Breaking, Judge Issues Decision on Border Wall, Presidential Power Case

Breaking, Judge Issues Decision on Border Wall, Presidential Power Case

June 13, 2019

before starting the news we would like to hear your opinion on the following poll today's question should there be more or less privatization of veteran's health care kindly press the like button and comment your answer in the comment section given below we are anxious to hear from you now let's move on to the news breaking judge issues decision on border wall presidential power case a federal judge in Washington DC has rejected House Democrats effort to block the president's use of emergency powers to provide some funding for construction of the wall on our southern border as Axios reports this is a case about whether one chamber of Congress has the constitutional means to conscripted judiciary in a political turf war with the president over the implementation of legislation while the Constitution bestows upon members of the House many powers it does not grant them standing to hell the executive branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress legislative authority the court therefore lacks jurisdiction to hear the houses claims and will deny its motion judge Trevor McFadden McFadden added to be clear the court does not imply that Congress may never sue the executive to protect its powers but he argues that House Democrats do not in this case overcome the burden to establish it has standing in its lawsuit this seems like excellent news and it appears the judge put the Constitution ahead of any partisan concerns Ryan Saavedra tweeted breaking federal judge Trevor McFadden has denied House Democrats request to block President Donald Trump from transferring funds from appropriated accounts to build the border wall personally I am NOT getting tired of all of this winning are you please take a moment and consider sharing this video with your friends and family thank you sharing is caring kindly help us to distribute our content so others can acknowledge this too and support us in our mission to make America great again thanks for watching

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  1. They know the " healthcare " sucks….they want us dead. That's why no improvements are made. Us being dead means more money for themselves in their filthy pockets. STILL NO vision or dental care for veterans but illegal migrants get it handed to them along with other benefits we VETERANS EARNED…. but sadly never get to obtain. We VETERANS pay for the rest of you to live free…live the american dream and now we see congress still keeping we veterans from it while they hand it to illegal migrant invaders.

  2. Democrats had been and still demonstrate that they are not working for the Americans, they’re working for the outsiders. Anyone who opposes to protect the Americans are traitor! It’s a big crime!

  3. Can we get the Congress life time pay brought down to what the people on Social security get this will save American lots of money and these people do nothing except go against God

  4. Get Pelosi out of office, she needs to be removed. Impeach Pelosi now. Demonic Rat from Hades. Get her out of our country. Then you will be on the path of making America Great Again. God Bless the Righteous

  5. I would love to have private healthcare I didn't have to pay for and have the VA do it! The VA sucks I wouldn't go to the VA to catch a cold, but I did earn healthcare, so…

  6. As a Vietnam veteran I use the VA for my medical and it is substandard at best. The doctors get paid regardless of how well they perform. It took me ten years and 4 doctors to finally get my knees replaced and it was only because of the last doctor which was fantastic. The first three doctors just issued me pain meds, shots and injections and told me their knees hurt too.

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