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traveling with Bruce got an update for you from Carnival Cruise Line
new smoking policy is in effect starting November the 20th 2018 that’s today’s
date it used to be that if you got caught smoking on a Carnival ship you
ran the risk of getting fined up to $500 on your ship account those days are over
family of four now are at risk because whether you’re on your own or with your
family you get caught smoking now on the next port of call that the ship is going
to have you’re off the ship and everyone in your cabin is going with you no
exceptions so for example mom and dad two children a day two of the cruise mom
or dad are smoking on the balcony you get caught and chances are you will you
are going to be held up by security you’re gonna be all in front of these
guys you’re going to be escorted off the ship with your belongings and your
travel mates the next port of call and God help you if it’s in Belize or
on Duras or in Spain or who knows where because you’ve got to figure out how to
get back home on a one-way ticket without any warning I mean trying to buy
an airplane ticket for less than 24 hours of timeframe
one-way you’re looking at you know even in the Caribbean you looking $1,000 a
person one-way ticket back to the USA if you’re an American it can be a nightmare
why is the cruise line doing this look at these photos they’ve had it Carnival
is just not interested in playing games anymore with with smoking passengers so
that they’ve had there have been instances over the years where cruise
ships have caught fire from smoking related incidents and they cannot take
the chance with a billion dollar cruise ship to have people playing games on
their balconies trying to smoke cigarettes to not get caught because it
only takes one cigarette to ignite an inferno and fire is the number one
problem for cruise ships too bad for the kids too bad for mom dad doesn’t matter
no mercy get caught smoking the entire party in the cab
is off the ship at the next port O’Call and there’s no way around it you don’t
get any refund for your cruise you don’t get any compensation for it you’re gone
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