This time, my government, 100% This time, nobody’s government.
This time, proper government! What will happen in GoT’s final episode and
what will happen in the elections and… what’ll happen in this video,
I have no idea. Our understanding of Civics will be tested. If it was the D2D for Civics Sense, then I would have won. But for only Civics… We’ll see. In childhood, Social Sciences had 3 parts:
History, Geography and Civics. So in the notebook, we had to make different sections
for different subjects to work around. That’s all I remember about Civics. Here’s some hidden footage for
Indian Parliament Every Time: Bro, what did I say… AAAAAA, UGHHHHH, YAY!!! “The Parliament has been dismissed.” Alright, let’s start this.
Wanna break a coconut before we get to it? Good question! We choose people for the Lok Sabha. Who chooses them for Rajya Sabha? Give me some options, bro. It’s all governed by the Prime Minister and President.
They don’t let anyone else do sh*t. What’s Rajya Sabha in English, friend? I think the Prime Minister elects
the members of Rajya Sabha. I have nothing in my mind except members of
Lok Sabha, so members of Lok Sabha. The people elect their representatives,
who go to the Rajya Sabha. The candidates who were already there
in the Lok Sabha, I don’t know. MLAs choose MPs for Rajya Sabha. Who are the elected members of the legislative assembly? That is perhaps the next question. Right? Heck off! I KNOW THIS! It’s 21 years for marriage. The minimum age for election in Lok Sabha,
I think, is 25. 25, 25, please lock 25, Mr. Computer! 25 years. I have no idea, but my guesstimate would be
25 years. 25 years of age. 25 years. Do you know how do I know this? Because to manage the country and manage your liquor,
you gotta be 25 years old. It must be fantastic
when the Lok Sabha gets dissolved. People made all this effort, voted-
all over in a second. I say put Eno in it,
and that would dissolve them. Dude, I don’t know this.
It’s either speaker of the house or… It probably isn’t the Prime Minister. Mom’s advice, because she gives pretty good advice. I’m not sure. I think it could be
CJI (Chief Justice of India) or Army Prime Minister. I think Prime Minister. Prime Minister. Let’s go with Prime Minister.
I’m gonna say the answer that’s most unlikely. Due to Prime Minister’s advice. The advice is given to the president by
the Prime Minister. I think it’s gotta be Prime Minister. Gotta hand it to my guesstimates, man. NEXT QUESTION! Oh, I know this. President. I’ve read a lot of Political Science in childhood. Speaker Sir- No, No- Speaker Madam. I think I’ll go with that maybe, I don’t know. The head of the Indian Parliament System
is the governer. THE PRESIDENT! Cheers for me! The President is the head of the
Indian Parliament System. This is written in every single book.
Everyone knows about it. President Sir, I love you… because of you, I got a mark. Invite me at your place, someday. I mean, we are in the middle of the Lok Sabha elections,
so why are you asking about the Rajya Sabha? This is very tough. 35 years. I get the answer to the tip of my tongue… but my mind says “Dude, are you retarded?
This is a wrong answer.” 25 years… Why do people go for elections in their 30s?
That’s what I’m trying to figure out. 35 years. I think I’ll go with 21. The minimum age to become a member of
Rajya Sabha is… 30 years. 30 YEARS! 30 years. No, it’s 35 years! Are you sure? As I hear “In which year…”,
my heart skips a beat. How many years later to the Independence
must it have happened? I’m not sure. I’m not sure about any answer. First off, whoever’s made this question, I want to gift them a spoonful of Phynal, because that whoever’s mixed poison into my life. I hate you… TOO! Beep-Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep… Oh, I was cussing at you. Here, you’re playing. Oh The Deity of Guesstimates,
please turn ‘1950’ into the right answer. 1952. So, the Election Commission of India
was formed in 1956. 1949. My heart’s saying 1949. The Constitution of India was formed in 1950. When they laid down The Constitution,
that’s when it took form? Pretty quick, man. If you were so quick then,
why are you lazying about now? This is right? E.P.I.C… Sh*t, I have never been this lost. I knew E.P.I.C. The number of the voter card
it’s the E.P.I.C number. Election Protocol Implementation Commission? E.P.I.C is epic. Election Personal Information Committee. I don’t think I can do this. Electoral Personal Identification Card. Election Personal Identity Corporation. Electoral Photo Identification Card. Identity Card. Electoral…Pho-Ph…Photograph… Identification Card. That’s what another name for
Voter ID, I guess, is. Horrid. Whoever’s made E.P.I.C, it’s a horrid
acronym. There’s no public photo… So if I said Personal Identification Card,
then it should be considered right, MY LORD! This answer shouldn’t be considered wrong. I’ll knock the Supreme Court’s door. Okay, why does everyone knock on the Supreme Court’s door? Why haven’t they installed a doorbell yet? Politics means Poly + Ticks. Ticks are insects which are found on dogs. Poly is ‘a lot.’ Ticks are insects, so Polyticks. This is a joke, guys, by the way. I shouldn’t fight for elections
because I am not a good speaker. Plus I don’t make any tea, so y’know? I got a lot to learn… I learned that if you want to make an acronym using the word “EPIC,” do it right. If you enjoyed this video…
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