3, 2, 1 [bell rings] Welcome Mitchell we have an open-door policy and celebrate diversity (music) Model Citizens is the first show I have directed for Circus Oz. We need everything of society for it to function, we need, the good the bad, the ugly, we need people who want to fit in as well as the ones who don’t so, without coming up to some great moralistic conclusion it’s kind of a reflection of that. An outsider that comes in, which is Mitch, and it’s about him trying to fit into the world and us sort of not allowing him to fit in… You could talk for hours – I could certainly talk for hours (laughs) about social control and society and consumerism, and so this show is just like a light touch on those themes, I feel, with heaps of sweet tricks (laughs) the cast are amazing. this is one of the best groups of people that I have worked with. I’ve spent a long time doing work that is really acrobatic and this is a cast full of people with a hugely diverse skills. [Mitch] It’s been excellent working together as a new ensemble to build this vocabulary of how we move together and what sort of language we share (heavy electronic music) it’s an interesting exercise in trust. Yeah and it’s just that thing of going you know what I just have to… I have to trust him I have to give him that I’m also a ram, a female ram (laughs) a mother ram which doesn’t really make much sense but it looks cool (laughs) I want to take circus back to… to give it some sort of domesticity some like clear visual references we understand. Okay if I had a five metre safety pin could that be a Chinese pole? A couple of favorites with me: one is the giant underpants which is a new piece of aerial apparatus. not many people have gone there before. I think they’ve got great potential and they’re funny. (string music)