>>Welcome to MiraCosta. My name is Pat Connolly. I’m with the Administration of Justice program. And I wanted to spend a few minutes just telling you about our program and some of the careers that we have. The Administration of Justice program here really has two degrees that we offer, as well as one Law Enforcement Certificate. What we do, whether it’s any of those degrees or the Certificate, is try to prepare you for jobs in the Law Enforcement and Intelligence world as well as prepare you for transfer to four-year institutions where you can major in subjects like Criminal Justice or Criminology, or things along those lines. The jobs we prepare you for, most people are kind of surprised the breadth of them. It’s not just Law Enforcement officers, patrol officers, detectives, et cetera. But we also try to prepare you for some of the Federal positions, make you more competitive for those positions whether it’s FBI, Marshall service, Department of Homeland Security, or even some of our Intelligence agencies that we have here. I must say I am retired. I was a former prosecutor and retired FBI special agent investigator. And I can tell you it is an exciting career. It is a career in Law Enforcement or Intelligence where, honestly, you’re really doing important stuff, important stuff to keep people safe and secure. And I think there’s lots to be said about a career where everything changes every day. If you have any questions, any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at MiraCosta. Pat Connolly.