so it's up to Lake Charles Oh same old same old the county's complaining about it's misleading the stockholders and blowing the employee pensions and what a bunch of babies me come on this is business people writing and speaking of business yeah that's good take a powder [Laughter] [Applause] Oh Mia says stop cruelly alright I'm begging the close of his times I came I'm detective Charles Stevens from the Dade County Police Department I've got a warrant here for your arrest a war achar just cocaine trafficking and frankly I fresh I don't know how to handle it what I come in and turn myself in around Thursday okay it's one o'clock good for you oh no that's no good for me I got some trim coming at 12:00 tell myself and say between 2:00 and 6:00 thank you so very much for your help and again I'm sorry for the inconvenience I love you too so what am i charged with yeah like you don't know you little bitch you do me a favor and not smoke I'm allergic oh hey I'm sorry Chuck when I do your favor and put it out there for you huh legal aid you're on sorry you like my 14 case this week somebody take a piss in here I pee I would like to compliment you gentlemen on a very classy baller-ass spread with Jesus that I've never even seen before and my apologies for being late but I got caught up with something I'm an angular but you've done a lot of good for the community oh I know man Oh Thanksgiving I've been passing turkeys out like Nino brown baby but seriously we have to do something how about you testify before a Senate committee and spend two months at Club fed when I get out can I steal traffic rocks to the community absolutely not yeah you're right ceiling rocks would be wrong anyway he points the gun at us and he tells his dog to SiC us was at that point that I fired upon the canine and we were able to subdue mr. Jeffries upon further search of the mansion we were able to locate this pure Colombian heroin yeah wait a minute Your Honor I don't know whose heroin that is but it certainly is a mine that his wife through her titties in my hand was weird your honor you grabbed her titties I saw you before I sentence you is there anything you'd like to say okay first of all right that's enough you're the worst kind of scum on the face of the earth you're an animal now filthy big-lipped beasts congratulate the jury of your peers all your possessions be seized immediately by the court you will receive the mandatory minimum of life in prison plenty of time to lift weights and convert to Islam get out of my sight you sir is it true you were a crack cocaine dealer for seven years I plead the fifth sir will you tell us about the cartels you dealt with in your time as a crack cocaine dealer no but I can tell you that I plead the Physiol exactly how much money did you earn in your time as a crack cocaine dealer [Laughter] [Applause] one two three four question did you document that I think you need the same we all forget afternoon I got your sentence reduced to him [Applause]