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  1. It's amazing how they like to insult our intelligence all the time with this nuclear deal of Iran when infact it has very little to do with nuclear anything but everything to do with the stability of the dollar. They need to reinvent the gold standard and forget about the big O.

  2. Why do the Iranians have to send a message that clearly looks like it was a false flag? And no investigation was done, they just shouted right from the get go, Iran was behind it.

  3. SAUDI ARABIA and their Salafist/Wahabist Suni evil ideology is behind
    99 % of the Islamist terror agianst Christians world wide…
    They have also killed more the 70.000 Yemen children…
    Sabotage of the SAUDI oil tankers IS NOT MY PROBLEM AT ALL !!! We all should do that !!!

  4. Hey Americans, do they show you the current situation in Libya on your medias? Libyans are suffering and they miss their "dictator" who was killed by your government. Please stop electing these warmongering people and protest for Obama's peace prize to be revoked until he corrects whatever he started in Libya!

  5. Thomas More based his novel Utopia that is his concept of an ideal society on Iran. The Greeks referred to these people as Persian, but they called themselves Aryan or Iranian. The true Aryan, an intelligent, enlightened people with civilized values several centuries ahead of the others at the time of publication in 1516. Utopia is a classic taught at all major universities. Iranians are Aryan. They are not Arab and it is an insult to refer to them as such.

    The confusion arises because Arabs have influenced them. Arabs resent Iranians and zealously desire to eliminate this people that have surpassed and overshadowed their own culture.

    Children in Western nations are taught to not duck under the covers when frightened, but to confront reality, as a blanket will not save them.

    The pressures of modern living accompanied twentieth century reforms. Iranians reverted to an Arab custom of hiding their women folk beneath a layer of cloth.

    As if these did not know how to handle themselves.

  6. Saudi sabotage reeks of Israel just like the pentagon after 9/11 what a joke.
    No fire evidence, no injuries, no seepage, no proof. This is typical of Israel. Even Israels fake bombings on tel Aviv. No injuries, happens in isolated areas etc, etc.
    Well go die for them America, but know you are the enemy.

  7. Read Jeremiah 49 – Iran will be destroyed. But read further in Jeremiah 50 + 51 and see how the USA will be destroyed by the King of the North ( Russia ).

  8. STOP all this madness, we better listen to small children, how they still see the world, and how they would solve problems. We would all be surprised and happy!! And you old senile war mongerers, we don't want your stinking wars anymore. Retire or sighn up for a mental asilum where most of you psychopaths do belong. It has gone on for thousands of years and still no winners. It brought NOTHING, and you still don't get it!! There is a change going on, you can feel it in the air. People want their birthrights back! Freedom, food, peace, laughter, and above all LOVE!! Democracy? Don't make us laugh, and fool yourselves, you kunts, all of YOU!!!

  9. What he after is for Iran to stay off the world stage… as a nuclear power, or in any other manner. Stay at home, Khameinio, and clean up your OWN country's mess.

  10. If you feel that endless war is bad and you think our attempts to "help" the people of these countries has not helped anyone then please spend some time looking into Tulsi Gabbard. There are many long format interviews – here on youtube – that allow us to see her views in detail. Please take time to look at Tulsi. She represents a rare oppotunity for us to elect a true servant of the people and not another coporate money driven war monger. Tusli2020 gives me hope we can stop making wars that cuase so much suffering with little to no benefit to anyone other than people that profit financially. "It's a big club and we aint in it"! Tulsi2020

  11. Tehran had had a treaty and the bomb stood still.
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.
    But Bolton said Obama was a Moslem shill.
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.

    Yes, we'd had our fill
    Yes, it was.time to kill.
    And then John forgot his pill,
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.

    We knew that Johnny Bolton
    Had a real short fuse
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.
    He said he saw some missiles headed for Hormuz
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.

    John said we needed war.
    Don, said what is it good for?
    Well, maybe just one more.
    Iran ran ran ran, Iran ran ran.

  12. give your oath to biden and a fat bitch….

    who took out Petraeus? Michael Hastings –

    these creeps all leave their last braincells if they get on viagra…

    in between plutorats made him rich for the fony noth american trade union….
    even with deep changes in civil society… the lovley plan of the everybodies bastards kalergi – for the thothshiellds….

    the young mossad agent – wanted present a hagiographie for the midlife crisis narzizits on pentagon drugs… present him as ameican rolemodel…

    yes – mr rommel we had enough from it…

    and – every treaties with the brits and american bankstas – harriman – bush – financing the braun brigades … were broken… Htiler in Mein Kampf wrote – keep out the brits seapower…. conqer lebensraum….

    remember – the tries of the raising sowjetunion to create chaos in after versailles germany…

    remember the jews of the munic räterepublek… rosa luxemburg and Lieknecht… and the Jewish aeg cdo rathenau – selling all out….

    nothing the brits and the rotten geopolitcs – with heartland theory feared more than russia and germany going together…. they brought the bastard Hitler with the fantasy biographi on track… look at them – the true arien race….

    and – i believe in between – the mystery flyght of Rudolf Hess to england – was a last try to make a deal….

    they captured him – and brought him for press….
    there was no alternative than – total submission….

    things went on with sitzkrieg…. rotten schlacht um England… bigmouth fat morphinist populist goering….

    and – a last offering of a deal…. they let flie the britisch troups to england…. instead of killing them all – like the zionist psycos wold do it…

    there was no alternative than total submission…

    goering knew as the first – germany could never win – disapperard one year to Italy…

    by the way – it began of course with the wardeclaration of the jewish organisation in usa… trashing all german products… and the seablockade….
    öater building more ships than german subs ever could sink….

    if you rotten albert pike assholes want a fourth worldwar…. go on… you sleepwalkers….

  13. Actually, after watching Trump for a while, you can see that he can be predictable instead of otherwise. Every time he seems to be a bit easy on you, he will attack you without warning. Praising or showing compromise first comes before an attack by Trump. He normally means the opposite.

  14. Even when Bolton is unemployed, he gets on TV and calls for war on anything that moves. By hiring Bolton, President Trump has a Bad-Cop to his Good-Cop, and he has the ability to put a leash on him when needed, something he could not do when Bolton was unemployed.

  15. Is it not also entirely possible that the drone incident is a false flag special op. by the Mossad to escalate the US war readiness to war with Iran?
    The120,000 US troops to the M/E is not a Sunday picnic for any countries in the region. Israel is laughing with glee and jumping on roof tops as some did in NY with seconds when 911 occurred. The same sucker is now ready to attack Iran for Israel without the Jews ever ot need to shed a drop of blood like in the previous wars with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. And for their contrivance, Israel now receives $38 billions for the next 10 yrs.

    What and whose national priorities are those?
    It seems these priorities are coming straight from Israel Knesset through the internet. Even the Knesset could not be more ridiculously generous than that. Or it becomes a laughing stock.

    And the US Government expects that the public is too blind to see, too timid to voicr disagreement, and too sick to raise their arms to protest. The US Government is right. The US public does not raise any objections, What a shame to the Land of the Brave whose ancestors came for political justice and freedom.

    While millions of US citizens are jobless and homeless, lack food and medical care and while the majority of cities are in extreme urban decay and their infrastructure in need of major overhauls. Despite these chronic problems staring them in the face, the US Govt. chooses to be much more concerned with a foreign country rather than with its own people? Israel enjoys one of the highest standards of living with good employment and new opportunities and new enterprises…much higher than the majority of Americans would enjoy..

  16. These Warhawks are a bunch of fucking liars. We’re not going to go through another Iraq. If Trump allows these guys to do this he’s on my bad list. Already has the worst neocons in his administration. Says it gets good advice from John Bolten. Hopefully he does the exact opposite of what Bolten says to do. Should just get rid of her. These guys want to use our military to fight Israel’s wars that’s the point and continue their perpetual war on terror, for money and power

  17. It's not Trum, it's not Bolton, and not Pompeo. It's America who wants war. All of you guys against it or not, are F*** responsible for whatever will happen to people around the world if you don't take action now. Take your country in your hands today! If you want to save the US, clean your congress from the spies and refuse to accept bribe from the evil Saudi.Your congress has been long infected; needs treatments!.

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