hey guys today we're talking about the citizen 8040 10-50 II this is the perpetual chrono AET and this is the all titanium Edition so this version has a titanium case and titanium band all together a really nice lightweight tool watch that has basically almost every feature I can possibly think of in a watch that you would possibly want to zoom in really quick here and give you a look at the face and some of the features of this guy so guys I am working with a new lens here please forgive any shakiness or zoom issues you can see right away this is a really handsome design overall you can differentiate the steel version of this watch from the titanium version because the titanium has these blue accents on the knobs here as well as blue accents for the day Sunday there and the low-power as well as the timezone display hand on the stainless steel version those accents are in red so that's another option if you guys maybe don't like the blue accents then you can get the stainless steel version of this watch and get those little red accents I would however really recommend the titanium version of this watch it's extremely comfortable on the wrist because of how light it is and I personally really like those blue accents and how they work into the face of this watch you can see the texture over the back of the case there or the back of the face that's the light sensitive portion of this Egret Drive it's basically a solar panel essentially I think it's a really nice texture I like a watch that has some texture and depth the features on the face and this definitely does and with this watch you were definitely getting a feature-packed device one of the main features is obviously the titanium build which is going to make this watch quite a lot lighter and just as strong and as resilient to scratching as a stainless steel band so just to illustrate that point I'm going to break out the kitchen scale here and we're going to tear it we're going to look at this guy and see come out around 105 grams hundred and six grams somewhere in that range by comparison here's my Citizen Nighthawk with the super engineer tube and now admittedly this is kind of a beefy watch but they're similar in terms of overall size for both the face and the bracelet and that guy comes in at 166 grams so it's not quite double the weight but it's like half again as much weight and it's a super noticeable difference on your wrist this guy tends to just disappear on your wrist until you look down and go oh yeah that's right I'm wearing a nice all-metal tool watch with a 200 meter water-resistant and radio controlled and multiple timezones support and it's a chronograph and it has a tech ammeter so that's that's why you're going to buy this right you're going to buy this because you're going to look at all the features that you could possibly get in the watch and say I'd like all of them and that's what this is going to deliver so let's take it in a little bit closer again and we'll take a look at some of the distinct features of this watch and how they're executed so I mentioned it is a chronograph and you'd think that to start your chronograph you just push this upper button but no in fact you see the second hand moves to this little meter over on the side there and I'm gonna try and focus you so you see it's pointing to on there it's not saying that daylight savings time is set to on now why you would need to check that with the main top lug here I don't know I think that's kind of ridiculous in my opinion activating this top lug should start the chronograph activating this bottom lug should reset the chronograph like a standard chrono watch but no both of these features indicate various operating parameters of this watch so like I said this tells you if you have your daylight savings time set to on or off this button on the bottom here if we push that it's going to tell you the signal strength of your last radio transmission you probably can't tell but there you go see how points to L and there's an M and an H this is the relative signal strength of the last time it attempted to contact the tower in Colorado and get an update to its global time so that L indicates that it was a successful transmission if it did not have success it would point to that no up in there and if you are trying to actually do a transmission it will go to the rx for receiving transmission up at the top there so this is fairly special and it's unique to radio-controlled watches but essentially just so you guys understand what I'm talking about here there is a tower emitting a radio wave in Denver Colorado that radio wave is broadcast all around the United States and really all of North America and watches and other devices can pick up that signal and set their time that means that every night at 2:00 a.m. this watch will attempt to fix that signal and update its time that means at any given point this watch is going to be atomically accurate assuming it's able to receive that transmission it's variants from exact time is plus or minus 15 seconds a month but considering it resets that everyday you're never going to be off by more than like a quarter of a second so it's really impressive and I've tested this and it works really well it's right on with atomic clock time and that's one of the things that's really nice about this watch is you just set the time zone and you never need to really worry about setting your watch again it is a perpetual calendar which means that if you're in a month a dozen end and 31 days this will automatically reset with that transmission because it knows the the month year the day of the week and the date you can see it also has in the small little code here day of the week indicators right there you can see I'm recording this on a Sunday and then if you push this bottom lug that hand will flip around and show you how much power reserve this watch has its fixed indices so it's either high medium low or no power extremely low-power the the part that mine is set to right here that kind of medium high power means it has between three and thirty days of battery life remaining and like I said this is a solar-powered watch so if you need to charge it up well all you need to do is go and wear it out in the sunshine it'll charge itself right up my experience with the eco-drive watches is that a lot as long as you wear them or you know put them under a bright light when you charge them at night you're never going to have any issues with them running out of battery they're just going to go and go forever and you never need to worry about it the small dial at the bottom here is your time zone slash function mode so I mentioned pushing these two buttons don't put it into coronagraph mode and that's because you have to actually tell it you want it to be a chronograph so what you're going to do that is pop that out to position one and then you're going to move this knob so now you can see it I selected Chicago time zone go Denver LA or Pacific time and then go to chronograph and push the crown in and now it's in cronograph mode so I don't know in this day and age I can't imagine a situation where you wouldn't just you know whip out your iPhone and start using it as a stopwatch instead of using this it's just it's a lot faster I don't know why you'd have to pull out the crown and do that I think it would make a lot more sense to pull out the crown and use those buttons to check those kinds of transmission features that they're set to from stock but we are in chronograph here so I can show you how the attack emitter works basically a tachometer just measures units per time so this is a scale set to a per hour so let's say we go past a road sign and I hit the start button we're driving or driving or flying or we're in a bullet train or whatever and I come past another sign and it's one mile less so I'm going to go ahead and stop it here and we can see that we're between 240 and 300 miles per hour so let's call it 256 miles per hour that's what a tachometer does and it can do any units per hour as long as you can measure it in a1 if you do it in a to increment than you're going to have to divide or multiply that out usefulness is kind of minimal in this day and age but it is a cool feature to have I think this is used a lot in like rally time distance rally and motor racing that kind of thing so I'm going to put it back into regular mode you can see it does have an alarm an alarm and alter time zone are set in a similar fashion you can see it also supports time zones for London Eastern Time Central Time Mountain Time and Pacific Standard Time and then it does support like I said daylight savings time for each of those by adjusting that gauge in the lower left hand corner now if you're in a time zone that isn't any of those listed there all you have to do is come up here to set your mode to alternate time pop the crown out to the second position and then moving this knob in an upwards fashion or downwards fashion will start the hand moving in either direction and then it's just a matter of stopping it when you get to where you want and it's in that alternate time now for my purposes I'm not going to use that all that much it's going to be in one of the fixed time zones most of the time and that'll work just fine for me you can see this also is a 24-hour clock capable of showing 24-hour time or military time if you measure it in zulu and you can set this to zulu time certainly so you can see here we're at 1400 and four hours pretty cool so you can see also has that silver band is nighttime hours and the non silver bandit hours are daylight hours you can also see from that little inscription in the lower left there it does reflect it it's a perpetual calendar it has a sapphire crystal it's water-resistant to 200 meters and it's a titanium cased watch I want to talk about sapphire for just one second because that's a really nice feature to have on a watch basically that means that the crystal you see here the glass if you will even though in this case it's not glass its sapphire is made out of sapphire which is extremely resilient and able to resist damaging from normal use that means that realistically this watch you are going to have to beat up pretty hard to get scratching in your case or in your crystal excuse me overall I think this is a really really nicely designed watch it wears really comfortably on the risk like I said the the fact that it's titanium means that it's going to be really comfortable and lightweight and you know resistant to water and chemicals and all that kind of stuff the case back is this nice matte finished you guys probably know that titanium takes a really nice matte finish and it's really comfortable on the wrist some watches which have a polished back of the case it tends to get kind of sticky if you have a sweaty wrist and this certainly doesn't have any problems with that titanium is one of these surfaces that has a really nice matte quality if it's matte finished as far as the bracelet me bring you guys in close here you can see I've been fairly lucky and not getting it too scratched up so far I'm sure this will scratch titanium is not impervious to scratches it is it should be a little bit stronger than a mild steel but you can see there's already some mild scratching showing up it's going to happen with any watch I don't see any problems with this being titanium versus stainless steel if anything it's just nice that it's so lightweight well guys I hope you've enjoyed that let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I would highly recommend this thing if you are a watch kind of geek like I am and you're a person that's buying on features then this is going to have just about everything that you could want a watch to to have including a really handsome design comfort on the risk water-resistant to 200 meters sapphire crystal atomic timekeeping perpetual calendar day of the week indicator hour indicator it's got everything that you could really want a watch to have and it does all that in a handsome package so it's something that I'd highly recommend anyway guys I hope that was helpful if you have any questions again leave them in the comments down below until next time I'm blade with gadgets and gear and I'm out