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  1. So there is that black car at the intersection parked sideways and screws up and all the other cars clip trough it and suddenly disappears. Well, I would have chosen a different footage xD

  2. Everything looks too… clean. A lot of empty grey around the buildings, and the sidewalks are clear. Let's face it, most cities are pretty filthy in real life. There should be more objects and texture, like potholes in the road, or a mailbox on the sidewalk. They don't have to be functional, but it would make everything look a lot nicer.

  3. This looks very promising, can't wait to try, and build huge cities. I miss one thing though. Where are the turning lanes? And not just on highway, but on a normal roads to. It helps really much for traffic flow, in real life at least. I miss it from all city building game. The simcity 4 modders managed to put it in game with NAM, and cities xl modders with the RHM(only for highways), but it's not in the simcity 5 as well. I think if you really want to build a realistic landscape, you need also turning lanes, as in real life. Is it really so hard to make it? If a few talented modder can make it, then i don't think so. Or this will be added later? I really hope so.

  4. The one thing Simcity13 got right is when you build a street it includes water sewer and electricity and that is what real road building includes. Unfortunately it is missing here.

  5. Not every country has the same traffic light system as everyone…It would be nice to be able to choose how long lights stay green, red, or yellow,   or to just…remove them all..

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