[MUSIC] The reason why I went into Materials and
Operations Management was because in the first three levels you get an
introductory, kind of you get to test the waters to see all the different majors and when I took
the operations management intro it just stuck out to me.I loved the
program. I loved the professor and, it just, I was excited to go to class. And so, out of all the seven majors, that was the one that really excited me. It got me ready to go to class. I’ve taken a lot out of it and I loved that program. One thing in the program that I’m
finding very useful is the CPIM designation, which is certified in production and inventory
management and so we’re getting the preparatory
courses here at Algonquin. And that’s a destination you can get
after you graduate. I liked how everything with specific
to what you could learn in the real-world. They took the time to time had real-life examples and kind of apply it to what we were
learning in school. And it kinda opened up – business is very general so it opened up a lot of doors so if you just have business you could go into one way you can go into another way. It’s just a very generalized program that can take you anywhere really. Create new, new relationships, whether it’s people you’re working with or people you’re meeting on a daily basis. Networking is key and so I’ve learned that it’s good to keep everybody you need kind of at the back of your mind just in case. Being in this program, I’ve learned team building. I’ve learned leadership, I’ve learned public speaking. I’ve learned heavily on problem solving. And, it’s just, I’m a different person after
this program. I’m a different person after working for the Student Assoication. My entire college career has been
focused around being involved in the community, which I
wasn’t when I was in high school and so doing, getting involved and being a part
of the Algonquin community as truly changed my life and prepared me for the workforce. We took turns becoming a project coordinator. And we had to create a project here at Algonquin to kind of benefit the students and it, it was a real-life – like, you started from scratch to finish and it really gave us an idea of what a project
partner had to deal with on a daily basis and what problems they could come into and it really helped us learn and understand the pressure and
the stress and everything that they had to deal with. So that, that was interesting. It was an eye-opener for sure. When I’m walking down the hallways I see groups of people sitting – they’re
collaborating. We have a lot of open space for students to be able to work
together or to just relax and hang out and so just
that feeling, the inclusive community that Algonquin
brings it’s second to none. That is
what I’m gonna look back in fondness. And my professors, they’re absolutely
fantastic. They connect with you and they teach you
everything in the curriculum. And they’ll make time for you outside class.