hi I'm Jenny raillery the managing director of management consulted and I'm here with all-star Lisa bright hi Lisa excited to walk through with you an example of a case interview structure and we thought it would be fun to put this together just so that people could kind of see something that management consultant really brings to the table distinctively which is that we have four clear basic structures but we don't necessarily recommend adhering to these magical structures we use them as a baseline and then ask people to go beyond that so I'm gonna give you a prompt and then the prompt can actually go in a lot of different directions you could use more than one of the basic structures with it but I'm interested in just having you kind of lay out for us what you're gonna do people will be able to see what you actually have going on on the paper at the same time which might be really fun and then I'll have you take the time to review the prompt go through the structure read it back to me and we'll discuss it a little bit that's read my writing we'll see yeah exactly well you can draw largely in this situation because we actually have quite a bit of space and time and we're only doing the structure so we have two separate page okay fantastic okay so let me just give you the background of the case our client is a US car manufacturer they have seen lagging performance in the last couple of years they're battling to both sell cars and also to manufacturer profitably our client is interested in a way to revive their business by doing something innovative one of the ideas that they've looked at is to launch a sports car they have none currently in their line and they're interested in understanding what kinds of things they would need to think about in order to do this successfully and ultimately they'd like a recommendation of whether or not they should pursue the sports car idea give any questions off the background hmm all right so let me just recap this really quick so it sounds like we have a u.s. car manufacturer he said they've been lagging performance I had a question mark there but I think you said they they're lagging in terms of selling cars or lagging on the sales side and then also in manufacturing profitably that's right okay so they're having both line and bottom line issues it seems to be that by unfortunate they want to look at reviving through innovation specifically a sports car they don't currently have any in they're thinking about launching this new line of vehicle and they want to know what they should think about in terms of making that decision do they want to think about how they'd go about it too or just kind of like determining whether or not it's a good idea or kind of a mix of the two yeah they are they're interested in basically ultimately the final recommendation which is yes or no so I think putting some practical steps to it could be important for that okay great so I think I have a pretty clear idea of the prompt the only other thing I would ask is do they have any certain targets in mind so that seems like like I said they're having top line and bottom line issues do they have targets in mind that they would like for us to achieve it's just really important that it doesn't just help them move more units and then in some way eliminate profitability right so they have to really keep both of those in tandem in mind okay okay I think have a pretty clear idea of the prompt you mind if you don't mind I'll just take mo together at my house yes okay I think I've got a plan if I when I approach this okay so since our clients a car manufacturer they're interested in launching and designing a sports car and they want to know if that's a good idea and if so how they go about it both from increasing top-line revenue as well as keeping in mind that they want to be more profitable as well I think there are four key areas that I like to look into or four key questions that we need to ask to determine if that's a good idea okay they go about it so first of all I'd want to look at the overall market attractiveness for sports cars to really determine if that is an attractive market our client should want to pursue or not if that's the case then I want to better understand this car manufacturers capabilities it might be a great opportunity that doesn't mean they can actually capture that so we want to look more closely at that and then third I'd want to more closely understand the profitability of the sports car because since they're considering the the bottom line as well and then if all that looks good I want to think about a go to market strategy for our client and how we provide some next steps in terms of how they'd go about it so to start off with the market attractiveness I do want to look at the broader economy I'm thinking sports cars require some discretionary income it's kind of a luxury good so I want to make sure that watching this is a good economy moving forward overall size and growth of the market and in terms of what kind of revenues we think we could generate what the key trends are who are the main competitors what kind of sports cars do they have planned for future launches so we can think about how we position ourselves and what that's gonna look like moving forward and then also regulatory issues I know Volkswagen recently had some issues with their sports cars with fuel economy and emissions standards and things like that so I think this is a bit different from a typical vehicle we might want to consider things like that okay um in terms of our capabilities so I want to look at branding you know for example Cadillac huge shift in rebranding over the last few years to sell the types of cars that they do yep financing ability hundreds of millions of dollars go into designing new vehicles can we afford it then basically their entire value chain all the way from R&D through sourcing all the way through to the end of distribution so that full process I think that this type of product launch is going to affect everything so do they have the capabilities the resources capacity etc and then also if we can't do that do we need to explore like M&A type activity or something like that to execute I think we really want to focus on the profitability of the sports car takes one of their big concerns so ultimately I'm looking for like a break-even or return on investment that we could calculate okay so we need to look at both the revenues and the costs what kind of price points we think we could get based on the market attractiveness some data that we get there could inform how many units we think we can push and then also our capabilities can help inform what our cost structure would look like okay hmm and then overall looking at the go-to-market strategy I want to understand who we're targeting what kind of segments are we going after in there demographics and I think that can help inform how we market and how we distribute our products so for example are we gonna go with like high-end dealerships or something like that compared to what we do today so I think that's broadly how I'd like to attack this and I think the big first question would be is this market attractive so I'd like to dive into understanding more about kind of size and growth of the market fantastic all right relax all right all right so that was amazing really good I just want to point out a couple of things that you did across the board and then maybe tweaking things if somebody's thinking wow that was really good but they still want to take it to the neck level so overall you did a great job on the recap you I thought did an amazing job of synthesizing you went through in a linear fashion but you really tied everything together so it didn't feel like a complete repeat of what I had talked about and you did some interpretation as you were going which is great and then your clarifying questions were spot-on you really only asked two of them one of them was just all around the how which was kind of a very like loose and tangible question but helped inform your structure that you ended up choosing because that whole fourth bucket actually was really informed by that and then the second one was around whether you were how are you we were going to define success which also defined one of your rackets the profitability bucket and so I really liked that your questions were clear they didn't ask me for new data but they were clearly informed what your structure was going to be and so I think you picked good questions related to that I liked the fact that your structure was four buckets I also really liked the fact that these buckets were some of the typical buckets but you called them something a little different and so this felt like a creative structure to me but it felt creative however not disorganized because you had four clear buckets and then each of your records I could even see on your paper are very clearly delineated so I liked the combination of creativity and clarity here I thought you did a great job of balancing this and then inside the buckets I thought that they were really good you know this is this kind of case lends itself to the question mark of the mici structure and I thought you did a great job of demonstrating that whether it is mutually exclusive is pretty important and so you didn't really have anything here that you would look at twice but collectively exhaustive is a little harder to do however what you did was you tied some of the pieces together which made it feel like it was more integrated and complete so across the board I think that that was that was also really strong then you had an market attractiveness and capabilities not just a sense of the buckets but also a sense of their priority and so one of my favorite things was that at the end when you came back and he said where you wanted to start it was bucket number one I see that a lot you probably do too where people lay things out and then they say bucket number three like a great place to start and you think what in the world you know and and what yours happen to actually be the first one that you would come up with and the first one on your page but as you know that it doesn't have to be that way and always like real aim will remember them exactly so I so I just thought overall the the overarching structure was good and the prioritization was really good inside the actual information you explained very clearly and I think an appropriate segmentation so you spent an approximate equal amount of time on each one of those key buckets so that was great because it wasn't like oh this is the really important one and then here's ten seconds on the other ones so depends on the prompt is one piece or another I probably would've dove into more detail in one of those but it seemed pretty open-ended there was very little direction as to where the focus and even in that situation you might have broken up that big question into smaller questions and kind of ended up in the same place so I felt like the only thing that was I wanted to point out something that you did really well and then something that I think could be just a next-level option so when you were talking about the different things there were a couple of places in every bucket you had something that was metric oriented so you had size and growth of the market for market attractiveness capabilities you had the M&A question and you had the the cost across the value chain for profitability you had the breakeven an ROI even number that you were looking for and then for the go to market you had the segment's in the demographics the only thing that I would recommend and just something that I found to some really helpful for people to be clear regardless of the case type you're doing right this is a pretty general one you could get this at McKinsey it's a little less likely Mackenzie's would probably be a little bit more data rich even in the beginning this is probably more of a BCG style case and so in that situation if you're going to have to be in the driver seat in order to get the data I just usually recommend that they put that number first so the first thing that you gather is the data and the information and then everything else is kind of context that surrounds it so that was really out of everything just one recommendation that I had to kind of make it a little bit more clear and one thing I wanted to point out too is my four buckets actually really align to one of the frameworks so you've got market attractiveness meaning you're kind of your market competition yes my team category your car manufacturer being the company bucket yep and then you've got profitability of the sports car I kind of tweaked the product bucket a little bit yeah that's great and you know profits of that ultimately though products would really make sense for that and when people talk about features and the product without driving the profitability it doesn't end up making friends so yes I could have added more of that but I was like I think let's just keep it profit yeah that's one but we could have died I could've dope in a little bit more there and then go to market strategy kind of be in the customer focus yeah so it does kind of a line to one of the key strategy frameworks absolutely framework but it just is tweaked in terms of wording so it seems more creative and also in terms of order sometimes you would see company or sorry market first then you would see customer or market in any kind of competition and then customer and then company in products so the fact that you switched it around I thought was amazing awesome great job Thanks