in 1867 Kansas State University held its first commencement three women and two men graduated that year as the first land grant university in the nation this fledgeling university had a vision of providing innovative education to all people that early vision has continued through to the present with over 250 majors and a diverse student body including students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries becoming one of the nation's top 50 public research universities by 2025 is today's vision for tomorrow with academic programs among the best in the nation and professors who are leaders in their fields Kansas State University is an international leader in teaching learning service and research today's graduates join over 200,000 alumni who are proud to call k-state their alma mater congratulations and thank you to all those who have supported them through their undergraduate experience at Kansas State University [Applause] [Applause] you you you [Applause] well welcome to sunny Manhattan Kansas we're pleased that you're joining us for the spring 2019 commencement exercises of the College of Business Administration I'm Kevin Gwinner Dean of the college I'm pleased to introduce Miss Claire Todd a freshman in business and applied music from Manhattan Kansas to sing our national anthem please remain standing light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming the bombs by singing gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner yet boy the land [Applause] [Applause] Thank You Clara that was amazing please be seated before we proceed with our program I would like to introduce the members of the platform party please hold your applause until I introduce the entire platform party beginning with my far left we have dr. Brett Wilkinson head department of accounting dr. Anthony choix head department of finance dr. Eric Higgins associate dean for finance and human resources miss bent agenda assistant dean for Student Success dr. Stacey Cove our associate dean for academic administration mr. Charlie Morrison today's commencement speaker General Richard Myers president Kansas State University dr. Charles Taber provost and executive vice president dr. Don Martin assistant dean for diversity miss Amy Scott Sandra the College of Business outstanding senior mr. David layman instructor department of marketing miss Claire Wingert College of Business student commencement speaker dr. bill turn Li head department of management dr. Esther Swilley head department of marketing and miss Amy button Renz president and CEO of Kansas State University Alumni Association [Applause] please join me in also thanking our commencement marshals dr. Jan crow dr. hardy Johnson mr. Kevin moody and Miss Caroline Skov for their generous service as commencement marshals graduates today is a wonderful day of celebration for you and your families and I'm privileged to have the opportunity to share this special occasion with you and grateful for the family members who are able to attend this special event in your lives an event that marks the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice in the pursuit of knowledge a meaningful career and a promising future no one is happier or prouder of your educational accomplishments than the loved ones gathered here today I want to take this moment to acknowledge the encouragement and support your families have provided for your success with the parents spouses and children of our graduates please stand so we can recognize you I know that many of our families here today are celebrating a family tradition as a new generation joins the ranks of k-state alumni with all those present today who hold degrees from Kansas State University please stand for us to honor each family's Wildcat legacy although we are here today to honor the accomplishments of the graduates we also acknowledge that the faculty and staff who have worked with our graduates in completing their studies excuse me we're here to acknowledge the faculty and staff who have worked with our graduates in completing their studies in honor of the faculty and professional staff who have served you with such dedication I ask that you are graduates please stand and applaud their contributions to your to your success thank you I'm pleased to recognize several faculty and staff members named as the recipients of prestigious awards this semester please stand when I call your name dr. Kate Wilkinson instructor of Finance is the recipient of the Ralph Reitz outstanding Teaching Award dr. G hojoon assistant professor of management is the recipient of the college of business developing scholar award mr. Kevin moody academic advisor is the recipient of the Kansas State Bank outstanding advising award and Miss Daniel Fisher administrative assistant in the department of accounting is the recipient of the College of Business support staff Person of the Year congratulations to these Award winners we have two graduates who receive university-wide awards acknowledging their excellence in leadership scholarship and community service as I call your name please stand to be recognized Adam Reed Carr is the recipient of the Commerce Bank and William T Kemper foundation presidential student award for distinguished service and enhancing multiculturalism and recognized as an outstanding graduating senior by the Dean of Student Life and Loras decay is recognized as an outstanding graduating senior by the Dean of Student Life congratulations Adam and Laura [Applause] one special group of graduates who have made significant contributions or those who have served as business ambassadors in the College of Business with all students who have been a business ambassador during their time with us please stand to be recognized thank thank you for your excellent service we are honored to have Kansas State University president Richard Myers provost and executive vice president Charles Tabor and president of the k-state Alumni Association Amy button Renz join us today thank you for being here now it is my distinct honor to introduce our commencement speaker mr. Charlie Morrison class of 1990 Charlie serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Dallas based Wingstop incorporated the 25-year old restaurant brand that pioneered chicken wings as a center of the plate item charlie joined Wingstop in 2012 and led wing stops expansion from less than 500 restaurants to more than 1,200 restaurants across the u.s. and in nine countries generating more than 1.4 billion dollars in annual revenue he led Wingstop through their their initial public offering in 2015 which was one of the restaurant industry's most successful successful IPOs ever Charlie is an industry veteran with more than 25 years at top restaurant and retail companies including Pizza Hut steak and ale Kinkos Boston Market and rave restaurant group the food service industry has recognized Morrison's accomplishments with the 2015 golden chain award and the 2016 silver plate award from the International food service Manufacturers Association charlie earned a Bachelors of Science degree in management from the College of Business here at Kansas State and he and his wife of 29 years Debbie serve on the Board of Trustees of the Kansas State University Foundation in 2017 Charlie was named the College of Business finance executive of the year and is in the Finance Hall of Fame for the College of Business please join me in welcoming Charlie Morrison as our spring 2019 commencement speaker well first and foremost thank you Dean Gwinner and thank you as well to president Meyers Provost Taber faculty and staff of the College of Business for asking me to be here today graduates families and friends I'm truly honored to be here today to address the class of 2019 what a momentous day this is it's hard to believe it was almost 30 years ago that I was sitting in a seat where you are right now reflecting on what was ahead for me in life today I'd like to share some perspective on what it might look like as you make the transition from college to adulting and provide some words of wisdom that might help you along on this journey as I stand here today I can tell you with certainty the k-state graduates are truly special people they have grit I've hired a lot of people over the years in the various companies that I have served the people that have worked well for our companies have the grit that I can say with confidence defines a graduate from this fine institution and exemplifies the co-workers I've had the pleasure of managing that came from k-state to me grit stands for the gratitude we share to have the opportunity to attend this great place the resolve to passionately pursue our dreams while navigating the challenges in front of us the instinct that lives in each of us has k-staters to make good decisions and the toughness to power through the reality life has in store for us and yet end up winners my story about life after college actually started right here in Manhattan this is truly a special place it is family that centers us at k-state and it is family that has certainly defined KSU for me I met my wife Debbie here we were married our senior year and our first child was actually born here in Manhattan Kansas both sat in this room with me when I graduated nearly 30 years ago I'm happy to say my family is here today with me and today Manhattan remains a special place for our family Debbie and I have made our permanent home in North Texas over the years since we left primarily because that is where work always took us over the years we've raised four children and I'm very proud to say that within the next year or two all of our children will have achieved a bachelor's and/or master's degree from k-state thank you yet none of them were pressured to go here as out of Staters living in Texas it was certainly not as convenient to consider k-state but to them this was more than a choice of where to go to school it represented home for them as well and home as we know is where family is I mentioned we started a family before we graduated that is a lot for a young couple to take on at a time when we might have been out celebrating the conclusion of our primary education and preparing for our careers the challenge ahead of us required us to find good jobs to ensure that we could care for our emerging family and set them up for success that's when the family of k-state stepped in it was a professor in the College of Business John Pearson who pulled me aside and presented me with a challenge that became an opportunity I'll never forget I'm not sure why he picked me perhaps it was our mutual passion for golf perhaps he knew that being young and raising a family was tough certainly there was some divine intervention whatever the trigger he decided to challenge me he told me to get a leg up on everyone else as I started my career in business I should learn the programming language COBOL his wife Beth later offered to provide me with formal tutoring off-campus at their home as a way to learn COBOL that would set the course for my career in those days data was hard to assemble quickly PCs were just emerging in the mainframes were the place where data resided learning that language got my foot in the door at Pizza Hut its corporate offices in early 1991 I worked my butt off maximizing the value of that gift continued to learn and perfect my programming skills and ultimately leverage sass a similar language to get data out of large mainframes and provide that back as information that management could use to support strategic decision-making along the way I leveraged more good advice and did not just send the reports off but studied them in detail so that I clearly understood what they meant for business I asked all kinds of so-called dumb questions that help me learn more about the business that learning propelled me to a career in finance and strategic planning for some of the greatest restaurant and retail companies in the world and charted the course for where I am today I am a real example that the folks here in the front rows and the leaders behind me on this stage truly possess a genuine interest in your success let's take a moment to thank our leadership faculty and staff for their commitment to us all [Applause] I managed to get that first job leveraging my grit and let it feel my journey forward along the way I was grateful for the honor of working with some of the finest leaders in the world I grew up in the PepsiCo system an opportunity that I appreciate to this day it was a corporation that only hired the Blue Bloods of business and me you see I did not graduate with honors by any stretch in fact it took me a while to get my act together in college therefore I had to leverage my instincts maintain my resolve to achieve my dreams and be tough as the fight was not easy I was in the circus and as I tell a lot of young people today I had to follow the elephants and carry the shovel behind them that toughness and resolve led me to pursue pursue other great companies to sharpen my experience along the way during the journey I learned many valuable lessons and I'd like to close with a couple of those today first an astute boss early on consistently pushed me to focus on learning more than title or money as a way to build my career his wisdom suggested that title and money come only from learning and he was right that will be frustrating for many of you from time to time but it certainly paid off for me for you see over the past four or five years you have been paying to learn now you're going to get paid to learn it never stops and if you want to get ahead and earn more you must continue to be patient and learn second you and only you are responsible for your career so many times I see young people get frustrated waiting on the company to deliver the development that guides their career for them that rarely happens instead it's up to you to manage your career and that is not easy it does not mean jumping around for greener grass at every opportunity as it is presented conversely it means making thoughtful choices of where you work and why and also making sure that you set expectations for yourself as well as with those that are teaching you as to where you want to go and what it'll take to get there it's up to you to make sure that you manage the journey seldom will anyone do it for you finally I highly recommend that you get an MBA yes as I noted before the learning never stops and an MBA can be a great asset for you now and well into the future as you've heard I centered my career in the restaurant business it's tough and sometimes a dirty job the hours are long and the competition is stiff you have to be accountable to every detail to win but I learned from a wise man very long ago that getting your MBA ensures lasting success as a restaurateur however Dean Gwinner I'm sorry to say that I'm not speaking about a Masters in Business Administration although that does present a great opportunity for anyone that that would and we'd certainly welcome all of you to stick around and get one know this MBA is perhaps even more important it's called a mop bucket attitude to succeed in my business or any other one for that matter you must be willing to do every part of the job successful restaurant tours know that you can't succeed working from 9:00 to 5:00 you have to know every detail of the business and be satisfied getting your hands dirty you see a restaurant may close at 11:00 p.m. but the work is not done you have to prepare for the next day clean the place from top to bottom back to front and those that win are the ones that grab the mop at 2:00 a.m. begin the journey from the back to the front and when finished take a step back evaluate their efforts and find satisfaction in a great day's work excited for tomorrow I asked a few people that are roughly my age what they remember the most from their commencement speaker in college the consistent answer I heard was nothing my challenge to all of you is to take a close look at today and store a mental picture and that does not just mean a selfie and refer back to it from time to time this may be the end of your undergraduate work but it's just the beginning of something so much better use the grit that has been instilled in you to power you through the next phase in your life and do me a favor go get that MBA that mop bucket attitude I promise it'll set you up for success in whatever you do and with that success you will attain pull up that mental image down the road and reflect on how much k-state has meant to you and come back here from time to time to see this wonderful place from a different perspective as I have and as I'm doing today give back to those who have done so much for you thank you and go cats [Applause] Charlie thank you for your inspirational remarks and for your eloquent challenge to our graduates would you come forward to accept a small token of our appreciation we are grateful to have Amy button Renz president and CEO of the k-state Alumni Association in attendance she will say a few words on behalf of the Alumni Association Thank You Jean Gwinner I'm pleased to be part of your special day and offer congratulations on behalf of the k-state Alumni Association representing over 280,000 graduates and friends who will be your lifelong k-state family today as you receive your degree we are excited to celebrate with you and your family we're also here to welcome you into a new relationship with your alma mater as you begin this new chapter as a k-state graduate our mission at the Alumni Association is to lead and inspire lifelong involvement that will benefit Kansas State University and all members of our Wildcat community I would like to share three of the core values that guide us in our mission to help you stay connected with k-state the first value is link the Alumni Association provides the lifelong link that alumni depend on to remain connected you can stay in touch through hundreds of alumni activities held on campus around the country and internationally another value is tradition you will likely celebrate a few traditions this weekend as you sing the alma mater or take KSU photos at your favorite spot on campus you may also have fond memories of doing the wabash at a k-state sporting event or rubbing the nose of the bronze Wolcott statue at the Alumni Center for good luck on a test or to insure a wildcat victory as the keepers of tradition we also hope you will have a chance to visit the Alumni Center to experience all the wonderful wonderful traditions kept there including our newest addition a stained glass mural designed by 2016 graduate Marcus Gilbert which pays tribute to the beauty of our state and the k-state campus the third core value is purple for k-staters it's more than a color it's a symbol of pride connection and family when you see someone wearing purple or a k-state class ring or sporting a k-state license plate you will feel that sense of fan in recognition of your graduation the College of Business Administration and the Alumni Association are providing you with a complimentary one-year membership to the Alumni Association we hope you will enjoy the membership benefits and continue to be an active member after your first year k-state alumni are among the most loyal in the nation in fact our membership ranks in the top five in the nation and number one in the big 12 for the percentage of graduates who are members that loyalty is shared by generations of k-staters who have the same passion for k-state that you feel today as you receive your degree from one of the finest universities in the nation the Alumni Association is also pleased to present you today with an exclusive alumni business card holder as you go through life your titles and addresses will change but please be sure to keep us updated we want to make sure you are always connected to your k-state family congratulations 2019 graduates and go cats [Applause] thank you Amy next it is my honor to present the outstanding graduating senior and Business Award this award is peer selected based on service to the college as an undergraduate involvement in the life of the college engagement in the k-state community and personal academic success this semester Miss Amy Scott sanjer is the recipient of the outstanding senior and Business Award Amy will you please join me at the podium Amy is the daughter of Ghaderi Scott Sanjar she's from Junction City and a graduate of Junction City High School Amy's an accounting major and plans to do her second internship this summer at Phillips 66 in Bartlesville Oklahoma she will return to k-state in the fall of 2019 to begin her graduate studies in our masters of Accountancy program as an undergraduate amy has served the college in a number of ways demonstrating her ability to make an impact on her peers and the organizations in which she serves while maintaining academic excellence her many leadership roles at k-state include serving as president of the Dean Student Advisory Council Secretary of the student accounting Society and director of banquets and recognitions for the Blue Key honorary Society Amy had the opportunity to gain a global perspective on business while studying abroad in Spain and Italy amy also has been dedicated to improving the k-state culture as a member of the Student Alumni Board and working with potential student recruits as a business ambassador she has served as a peer mentor in Blue Key and to Ellis scholar freshman further she has worked to enhance diversity and inclusion as a member of the multicultural business Student Association and the Black Student Union amy has led a number of leadership workshops throughout campus for various university events as a student amy has excelled she received a number of honors and awards including being a Phillips 66 shield scholar a project impact scholar a coke the discovery scholar and in earning the k-state business professional advantage certificate and she did all this while working two jobs to support herself in college please join me in congratulating Amy on receiving the spring 2019 College of Business outstanding graduating senior award each semester the college faculty and staff vote to choose one student to speak at commencement as a representative of the graduates this semester speaker is Miss Claire winger Claire is the daughter of George and Diane Wingert of Ottawa Kansas and a graduate of Ottawa High School Claire is majoring in marketing and minoring in agricultural economics she has earned certificates in professional strategic selling and pre-law after graduation claire will work as a sales associate with frito-lay in Lawrence Kansas as an undergraduate claire has engaged with the college as a member of the marketing student Advisory Council and the bluekey honorary where she has been the director of you leads she served as chief marketing officer to Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and as the vice president and director of scholarship and judicial affairs for the Panhellenic Council she has completed internships at Edward Jones and frito-lay as well she was a finalist in the Miss k-state scholarship pageant Claire it's my honor to introduce you as the spring 2019 student commencement speaker [Applause] Thank You class of 2019 professors and faculty and staff for giving me the opportunity to be the commencement speaker when I began writing the speech I not only found it hard to get started but I also found it hard to find an appropriate message that reflected our collective collegiate experience and wasn't too boring I found myself writing a speech that primarily focused on the positives of a college experience but as it primarily focused on the positives I didn't think it was entirely accurate so much like life I decided to try a different path and I decided to focus on the realities of our college experience and since I'm the only thing standing between you graduation and cake I'll make it short and sweet Maya Angelou once said we delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely omit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty this quote Illustrated what you thought your college experience was going to be like coming in k-state you were a caterpillar you're a young full of potential and you were immersed into a new culture and environment which became your cocoon through hard work and determination you have emerged from your cocoon a beautiful butterfly and you are now ready to fly on to your next adventure although this code is beautiful it doesn't actually represent most college experiences to illustrate the other part of college I will be using some quotes from the hit NBC sitcom The Office for those of you who are familiar with the office the series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton Pennsylvania branch of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin paper company the manager Michael Scott regularly makes cringe-worthy hilarious managerial mistakes and frequently has memorable quotes he said I knew exactly what to do but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do sounds a lot like college or Finance 450 am i right this Michael Scott quote most accurately illustrates what college was like for me since this was a more realistic representation I thought I had to include it we knew what we needed to do study hard get be involved and then get a job but in a much more real sense we had no idea how to accomplish any of those things without failing to get that internship that we thought we wanted or being turned down from clubs or leadership positions we wouldn't have found our place on campus the club activity or class that eventually helped lead to our future successes it's easy to get caught up in the outcomes of it's easy to caught up at getting focused on the outcomes of our decisions when instead we need to be focused on the hard work that went into accomplishing those outcomes when we came to college we thought our college experience would be similar to the Maya Angelou quote we thought that we would emerge from our cocoon and just be ready to fly on to our next adventure but remember a caterpillar doesn't become a butterfly overnight the cocoon may seem tranquil and still to the casual observer but on the inside is where the hard work is being accomplished remember the hard work the setbacks and failures that led to our success remember that it's okay to have no idea what to do and remember to thank the people the faculty the professors and family and friends who helped lead to our success as I conclude I want to leave you with one more quote from the office Andy Bernard the goofy lovable Dunder Mifflin employee once said I wish there was a way to know that you're in the good old days before you've left them this is me telling you that these are the good old days remember your time in college fondly and be willing to help the next generation of k-state students to develop and emerge from their cocoons through internships scholarships and job opportunities as we fly off to our next adventure remember where you came from look forward to where you're going and don't stop until you arrived until we meet again thank you and go cats [Applause] Thank You Claire please accept this as a token of our appreciation for your speaking today we are now ready to present the degree candidates for the College of Business Administration will the candidates for bachelor degrees from the College of Business Administration please rise and remain standing [Applause] president Myers on behalf of the faculty in the College of Business at Kansas State University I am pleased to present to you the College of Business Administration class of spring 2019 Thank You Dean Gwinner by the authority of the people of the state of Kansas in the Kansas Board of Regents and upon the recommendation of the faculty and completion of degree requirements I am pleased to confer upon you the graduating class of 2019 the degree you have earned at Kansas State University you may now move the tassel to the left side of your mortar bulgar congratulations please be seated until directed by the marshals with the marshals pleased direct students to the front of the auditorium and with students please across the stage when your name is calm candidates for a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting Jonathan Allen Shelby Lim armbrister Haley are a royal Sidney Austin beat Jacob Daniel Beckley Alison K Bush Trenton Evan Bush sage Madison Chaffin Marlow and Craig had Brett Thomas dare Maria Patricia Diaz Andrew James daughter äj– John Dale dorks in' summa laude andrew joseph alert Piper Jane Fowler Eliot Joseph gassmann magna laude taylor James Harun Camry Lynne Holly Jody and Jensen Lindsey Nicole can i / laude Pearson James McAtee magna laude Brooklyn Taylor Mackel dairy laude lauren victoria min old Zachary Tate Montgomery erin nicole miller summa laude Philip Tyler Mitchell Tyler Scott Moore Khalil Newton joshua David Paterson Mary Catherine Perry Sydney Christine pretch Devon Lynn price Jenna Michelle Ratliff Nicholas Michael red and Amy Raquel Scott Sandra Sydney CLA's inna Stanton laude courtney Rose Strunk Tabitha stomach Lucas Michael tuberous Nicholas Alvin tap horn Benjamin Lee ten brink summa laude hannah Weisner laude candidates for a Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurship Cody Matthew Dylan Lindsey M dunnock James Brett Fisher Nicholas Brian Martin kale Wayne Reynolds Madison long Ganon's snow Aubrey Shay Seto Venus Tichina Tyler Ford max Oliver Westhoff candidates for a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance Maria Gabriela Acosta Centurion Alma Niq Nikki glory on illumise AB duralumin salman al Tamimi Victoria Audrina and Dez Ola Kyle Allen ball chase Alexander betas Katie David Boettcher Ana belén Blanco moto Fano Zachary Quinn box ler play Michael Burke Alexander Ramon Caro Joshua Michael Caudill grant David satola Jared Bryant chase Brady Thomas Clark jack William Cofer magna laude john Brandon Crawford chase James Donovan Jared Stephen door Lake Carl Druker magna laude Eric Thomas dungeon Nicholas Charles Emma Benjamin Michael Fernandez magna laude Cole hunter flowers Jeremy Niklas Paul Ganton Andrew Charles Haynes Maxwell Lynn Hamilton Jacob kale Harshberger Garrett Thomas hayslett [Applause] Joseph Lauren Hickerson Matthew grant keener magna laude sterling ridge night Logan James Lee Casey Austin letter Landon William Lee Riley Landon lesser Berg magna laude courtney Jane bond Lake Edward Lynch Roland Michael Massimino Mark James McDermid laude Michael William McKinley summa laude Alec Jonathan buyers Jacob Hogan Michaels Cody nickel moon chai Brock Edward Monty Dixon James ochio Oh John de Darien Taylor par Drake Larkin Patton Fiorella Renetta Parvati Villanova grant Lewis Pruett Timothy Robert Randall Logan Cale reading Nicholas John Reese Logan Matthew Riley Gina Rose rest Lee Joseph Allen writer Shania Taylor Riley Spencer Austin Roberts summa laude Kyle Christopher Rogers summa laude Meredith Beverly Sanders Laura Vanessa Sesto quit Sesto Kwai colada Sarah Mary Schmidt John Allen chef Lee Ogden Donnell Shimkus summa laude Jose Angel Silva Andrew Steven Stewart Connor Robert Eskil Swanson laude rachel marie Tankersley Morgan jail and Tauscher magna laude parker samuel thompson joseph christopher viera laude mark Joseph wait William Wolfe Winninger Melanie Mary warts burger magna laude samantha and white laude hannah may whip Tanner W ray ping Zhi candidates for a degree in general business Tristan Matthew Carson Britney Jean Gallegos Katherine Elijah Glynn Deborah Howard amendment Amanda Renee Martinez Kristin kailani tenkai Oh candidates for management Connor Joseph Alexander Ross Mohammed Altamira Mohammad Fahad Al Thani Devin M ankle bucardo are in this Tomas Enrique Bharati repkin Jaden Siler Barthel Jordan Thomas parts magna Lara Jacqueline money Baska Maria Leticia Blanco montipora Vanna Alexander Shane Boswell Ashton rat-boy Matthew David Brown Maisie Jolene Bruton Zachary Michael burger Julie Marie burned Combe lotta Adam Reed car Ashley Morgan Kaufmann summa lotta Mikayla Louise crow Alexis Lee Curtis taken Rene doll summa lotta Brock Alexandre de voltar Emmanuel – a [Applause] Lauren and dual Lucas Allen dr. Anna Elizabeth Eck magna laude Maxwell Alexander Estill Kyle Allen Betty Taylor Nicole Fleming's Kyle Jeffrey Foley Connor Thomas getter Rogelio Moses Gomez Romina Gonzalez Matassa Shane Joseph gosh [Applause] Jaffe agem ich komme la de Cali grace Hass page Nicole half Linder Chandler Everett Hoffman Justin Garrett Horner Jacob Henrique Ulta fliter Derrick Michael Killian Lilian Kathleen King Hagan laude grace Elizabeth Kinmen James Thomas Kinney Bethlehem lachho Emily Rose Lavery summa laude Timothy Owen Lillis Carly rose Lindsey Keenan William moss john richard mackey [Applause] sebastian Murphy Riley Rene McDowell Nicholas James might Lee Thomas Anthony Michaels Robert Matthew Mitchell's John Christopher Mills Lucas Samuel Milner Noah Jeffrey Modine Nathan Patrick Muncey's Carrie Christine Mulder Patrick Joseph Muldoon Allison Lee Mulaney Nicole Renee Neufeld Matteo Ezekiel newness Jake Reilly Olsen Kathleen Elizabeth Phillips [Applause] Jackson are Plusle Jonathan Westfall Pratt laude christopher Reber lawson James Roberts magna laude Bailey K rockers Parker Martin Shipley Rowland Karen Murray Rawls summa laude Monica Noel Rona Vaughn Kristin Elizabeth Russell boom louder Brandon blaze Sandoval's Taylor Danelle Shamburger Caitlin rose vitamin Jennifer Ehle Annette Schwartzman Abby Schweiker Caleb Tennessee Timothy cetera wanna laude rachel and shelton mag news Norville strumice Lauren Mackenzie Sullivan Lauren's diploma is being presented to her by her aunt dr. Lisa Wilkin associate professor biological and agricultural engineering casaya marie thälmann boom louder Skyler John Thompson Alicia thorn Alec Calvin Tillman Trent Ron Lucas Alan Tucker Shama you Doku kelly gel beach summa laude Mitchell Logan bestest ed Benjamin Franklin Wahlberg magna laude Seth Thomas Walter laude Col Greg Wilson Daniel James Wilson grace Anna would Patrick Brian's Inc James solemn row Liam magna laude Larry Glen zebra Sarah Louise suspend at this time we will take a moment to honor a student Blake Sullivan who is not here to celebrate with us today Blake would have been an Mis graduate Blake passed away in the fall semester his friends and mis peers Christopher Cunningham grant Doyle Mitchell Hogan Zachary logback and Mitchell McKenna vaq will accept blades award on behalf of the Sullivan family [Applause] candidates for management information systems MOCA Adriana Aguirre Zachary Bergquist Dakota Wayne Boyd and RuPaul Copeland's Matthew why Cornell Aaron Thomas Cruz Madison Alexandra Degnan Andrew Cole Everly Brady Scott Fowler Calvin Ellis Gordon Nathan Ray Jones Brian Martin Casson Garrett Tyler Kuhn Charles Dennis Mayfield Erik Antonio Medrano Cody Ellis postulate Tyler Jamel Redmon's Daniel Allen root Olivia Rose subala Donovan Douglas Sheridan Katie Joe Simonson stayin unsecure yawns dirtier Combe magna laude Kendall James Walden Nicholas James Webb Nicholas Mo Williams Christopher James Cunningham Mitchell James Hogan brant Joseph Doyle Zachary James log back Mitchell Josefa Hanna Beth candidates for marketing Ali Cassie Thomas la me Paul Michael angles Kyle Patrick Arness William Paul Baker Ryan C been word Lucas James Sparta Matthew Blake beavers Alexandra Blair Beasley magna laude megan Claire bellow Marin and burbling Eric Nicole Marie begins laude and Michelle Barrett's Maren Blakeley Mitchell Jean Bolton Bryan lad bozo Madison Nicole Brady [Applause] Hunter Ellsworth province Nathan Scott broad bin Emily Joan verdict Kyle Robert buyers [Applause] Shaniqua Alice a cave Sarah Lauren Katie [Applause] Alexis jade kamerlingh John F Campbell [Applause] Garret Lane cannon Chason eg Castro Tanner Jacob Chad Dalton James Chamberlin looming child hunger 10 Jessie Chen [Applause] Tyler Wayne Connor Zoe Jude Conde Matthew beat Chelsea and Cummings laude ashley nicole current Joshua Steven Dale Maximilian Koster Danner laude Lucas Dickenson true hide Oh laude Jessica Aaron dojo Jaden play Delaney jonathan Nelson Durham Ellen n Eggers Michael T Eichorn grayscale i lured Katherine Jane Eversman aid injure our Garrett Garrett Derek Steven Gaul Kirsten Lee Graham Delaney grace Griffin Brett Wayne gross Julia Christine Hall Keegan Nicole Hansen Taylor Austin Hansen Graham Franklin Hartman Dylan Jackson Heydrich ashlynn Nicole helis magna laude Timothy Jarrett Henderson Marika Tomiko hi guys Alec Jacob Hildreth Anna Catherine Holland Garret Dean Holmes Melissa Kate passed Meyer laude shinza who Mihailo Ilic Luke Alan Jackson Maxwell Thomas Kefka Christopher Brian Kilkenny Corey Hartford Neil Shawn Leo Michelle Dylan Matthew gates Steven T Kirkwood Francis in cannot Gandolfo Kate Avery Kivar come Lauda Cali Rose Kowalski Taylor Renee Kramer Maxwell Joseph Coon Ashley Catherine land Gary Edward lucky William Warren Lehman Ethan Lewis Lauder Hungama Andrew Dean Marsh magna laude Sarah Francis merely summa laude Brian Christopher McAfee Col David McEntee Kyle Robert Maguire Caleb Joseph Maguire wagons Kyle Scott McLean Jacob Connor Mayer Emily a muckle Bauer derek Matthew Olsen Vanessa May Peterson magna laude lauren christine Poorman ashley dawn price molly Catherine profit Paige Morgan print Vince key Jake Thomas Putnam Sean William Riordan Taylor Ashton Reynolds Savannah are Roberts Trevor Arthur Robinson valaria Rubio Dion James Saunders Nicholas Scott Schmidt Trevor Phillips show laude Jasmine see Ryan Christopher Stein Isaac Clark Stephens Schuyler chase Stevenson Lindsay Renee Stockham Garret Todd Souter Jordan Lee Tannehill ZOA bang Eric Christopher of the sky neo magna laude emily gene williams claire elizabeth wingard hannah winter halter breanna katherine woky magna laude Killian Garrett would [Applause] Matthew John psyche Joshua T's ilknur John Christopher Zimmerman candidates for professional strategic selling drew Adam chance Denzel Christopher Goolsby Matthew John Harkness [Applause] graduates it has been the privilege of the college's administration faculty and staff to work with you over the past few years congratulations to all of you please join me in recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of these graduates one last time would you please would you please rise for the singing of our alma mater I know a spot that I love whole t's not in for a slow yet in doubt every towards me magic spell I think of me alma mater ki seer will carry the banner hi ki see you long long me the colors fly loyal to the ER children will swell [Applause] we would ask the audience to remain in your place until the platform party and the graduates have exited the Coliseum graduates please follow the marshals to the rear of the Coliseum up the stairs and into the concourse area you are welcome to meet in the concourse area for pictures and conversation this concludes our ceremony congratulations and enjoy your afternoon [Applause] you