hi this is Natalie Whelan from CPD and direct to you this webinars going to take you through how to find Commonwealth legislation now one of the things in relation to legislation it's really important you use the most official version and the most current version and at a Commonwealth level that is produced by com law but this is the only official version of the legislation on the internet so it provides legislation Gazette's bills and all kinds of other information if you want to find a current act you go under current you choose the active particularly interested in let's say we want the Fair Work Act click on FA sometimes I find this site a little slow and clunky but the reality is it's a site we have to use if we want the official version there's the Fair Work Act now obviously it provides us with the legislation that's goes without saying but one of the things that's really nice is up here it says view series an under view series we can get older versions of the legislation and they're superseded versions that's really handy and particularly in the electronic age it can be really hard to take back a piece of legislation to a point in time so that's a really nice feature another thing it does is it tells us unincorporated amendments so there's amendments that have passed through common but not yet incorporated and they have not become part of the act yet because for whatever reason they might never received the Royal Assent or whatever all that so it's really one of the things that can is really important with legislation is understanding what legislation looked like in the past so that's what we can get through in view series what the legislation looks like now so this is this version that we're looking at here and then what it's going to look like we've got it always as lawyers and researchers be aware of what the legislation is going to look like in the future ie what bills are currently affecting it and what amendments have recently been passed and that allows us to do that as well so that's a really nice feature also back under the view series there's some other features you'll see there's something there that says enables enables is rules and regulations that have been made under the access subordinate legislation which is really really handy and extremely useful for to be able to find relation to bills access to bills once again it is quite slow we've got access to the bills here both old and current bills going through Parliament and if we wanted to get the Fair Work bill we could go to FA again wait wait this is one of the frustrating things with this site but like I say we're sort of stuck with it because it is the official version we have to become familiar with it okay so there's all the amendment bills there's the Fair Work bill so we can actually get the old bill which is really handy in a great feature so there's a lot of stuff on this side it's just I find it really frustrating that you have to go and find it it can be very difficult so there's the bill and you'll notice there's links to the explanatory memorandum which is fabulous so the thing I always remind people if you're trying to find explain it to memorandums you have to go to the bill and that's where it will be because if you actually went to the hard copy of the bill the a.m. will be attached to the back of it so when researching I find a lot of people go to the act to try and find an exponent remember and them but in fact you have to find the bill so that's a few of the features of common law and remember it is the place you have to go if you want to find federal legislation thank you