uh… i was right and i think uh… if anything i’m gonna doubled okay uh… it because there was the faction within the the progressive movement that said no no no play nice of the democrats
uh… need to be supported and if you just the you know uh… pat you know support them
enough and it surely for them uh… they will deliver an old women know
that there’s no to that well they didn’t and they lost repairing so i have been dot right idea is not to keep supporting democrats
just because they’re democrats physicality next their name look the system
is corrupt has corrupted the democratic party right now i think the role is state keep on
losing for the republicans they’re playing that washington generals uh… that’s their
role uh… and and are not the supported democrats their
anything and without the democrats ten times more because your if u wading on this democratic
party to come to the rescue you’re waiting on that terribly fossil ok now it is not say
that republicans are good i need you to have a little bit of logic i can’t have you sitting
there do all of these like that because it looked like the republicans now that there’s a big eighty cents you know
i don’t like republicans i think the republicans are wholly owned subsidiary
of multinational corporations the richest people the most powerful people in the country
their republicans are useless with are already know that but if you’re hoping against hope that’ll
probably right back in the democratic party will do the right thing well that hope that extinguished tonight organic it’s over they don’t know what the hell they’re
doing and i got clobbered the right answer was top-flight the right answer was that take
the republican ass but they were never gonna give you that answer as their role was in that it was filled because the system is so awash with money that the money goes by refit including the
democratic party and accept the mopus axes and he when she
gets well which here which is a big help there was not a lot
for you tearing down ok that’s doesn’t mean replace
it with the republicans that these in primaries yet the rug real progresses or to go after these guys it easy who worked was and i don’t wait for a politician
workforce fundamental change in the system and fundamental changes campaign finance reform
first of all ok as long as a lobbyist pay these politicians they will buy them they
will buy them all built by the republicans that they will by the democrats and they already an that number two corporations are not human
beings if you get them the rights of human beings first amendment rights the right and
uh… spend money and by politicians they won’t do it they’re not even more great any
moral it is their job to go get a good investment and united states senators
and excellent investment you pay nicole and he had billions back ok they are anymore only
sheens and you have to play that they are not the
landings they should not have the same constitutional
rights that we have number three which when you talk about you know uh… that senators as congressman
and presidents and your staff going to get jobs like afterwards as lobbyists
and cashing in welcome back to ensure calls to by the way that gives them tremendous instead of just tell us out so they can cash in later as chris dodd is
about to do the senator from connecticut as almost every the get retired guy guy for the pentagon does
bible it’ll work for a defense contractor here’s my new proposal here’s what we do if you worked in the government
either a staff or the congress is out there or color in general and for working for those companies mir’s well gee i don’t know but how do i get
rich well you’re not supposed to get rich usable
for starbucks usable as we are representatives the point of error is in to go get rich and rob us now you’re banned for ten years if you don’t
want to don’t take the job don’t become a cargo don’t become a general
don’t become a senator that the other people take the job we’ll go
for that fundamental change the democrats of along with the republicans will rob you blind
as they’re doing right now forget the democrats strongly forget the republicans we have to
start doing it on our own and of any politician doesn’t agree with that web them down man weapon down out there that party there it
you have to have primaries and used and that’s the whole point of primaries
at the problems don’t do what you want and they’re not doing it well that us out