Hi, my name is Michael Niren. I’m the founder
of visaplace.com, an immigration lawyer. The Canadian government’s Citizenship and Immigration
Canada just announced that it will be lifting the visa requirements for Czech citizens,
for citizens of the Czech Republic. This is really good news. So, they do not have to,
now, if they want to come to Canada as visitors, apply for a tourist visa or a temporary resident
visa. Canada, in assessing countries to lift requirements
for visitor visas, looks at the immigration integrity of the country, asylum rates, and
their documentation, and has since lifted the requirement for Czech citizens to get
visas. Now, this doesn’t mean that they can immigrate to Canada. Individuals from the
Czech Republic and other countries require to qualify for immigration for permanent residents.
But, for now at least, citizens of the Czech Republic do not require visitor visas to come
to Canada. They still have to prove, when they enter the country, that they’re here
for a temporary purpose, that they will not stay beyond their status, and that they will
be returning back after their visit is complete. There are a lot of other countries, unfortunately,
that still require temporary resident visas or visitor visas, but Czech Republic, for
now, is not one of them. So, thank you very much for listening and have a great day.