hi my name is Anthony D’Onofrrio, Associate Director of the Athletic Administration program at the Van Loan School at
Endicott College. This program is designed to prepare students for a
career in athletic administration and sports. A master’s degree program in
athletic administration is made up of 12 courses, which typically a student can
finish within two years. The classes are 100% online. There a six-week
accelerated course format students may start and anytime. We have real-life
practitioners the teaching these courses which will prepare students for careers
in secondary, collegiate and global sports. What makes this program unique is real-life practitioners. For example Mike Santos, former general manager of
the Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators and the New York Islanders is currently
teaching a contract negotiation class and our numerous networking event
opportunities that we have on a monthly basis. You may contact me for more
information at a [email protected] or 978 998 7791. Thank you