welcome to the business administration course business administration ensures that the operational needs of a business can be met currently there is a need for more workers to carry out tasks within businesses to ensure the smooth running of daily activities managers need support so these roles are considered vital to keep organizational cogs working on the job business administrators will typically be involved in the following number one carrying out activities relating to the achievement of departmental or organizational goals policies and procedures number two delivering general activities related to making products and providing services number three using and applying new technologies in the workplace number four using filing systems and online storage systems to store and retrieve data number five consulting with other team workers about operational activity number six preparing contracts and agreements minutes and other departmental documents seven making importance and travel arrangements number eight implementing activities which will cut costs and improve policies learners completing this course will be able to understand how your role fits with organizational values and practices and be able to work effectively in a team to make organizational needs and values to achieve goals and objectives recognize the importance of and be able to carry out a variety of administrative duties such as keeping a diary minute taking using travel systems for booking plan and organized meetings be able to develop presentations develop and store business documentation communications and planning skills understand and be able to maintain security and confidentiality at work and deal with concerns recognize the value of utilizing technology and Microsoft Office to streamline and organize work acknowledge the importance of administration to serve the internal and external customer in order to deliver service acts and much more more detail will be provided in each module along with exercises reflection activities quizzes with a final activity and a final quiz we hope that you find this course both informative and then joyful and we wish you the very best of success in your new career