hello and thanks for joining us on the Tuesday edition of journalists hangout I am the caller Samuel Remy more today on the program President Buhari promises to shock those calling him Bob Angus Luke in his second term APC constitutes panel to probe a motion for cloture and others over anti-party activities and later on on the show you Beck that's the universal Basic Education Commission says only 57% of 1.5 million basic education teachers are qualified a shortage of teachers hits schools are we hanging out with Bob agitate Palladio to told you and mayor occupant journalists hangout starts now perception is very powerful because it is the sum total somebody or something hence this view expressed by American comedian and writer Steven Cobert that facts matter not at all perception is everything it's certainty Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to change people's perception about him that he's slow in making decisions speaking in Abuja on Monday President Buhari said those who described him as Baba go slow are in for a shock in his second term he promised to be hard to ensure police and judicial reforms that will bring about the needed change in the country well sets to see about that in a few days from now gentlemen welcome to the program now I spend time to watch that interview and the background to the question was his response that if he will come down hard on economics abbatoirs and traduced calling him about Gullu now when asked to explain further he said I quote it means I will persuade the police and the judiciary to be hard and where I uncovered that they are not hard I will find out who is responsible for the slowness in terms of command from the DPO upwards can we take the president's words to the bank my budget I'll start with you is one wrong to assume that when the president is perceived as low or described as low we are simply talking about security matters no it's beyond that there are policy decisions that the president can take that so long for him to take those decisions there are times when you need the President to give another presidential order perhaps to mobilize troops because he's the one who has the power to do that to mobilize troops to areas we have who have been killed and it takes so long before that directive is made remember the killing of the killings in various states the president eventually solved the problem but before he took the decision it did show us look with this decision it took him so long to take that decision but eventually we saw that it solved the problem the same thing happened in marbella we are so many people are killed the president eventually if one went to Manila and he give the director diadem one carrying an ak-47 must be dealt with eventually the killings stopped in Manila but the point is it takes the president so long to take decisions it will go back to the speeches made by people by big very people especially during the funeral for the hundred people are killed in January last year they were saying that the response was slow does the the commoner if you remember even the the killings that took place in been without what a disciple called David marks no not not simply DOMA I'm talking about the cognitive domain escapes me now community yes they've always had issues with heads man he took so long before the decision to send troops was taken by the time did the snow was taking so many who had died the president he took him so long to even constitute this cabinet the president came in returned from the UK and told us that he was going to resolve with cabinet in fact wrote a letter to that effect to the National Assembly he never touched the cabinet the president would be in a situation in which a member of the cabinet era because he he wants to go into policies of one reason or the other or he dies leaves the cabinet the president would no replace so we are not talking about police as we speak who constrict it does not have absentee anokhin status not the only one look how long it took to replace the lawyer that lawyer from Kogi State the one who died in the accident it was almost a year I mean you can't you can't be doing that you can't be doing that mr. president so the truth is it is his actions that would make Nigerians truly believe that indeed in the second term it will be a different president it is not by issuing threats or boasting that this is what you do Metin Adina's feel that yes you have you are going to be a changed president you would no longer be by Barbosa because he is indeed Baba Gullu someone once said that the president rather hits the ground running he hit the ground remain dear so these possessions are real and I'm sure that the president knows it you know so there are managing that need to change in a second time for him to give himself immortality as a national leader he has given us a mortality as a man who has integrity but as if leader as the leader of the National people as a president he needs to give himself immortality positive immortality and it is by changing not simply waiting indefinitely before you take decisions that are really German I'm glad you started off by reminding us that this perception about him being about goose flu is not necessarily restricted to police and judicial reforms it goes back to the first term when people were when their dreams were waiting for him to constitute his cabinet now as we enter the second term you know the perception also arrested a lot on the delaying kicking off the economy and then during the first term recession setting and all of that in the second term not there's also as we enter the second term there's also the warning that you know another recession may set in so man what are the things that the decisions that you like the president you want to see the president take that indeed will begin to reduce this perception yeah like I said I hope I am NOT optimistic well I'm now optimistic is because where are your seventies you are setting your ways it's very difficult for people to change their pretend a little but it's very difficult to change and it seems the president style is to slip on things for considerable length of time before taking decision I think that is the style of doing things which is not right both since he claimed he wants to change this time around the first and then I would our accident that WOD vice the president is that in other crimes in other claims even countries that are more complicated that has the president of analysis come in and they start making appointments immediately he meets with people who also wants to be part of always cabinet and it starts appoints in them I don't think it when you when you don't have when you don't have ministers for six months it does not show seriousness between now but it's time you are declared president and you have transition committees – you also include those that you want to constitute that you want to be in your cabinet I expect that so by the time you become president you are sweating it should be ground Ronnie you should not just be the chief of staff and your media acting that should be in place you know what you are just doing is to ammunition puts the government in abeyance because people does nobody doing anything yeah those people are those role in everyday you should move like that so I think by now the president should be able to be able to meet with enough cause I'm be able to decide these are the people that I want so we should not if you don't take another six months for also have ministers that's one so the president should be seen to be in charge part of the problem drive with the president is that he has this because of his slowness he has this nonchalant attitude that portrays if he's not in charge and para cannot exist in a vacuum if the president and command and she does not give because no exercises powers other people were sucess that part on his behalf and that is part of the things another thing is that people will not take the presidential suite including his aides because we've seen a president who told us that is not we had I give iterative 20s what I tell police and it is not it is not you know in fact that is because this time the style of governance is so laid-back that even when he issues an order there is no follow-up to see that that order has been that's and and we should not see that again because if you have subordinates who know that you are not thorough or you are not really checking them it would do whatever they like that's through my nature that's that would do whatever they like and but when they know that you have a boss that is hand sewn who knows what you are doing who express resource it would I you have to be able to do things because our God would check tomorrow if you have a boss that gives another to say look that is scary to stay shining in infamy I want you to call them fix it and report back to me if the man knows that the president will come back in another tan for us or for Tara to say look I want that report of what axel to do on my desk by tomorrow the I did include somebody Natori I do whatever I will do that but because if he noticed if only her me when the pastor first came in and what was missing from outside but the only way do you very well you know something but if you see now that lets a lot of criticism of the subversives and everybody is saying that they don't see why they don't know why the services are not being changed because everybody is laid back they know that the president the president who is just allowed things wrong it should not be like that the lastest style I think we have to change that for example you want to use equity we initiate a bill the we initiate a bill to the National Assembly the National Assembly which are listed on our bill they would do public eye they will do a lot of things they would not pass the deal they will certainly be back to the executive anybody refers to sign because the president of the studies to say oh let me send this bill to agencies and those involved let them make recommendations to me me why most people were the people that maybe for auras or the other the National Assembly or those who enacted the law won't have to check so when you say that cannot build to four people of course of course because they are interested in it they will maybe them may I give advance hope you know then it comes to me they insist on it and get for that people address so yeah so changes stylee is not that's like like there is nobody voicing it or saying I'm going to I'm going to check out the about go slow my fear is that that is his nature is you say is somebody that is that naturally wants to was is not quick to take this on he likes to sit on it and wait and all that and we kind of for that become a for that I'd arise in a hurry we want the president to to think this is John's quickly Julie Mayer says the president appears to be set in his ways and at after seventy you don't change is difficult to change and and it is it's been said that when the president has made up made up his mind about some people those he works with that it's difficult for him to change and that's why we saw the delay or we didn't see a cabinet reshuffle as such are you ruling out the possibility that the president could change all we can do is just pray for him and wish him well as for whether the president will change I'm not confident that will change there are things that have known about this president for 225 years and I still see signs that he has not really changed because I didn't get to knowing today known and closely for decades so and things that about his conduct that I can tell you have not changed so that is this way he takes his time to do things and is low to make appointments I won't go to appointments agencies Boehner one without boards he took so long before both appointments were made and people who contributed to bringing FEC to power a lot of them were already despondent you know and very angry but eventually those board appointments Kim and then we have people like the little man who is the minister of former minister of labor refusing to even constituted the board of his own in his own ministry you know so somehow the Conda condors CMOS down you get to see something that even some of the people with the president have been influenced by his very nature you see slowness to make things happen we can only hope look at the presidential order now to read a popper of those bankers a very good decision for this will have happened a long time ago and it shouldn't just happen a force should have been made to ensure that the chain is sustained and that the intention of gamma to ensure that place is cleared of those tankers because those who rule our rules are not designed to carry dead which like those damaging those routes you know and causing people to relocate from those areas and destroy the economy in the process what that decision has called and the twilight of the residence first time and we can see you have simply choice of the police free of the endless traffic that used to characterize the play so we want some energy you know maybe some very good ministers coming in people really know what the a dream coming and who helped the president because the president is not Voltron you cannot you can't do it alone it needs the right people to walk with me hopefully you will choose the right people but the feeling that I harvest a lot of this ministers a good number they will come back I hope the president would disappoint me by kicking into touch kicking into touch some of the ministers that have not really impressed us all right well the president become Baba go fast in his second term we'll find out as we continue to look at some of the issues that elicited that comment from the president stay with journalist hangout we'll be back shortly thank you for staying with us your answer generally sang out on TV see undoubtedly party discipline is an important ingredient for cohesion and political strength the governing all progressives Congress APC is still reeling from electoral wounds inflicted by indiscipline on the part of some highly placed members its Wilden the big stick the APC National Working Committee nwc has set up a five-member committee to review petitions on anti-party activities against members in some states in a statement the national publicity secretary of the party Landry Esau Neelu explained that the decision followed several petitions from some members alleging anti-party activities including working against the party or its candidates during the 2019 general election governor Rochester crotch of emo state and he literally a more suburban state are among some of the party bigwigs so accused is this another banana peel for the APC well its lead to an implosion within the ruling party Papa Julie no certainly not the and this kind of crisis is better managed at this time not when you are approaching an election year so many things have happened within the party ducks if the leaders who sit up and tell themselves the truths APC has not built like a cohesive party and at every opportunity you see the signs for example and are told a lot of friends this a particular one more states in the last election even though for infighting and deep-seated animosities between members of the party in a demostrate APC cost APC to lose em bouchy APC cost APC to lose in Cecotto APC cost APC to lose in awesome APC almost caused a PC to lose a fartist by miracle and eventually won the election because clearly our individuals who made up their minds to walk for the enemy they did that also in open states they did that in equity if you have a situation in which people make up their minds to walk against their own party then you have to do something about those individuals look at cabrillo Martha I agree on our said it before that these are for a crisis episode leadership didn't to do well because clearly the leadership of the party led by Somali admit of the Alliance that it had to be a particular candidate so they were not prepared to even look at whether yari had his own candidate or not the Halliwell was the whole candidate before my banker yes you can have your candidate but let's primary stick please let the rightful candidates image the interesting conflict of interests among three different groups ensured that in the end we have this crisis that led to PDP really ripping me I didn't also people they have not done transitional not allowed transition but PDP is going to take power and refer order if we won't take empower the and they spent money on campaigns they didn't win any polling station but today they have the tree why because APC decided to work against the safe you saw what happened during the elation even in August in in the under state we I want the governor and his people were clearly supporting candidates different from the choice of the party so if you keep having this situation and it also happen anymore and Ogun I'm telling you that impede APC have sorted itself out it will have won it more easily because when you tally the votes of Goomba which was which that of a hope was oedema the PC will have won the state 1 PDP episode I want a state in any case the APC leadership made the growth arrow which shows clearly that they do not even try their best to appreciate the strength of the trend of voting in an area Chiapas oedema should not have been their choice no job because he came late to the party but because people of all worried had made up their minds that this time with Otto Bihar Assam and they are the senatorial zone with the highest vote em potentia so you can see that the people fought the governor while largely people from a weary zone is deputy another people and they moved in and to adapt parties in the end PDP got the most votes in him Oh what I'm saying that even if the party wanted to go against the governor the coulomb gongfu a candidate from away because all you are done it illusion are done eight years you know brought a candidate from the same illusion to contest against which a Goomba from the same illusion you should have known that the very people that supported a kind of removal will give you a better chance of winning no they didn't they didn't they were not privileged to think in the right way that that's a problem that they need to address but we are you have people like a broom Arafah who openly walk because it wasn't PDP – would APC openly walk against his own party in San farah and have the guts to go on national television and be gluten after the party lost such people must be put on trial by the provider party that is the point I made last week that is how patches are wrong you can't be using the parties me you can't call us a member of the party and do your utmost to ensure that the party lost you can't you can't do that and at the point he claimed that oh that he had given up no he still went ahead I'm sure that the matter go to Supreme Court so if you have people working in their part and they were an okinawan what happening because the new data point that there would not have been primaries what they are locking in virtually we had the semblance of primaries and today at least zombozo on governor latino most it so the part to put his house in order there's too much division that's too much selfishness there's too much impunity if you even look at somebody the the people who have had their they are such great or return taken away by the by you see that also many many of them are APC members which means that something was wrong in the emergence and I'd imagine legally or somehow all the protoss of impunity or something like that so these are things that they need to address the party most state discipline still cohesive and this is where I starts let everyone who walks against the party against his own party know that it is wrong and the sanctions that you come with that you know you must be ready to take those tensions for the governors who have been suspended I don't think this is really meant for them all that they need to do is determine among themselves should we leave the suspension or even increase the sanction I told us the reason this these two governors have been measure but there are other cases there are rules out of the last generation for which people are being identified and go to put on trial idea but you know those who you know had the serious war of words with the national chairman ahead of the election they said if you come to equity must come with clean hands and they reminded the national chairman that you also installed a successor and as a matter of fact you may be your son and lawmaker Mia what do you have to say about that yes I do be that I think part of the problem has to do with the leadership of the party like I said they become to equity with clean hands they're a part of the problem and the the Board of Trustees who are supposed to be like the conscience of the party have to look at the party critically because it is not so no fear for the party to for party officials not a party now but for party officials who are in charge of organizing primaries to get interested in who emerges because that was what happened he loved entertaining those who in Maidan the way they were openly supporting candidates we shouldn't be that should happen that should be that should be a level playing field for everybody and because of that everybody was now trying to to to justify the impurity and the the party was the was fight I also agree that we have to do something about it because initially even before the first Second Republic the part was very powerful the party could take decisions and is binding on everybody but now there's so much impunity that nobody takes the party seriously when they want to do when they don't have their way they will just move from that party and I just walk into another party they'll give them the position they want and they keep doing what he liked so I think that the party should look critically at itself because yes when you look at that election the only presidency there was some stress but I've not done very well if you look at the opposition party PDP I want so many states want so many so many big ideas yes they make big against no really don't very well yes they didn't manage that victory well let him I need a bit we were so they should look at the party they must be Sousa with themselves and look at the party and tell ourselves the whole truth even the party officials who of course today can be seen out to look at those who did at the party they also should look critically at themselves and awaited their only party and the way they take decisions but I agree that those who work against the party most dysfunction you say because if if there is no if there is no if there is no you guys know what war nourishment if there is no punishment for what is that is what is for any the infinity so they must be able to tell them that you cannot openly walk against your party if you don't like what's exactly in the party you leave the party the resolution of people who believe in the same cause so if you don't agree with that but you leave the party and one do whatever you like in another party but if you're a member of a party subscribe to the others of the party they you must be seen to support the party if you go to anything down there's contrary to the interest on my mind apart so to undermine the party then there must be possible for you I certainly believe that because what happened the last lecture simply put is ridiculous indifference these people openly walk against their party that's unacceptable speaking what is unacceptable this could be debatable since oh go on emo are in question we recall the campaign where the president said for the other elections you come vote for any candidate except the presidential election was that exemplary as the leader of the party the president not have a choice we said it at the time that president was wrong I don't think going back we we told him at that time that what he did was on presidential that it was wrong you should allow campaign for all candidates of your party sucks you know so in any case the president true I'd also kick against the idea of some governor's trying to force the wheel on everyone so the hos mistake that the president made but the point is while you look at what happened overall you look at the number of states that the APC lost you see Clara didn't lost those states due to any fights there's no wait I saw you stay someone told me that you are you saying I'll go to said I will know your state dot dot upon you can't tell me that that wasn't inviting brings will from a Papa sorry we kept you holding on for some time good evening principal are you still there okay came very quick with your contribution all I wanna make Cosmo sincerity necessity the tradition yeah champion yeah no inner person did already say that let's get our order for public displays and he was happy the dot audible being carried out some self-esteem in order has been carried out I couldn't grab that with you did how to my crappy Jorah under is rich I'll take a bike the hopeless of block completely long line of shrila so that it's not you that it hadn't cleanse Democrat or difficulty novel was it is it that yesterday was was it not clear toward a defeat on some people a we saw pictures we sent people yeah so I couldn't have made that claim with Towson science that there was flow traffic so if they are returns that is a different in and we'll go back the let government do the writing alright budget I waterbed I want to because your kid on his noggin respected thank you can sleep evidently he either works or lives in that area so you were talking about oh you're inviting you I give you toss the Fed the the manner in which she marking the wand annihilation was too overwhelming to see who to just in fighting but in fighting is a deep this is a debase the source of the problem was in fighting the party was a lot stronger than that before the primaries yeah nobody can argue that before the primer before the Congress APC started having problems when those word congresses and the rest of them were held in emo it began with the war congresses when you want the governor the points did not even know we are devoting would take place the leader the part in the state did not know because of motive was sent from Abuja would deliberately hide from even party officials in the states it was that bad you know so and I knew from beginning that there'll be problems once we had those problem from at the level of work congresses and arrests and they were taking themselves to court this under so oh you know one can say that a PC crisis in New York and him fighting did not lead to what happened nobody can we we had it people the APC will have one day lesson easily in ocean but today they are battling the level Supreme Court to to retain that mandate all because the elation was close and what made the elation or clues people went in different directions join different parties so this is it in this the truth is the party most managers Congress's a better next time I know that so more damage was done before humanly took over but he has an opportunity now to make the party more cohesive and what we are hearing between him and his deputy the deputy chairman not is not what we want to hear admittedly dreamed is of an hour crisis velu Somalia was supporting dalawa said it lowers iboooo supporting Ares candidate Mara I mean matter of hours on his own yes they never really agreed among themselves and what want to see that at the level of the parties escu people should be able to walk together so if the chairman and the deputy chairman are they were abusing themselves on the pages of newspapers – who tell you that we have problems ahead and decide that we are talking about you know the reason I asked the immediate past question is because apart from the congresses you also record that the primary the method to adopt for primary also caused serious problems across a PC in the States I'm talking about direct primary an indirect primary that even led to you know sort of disagreement between the national chairman and is installed successor in do state go to you know besakih shouldn't it have been prevented before it degenerated yes that's why I said the part of the problem of the party has to do with officials themselves and it seems that we are still in for hard times there because the crisis between the deputy chairman the Chairman it was evolving now we shouldn't be because part of the problem is an official themselves generally party where the party should be able because that was the LA cañada to every state should decide what they want with a higher power is or in their primaries or still kodachadri oh you're on the side but I think I want that right now the party to be able to have this question to be able to take decisions and enforce such decisions because part of the problem is that even the executives are so those who are on the party and not so get that so everybody is working at cross-purposes Intel like you said yes Papa might say that yes people are born in oh you're like I said both part of the problem is I feel remember when um when comrades Mobe want second term what meeting to win SEC contact was the okiya votes because Yocum people supported in Madeira movie anybody want seven vote where they would have made it but this time this time even the minister of communication that's remote kuku did no work for the party because they didn't who aligned to you know because the ideas of such a cabinet so did i like to even particularly primary so it just kept just let them unshaded clear do so the problems in if i've been a unity in maybe things would have been different so we have to go back to the party must know what they are doing the neuron in the children up till like 24 hours let me say 48 hours to dilation nobody knew would be candidate or the APC in crossover states because the ministers step 4 i generate i was a and our contest the to themselves to court he took as many judgment before we actually much as canada and it was like that in so many states it was the courts die eventually after spending money on primaries the course had to intervene because now said okay you are the candidate look at what happen in in reversed it magnus happy at the amici didn't manage a crisis well and it was wiki yeah now came to benefit from it because ideology APC was not on the no matter dia forced to use it didn't work it didn't work amici eventually amici will not force is is interest true but if this gentleman had walked together perhaps it was the best chance that they had to defeat wiki but you know I see so easy for rival parties to sit in the background and be supporting legal two's initiated by a PC members nobody wants to profit from it you saw what happening leave us we're even when the court wanted to sit during the when MBA went on and I call this right at that time supporters of the PDP sent stocks to disrupt and it was an APC Matata was going to be decided was a waters of the PDP who knew that it would benefit from a PC no freedom a candidate they were the ones who sent also disrupt the corseting so this is the team when you put your house in order there's no way the enemy will be able to profit from even your little squab was what what we had was fighting themselves house divided against cannot stand education is seen as the bedrock on which the society is built but when that foundation is skewed then the future could be described as gloomy the executive secretary of the universal Basic Education Commission you Beck Hamid Baba has revealed that only fifty seven percent of the nation's Basic Education teachers are qualified this is in spite of increase in population of the teachers from 842 1716 in 2008 to 1.5 million in 2018 apart from on qualified teachers per boy also lamented poor learning outcomes and acute shortage of infrastructure to the education sector despite huge investment where do we go from here particularly because the executive secretary has not said anything new Amir yeah I think the problem the problem we have is that before education I used to be something to be proud of but now it's a profession that nobody wants to really do if even those that are professionals who studied education in universities don't want to teach in a lot of states they are not paid when they are paid they are nowhere paid so there's no reason for anybody to be a teacher and that's part of the problem that is why I am the standard I've gone down so badly that even when you when you see a students now they don't even want to they are to look for Expo or cheat or do things to even pass exams and it is so sad that we it is part of something that we are neglected and nobody is really looking at it because it is ridiculous that teachers that teachers were not being recruited and at in some schools you have only maybe two three teachers who sometimes when I will come to class to teach and they are because they are not paid they are to go and look for other ways to survive the dokku happen in Detroit first century when another clients people science and technologies we are people I invested to be able to take their country forward it shows that we another serious nation and I think we have to do something about it we devote for education is not enough the standard so bad and we have to we have to do something about it that's that's even even even states are not employing teachers is the soul Society I mean if you don't even before don't any time off any force and when we're doing regions most of the most of the development that we had in were started on there was because I was free education then bring us to this were giving overseas scholarships and the convert to build the economy and made it the original at that time to be prosperous so even people were poor people when the variety as called send their kids to school because it was not only free even when he kills a villain they can send them abroad now nobody is invested in education and then we just we just and it is typical migrants the at least Nigeria means we have to look at ourselves properly we also really know what we want because when something is bad instead of us to confront that problem we look for other ways to solve the problem so if the public schools a publisher Aguas are asked in stone viscose if the universities don't we were saying our crystal private investors I would just believe that look go to let me just do my own let me send my mother my child you see now that in a country we are people used to respect us now we send our kids to the public or been a missile our schools to universities in Ghana you know sure that we don't said we are not serious and we have to do something about that because for us to really achieve the potential that this country that would believe we have to invest more in education we before we begin to even lament that you know the budgetary spending on education it isn't significant there are reports that the state actors true and defaulting on counterpart funding for the universal Basic Education Commission itself so that's it that's a problem that we should also talk about when did you go to pay my Anna coffees students and their states why won't the default cut apart fund and of course they will default to them is a lot of money the other idea why held back from listing the the states that were in it you know so much money he shows that we we do not take education seriously when you look at when when you back talks about the final 57,000 with 7% of only 7% of teachers basically qualified you have every reason to believe that is probably difficult probably even lower than that because when car do not condone ed teacher yes test for teachers at basically out of 33,000 I think 21,000 seven eight field at 33,000 and the same thing happened when croire condo debt his own tests the failure it was extremely high you had the situation which poopies past record the same exams record doctor for puppies puppies past but they are teachers field so we really need to do something about the quality of people who get into the teaching profession when you go to colleges of education in our country the for the cutoff mark in 2017 for example was 100 that is the lowest that you could ever think of every order calls the cutoff mark was hired at that so it means that is the never to words is the weakest of the week that we allow to go into teaching if we do not find a way to him to do something about never duels getting into teaching there's no way that this problem will not persist no educational system in any country can rise above the quality of teachers and the problem is not simply build fantastic schools is the quality of instruction you can build schools which are conditional and order no there's no what matters if you get a teacher that is brilliant that is qualified and you put people on the tree to teach them you will be able to impart knowledge and cognitive skills in those people because he is a qualified teacher is good enough and we say qualified teacher is the person who has the skills and who also enjoys teaching because if you are if you do not enjoy teaching you can be a good teacher you must like what you do the best journalist the best lawyers are people who take pride in what they do if people do not take pride in teaching can never be good teachers because you must be flexible you must be able to inspire confidence in the person that you are teaching you must be able to motivate the person that you are teaching what is difficult to do all of that if you yourself if you are not self motivated to do that job and government most also must do its best to encourage teachers we don't pay them well whereas you go to great countries of the world teachers are among the highest peak in our country we think that teachers should not be paid well whereas we all pass through teachers both of my parents are teachers so I'm proud to be a son of a teacher but we are relegated the teaching profession to to something that is meant for the Lazzaro start to know society and I shouldn't I shouldn't be the case that's why we have this problem and if we do not solve the problem honestly our call to continue to go down we'll have a full complainant today that order graduates can arrive good English is because from the foundation level they got it wrong once you do not get it right from the foundational level there is no way that I do not refer to as you go on so that basic education we are to prioritize basic education and ensure that the right teachers in charge of Basic Education appreciate what the Cardinal state government was trying to do by fixing basic education but you saw how it transpired in the end the governor to slow down come in and order NLC was open arms and order but look if you called or Dasom tests across the country is the same resort also look at you back itself you know with reports about allocating funds for the renovation rehabilitation of schools and where contractors have been fully paid and the work was not carried out is view back also judiciously spending what is made available to it they may know you just part of the problem the system Nigella has this reward culture when you you give contacted somebody and it believes that is his own share of the national cake and they just walk away and there's no punishment for things like that so like you said the problem is not the first structure yes part of the problem is fine structure but the problem is the personnel we have to do something about it pass the net because those are those who that's why the fact that they were not properly trained or not the best of brains that went to chop of a shock those who I won't train don't even want to teach when you look at somebody who is it's not me to teach you be running around looking for jobs in all that places done teacher so it is done we should look at all right that's all on Gentiles angle today we urge you to join us again tomorrow for another edition of the program we can also watch generally sang out on other platforms showing on your screen and on YouTube at youtube.com forward slash CBC News Nigeria our feedback channel is generally stand out at CBC News dock TV thank you for watching I am koala Samuel Whittemore bye for now and godless Nigeria