I am Clark C phoenixon I am a human Easter Egg and this was my experience when being on the set of The Watchmen he had been known that even myself had been attacked by an individual with the name markedly similar to this individual and having an accomplice later it seems with the name remarkably similar to this company so pre-production talk of having the Watchmen film in Vancouver came to me quite frequently in this form so what you're telling me is that this film is about a man who not only kills a woman he got pregnant with his own baby for the inconvenience of the life she had within her but as well attacks a superhero female sexually and he's a rapist and he gets killed at the start of the film and everybody is trying to find his killer oh here you ought to read a copy of this because it's probably gonna fill them and Coover and you might want to work on that set are you insane you think I'm gonna work on Watchmen if they comes here to Vancouver there's no way I'm going to be giving him my resume to be on that set but what you have to know is sometimes film productions here have code names and we don't know what production it is until we arrive on set so I accidentally found myself on the set of Watchmen and really did not want to be there but sometimes people place things in films and sometimes people in Hollywood can surprise you with having really lovely hearts and when I was there briefly on that set I was there for the taking of this picture and after this they threw this Polaroid in the trash in front of me and I was like okay I'm kind of glad I came to this set because this is a guy who tacks up superhero lady and very soon is to die one thing you have to know about is at birth I was named for Chanel number five my mom's favorite perfume and it is pretty well the only scent I ever wear so I was told that I was present on set for the filming of a Chanel number five commercial we were reproducing but then you know I may be skeptical because knowing these people it could be one of the producers that's part of this crime ring and he's gonna put it somewhere Bear Singh in the film so here's a part where the Chanel number five commercial is placed of nuclear scientists move the Doomsday Clock up to five minutes until midnight just prior to the Chanel number five commercial we see the Doomsday Clock at five minutes that's like a B I'm sorry I think of five or piece prior to midnight now is this about time or something no the entire idea is that when you get to midnight it's a new day and that new day is doomsday and that's why it's called the Doomsday Clock it was an arbitrary amount of time they gave it at first but it's a way to convey to the populace how close we were getting to a total nuclear war and you may say is this a real clock yes it is it actually is a real clock it has existed for a long time you can see it online but there are times in our past when the Doomsday Clock really terrified people because of what was going on in the world is the way that nuclear scientists are able to convey it they're being creative a scientist to try to talk to people and tell them what where they're feeling things are now so essentially in this film they're they're ceasing it at five minutes and that's pretty important to recall five minutes prior to midnight so the number five is significant here let's continue destruction by nuclear war question that's the bed on a scale of zero to ten zero meaning impossibility 10 meaning complete metaphysical certitude so they're talking about here the other view of what doomsday is and this is probably more akin to real doomsday you know the destruction of pretty well everyone on the planet most of the animals and everything that may possibly have a the opportunity to survive I'm gonna get into different versions of this because you can be strategic in the way you go about this but this is the idea that just everything just goes off and everybody gets killed my family founded to see if suddenly that at this time had the world's largest uranium mine that was a Elliot Lake in Ontario that was part of our underground system of Sudbury we had this level of Watchmen I'm sure to control you know any material from going to the wrong place my father was one of these Watchmen I have good cause to think that this is probably the case and why they're being so perfect when I was on set you know sometimes you get worried they're gonna disappoint but they didn't okay what continue Pat Buchanan zero the Soviets would never risk going to war when we have a walking nuclear deterrent on our side well you're referring of course the dr. Manhattan dr. Manhattan is actually reference to you the Manhattan Project that I'm gonna get into in another video it's a very interesting situation that occurred where there was an entire town that was created secretly to develop nuclear warheads within the United States so anyways let's continue well it hasn't stopped the Soviet Union from stockpiling record amounts of nuclear weapons you don't think it's all just posturing maybe the reason why the Soviets are doing these these bomb tests is because they feel threatened by the entire concept of the Watchmen is who watches a Watchmen he's a watchman but he's obviously corrupted somebody ought to have been keeping an eye on this guy and dealing with him and when you have corrupt people working with in black ops who've gone insane or their serial rapists or killers who's gonna go after them it's a real problem I feel it is essential that in North America and Britain you know I speak for other countries but surely here we ought to have the equivalent of an ombudsman a separate department that works independently from all of the agencies black ops and government for the people and for citizenry you can have somebody who just has it in you maybe they attacked you once maybe they they dated you and they despise you now maybe they're just jealous because they knew you from high school maybe it's your cousin who's insane you just don't know what it is but they can wreck your life for the entirety of your existence you know and it's um and that kind of corruption with that kind of power is unacceptable and I I don't feel it's very unacceptable that our governments haven't provided this for our people it's not like you have a black op you have somewhat that level of clearance police don't have that and they don't have the capacity to deal with that – gang gain the access to the information that they truly require for that and to prosecute people in this way who have that level of clearance for me you know the watchman kind of came full circle in a way when I was here on this set and I came to respect the message of what they were trying to say they're saying yes this person is youthful this person is killed for things they've done and they're still going after it like it's you know somebody they ought to get behind and it's just not true it is a corrupt system that has to be reckoned with so we'll just continue so he's looking at his TV oh that's the commercial I'm just in there inside the building this is chanel I actually think I recall this commercial from when I was a kid that's his hallway he's walking on water this man is just so despicable so this is the part they had me as an Easter Egg for I'm the song that plays over top of the comedian's death essentially Chanel number five where they the Doomsday Clock back so I guess he's doomsday in this and sub-base comes in I'm you know I'm not huge into violence I you know I I guess I get it a little bit of and when I first slide it was so dear and sweet oh gosh he's awful do you have this guy turn up that seems to like be a better version I don't know about the remainder of the film it's been so long since I've seen I came he recalled even my part is only this part so keep in mind you know when I was using still playing overtop of it which is Nat King Cole unforgettable and what I really loved the version with him and his daughter it makes me think of me and my dad I love to sing to it what was it joke and what does he have to forgive him for they never answer this I love that button and he he obviously doesn't forgive him just like the person who attacked me I will not ever forgive them there's no reason to I don't believe in that I think it's a it's a falsehood that is taught to people at times sometimes there's some worse than letting things go but here what these people are sexually assaulted and they say I forgave him you don't have to forgive a person to let go of your anger we'll get into that another time wow that is an intro so over top of the opening credit ah it's so personal and that is the only time I worked on that set was before it that should know number five commercial a little bit with Nixon and with that comedian so that is your introduction to the watchman and the real-life watchman that are a government agency in the United States and it appears some perhaps in other regions of different countries where there is the possibility of the movement of nuclear materials and and then of course the Doomsday Clock that's correlated where these these scientists try to convey to us their feelings about nuclear war and where we are in relation to the politics and other things that lead us to a possible destruction of all of our planet and the continuity of government to shadow government that function are behind the scenes and always ready to protect you in the case that that doomsday ever comes and I wanted to say that I know I was a trained rape crisis counselor one in three girls and one in six boys are attacked at some point in their life and mmm and hugs to all of you and don't ever let anything like that take away your ability to have sense of self-worth oh my gosh I love you and to reclaim your sensuality and command of your um make sure to subscribe and press a bell and leave your comments and any images you find I've been on so many sets and it feels terrible because I probably missed a ton of things because I don't see many of the productions I've ever been on and I heard rumors that they're thinking to make another watchman without all these guys in it and we can only wish or you could that this kind of story will inspire a new generation for you