years now the congress manifesto has promised that between 2019-2024, they would take out 10 crore more people out of poverty they’re promising the double rate of poverty reduction compared to achievement of the modi government hence this promise appears difficult the rest include reforms like police reforms, decentralization of the police force and creation of a special wing under the police force that would look into cases of mob lynching and hate crime this is difficult because police is under the state government, so as a central government they would find it difficult to push the state govts for police reforms a new anti discrimination law would be brought in to stop discrimination and to counter the media monopoly and cross ownership, a new law would be brought in they are difficult because the laws may be brought in but what matters is their implementation result the institutions would also be decentralised and made more independent today we face the problem that so many institutions run in accordance with the whims of the govt it will be worth seeing how the congress implements it and what are the results in this category are the promise whose results are unclear. we don’t know whether they will be good or bad when they are implemented for example, it has been promised that GST 2.0 will be brought it. it will be made a single tax, and all the levels would be removed NITI ayog will be scrapped to make a new planning commission with a maximum of 100 members the planning commission already existed before NITI ayog. but it didn’t function too well. how would the new one do? we don’t know whether this decision would be good or bad a new regulation would be formulated to curb hate speech and fake news the people that spread hate on the social media would be punished now it’s unclear because such laws can be easily misused by any government if the government is being criticized, it can make use of this law to jail the person who does it the same thing happened with the sedition law. would this new law become the same as the sedition law? it is unclear Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan will be reintroduced its unclear what the point is because the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is already an existing scheme Swachh Bharat is already in progress. what’s the use of stopping it or renaming it? there are some controversial points regarding Kashmir in the congress manifesto the godi media is attacking the congress on these points and not talking about the rest of the points they have stated that the army deployment in kashmir valley would be reduced, their presence would be reduced they would station more forces on the border so that the infiltrators from the border are reduced and the army would stay less in the kashmir valley so that people can trust more and they have stated that AFSPA (armed forces special powers act)would be reviewed and suitable changes would be suggested with respect to these points, the BJP has accused the congress of being anti national, pakistani, terrorist supporter these are futile accusations. there is nothing anti national about these two points it is unclear as to what the result of these decisions would be but if we look at history, the most peaceful time in kashmir was under the congress around 2011-12 the situation and violence in kashmir has worsened under the modi and BJP government these promises are technically possible but its so difficult to implement them that they almost seem impossible in my opinion, their implementation is not at all possoble the first of these is the NYAY scheme- 72000 crore rupees per family to the 5 crore most poor families the total cost of it would be 3,60,000 crore rupees per year this is estimated to be around 2% of GDP. congress has itself written this in its manifesto the biggest question is where would this money come from? congress has stated that for the first three months a design phase would run, for the sixth to ninth month a testing and pilot phase would run in which methods of implementation would be looked at I would be happy if the scheme is implemented but at this point of time , I feel that its implementation and success would be very difficult for it to actually benefit the 20% poor of our country for the rest, they have promised to ensure that every child in the country is vaccinated portable drinking water would have universal access manual scavenging will be eliminated from the country completely within three years the budget of cleaning of rivers would be doubled I don’t think it would really do anything because since so many past years so much money has been spent on ganga cleaning, to clean the rivers, but no result is visible so it is clear that the problem here is bigger than spending money illegal sand mining would be stopped, coastal zones will be protected will join hands with the state government to stop, fully and finely, discharge of effluents, that is all the pollutants entering the rivers would be stopped completely they have not stated how this would be done every citizen of the country will be provided with high quality internet access free and adequate infrastructure would be made available in every school of the country how this would be achieved, is not mentioned specifically for this reason, all these promises that I have told you about are unrealistic and not possible so these were some of the main promises of the congress manifesto in my opinion, it is a very good manifesto. what is your opinion on it? tell me what you feel through the comments below i would recommend you read the entire manifesto. it is very long and detailed. I have provided the link for it in the description below we will wait for BJP’s manifesto for the purpose of comparison share this video, spread the awareness among the people. let everyone know what they are voting for when they go to vote if you like my work, you can donate on patreon.com/dhruvrathee so that I may continue to make such videos for you in the future will meet you in the next video. thank you.