My name is Brian Cox but most people know me as The Travel Vlogger. I’m always in search of extraordinary experiences, and on this adventure I’ll be biking over 700 kilometers across the Czech Republic. Come with me to see what makes this destination so special! Dobré ráno and good morning from Litoměřice, today is day 4 I am starting to feel the legs But last night I got a great sleep Today we had the absolute best breakfast that we have had the entire trip We are going to be riding all the way from here to Mělník which is going to be about 50 kilometers. I’m not so sure what we are going to see on the way But come with me to find out. We were only on our bikes for a few kilometers before we arrived to the Terezín fortress. The fortress was originally built under the Austrian Hungarian empire to protect against Prussian invasion. We wondered around the fortress learning about it’s history, And just as we were leaving something special happened. So right about now you are probably wondering what am I doing with this 18th century gun. Well… some how I convinced them to let me fire this bad boy So let’s see what kind of trouble we can get in to 3,2,1…..[bang] Wooo Hooo Hooo Hooo Man that was awesome! [laughs] Oh…..I love this country! For what was surely the high point of the day, next would be the low point. It was time to say goodbye to our first rider of the trip. So, we were able to get 3.5 days out of Jiří Rode us around, Showed us a ton of great stuff I can’t thank you enough Thanks so much guys! Ya, thanks so much! Ok guys, thanks for following along Safe travels, and see you soon in the Czech Republic Now we would ride across the town to a small part of the fortress that became a Nazi concentration camp during World War 2. Today it is a holocaust memorial. And now Janek would be leaving us. Have a nice time in Czech Republic and remember Pošli ho tam [Brian laughs] Děkuji, thank you for everything! Bye! And we are down to 3 With only 3 of us left we started making our way to our next stop. Roudnice nad Labem. Following along the Labe river for over 19km. We arrived and stopped at a cafe for lunch. Alright Michal, what did we order? What am I eating here? I ordered for you The special beef with leek sauce, and traditional Czech dumplings. Nice! And what is this? Duck, 3 kind of dumplings and sauerkraut. You want some? You should try it! After lunch, we briefly visited the town’s castle that belonged to one of the oldest Bohemian Noble Families, the house of Lobkowicz (Lobkovicové) And this is where Michal would leave us. So basically, we have 26 kilometers left Until our end point of today, to Mělník I have been told we need to take The number 2 all the way. So we will be looking for this sign. This was the last biking of the day and it was a beautiful ride along the river. Tons of time to reflect on our trip thus far. It was not long before the beautiful town of Mělník was upon us. We had one final hill to overcome. Alright! We just got to Mělník. We put the bikes in the locker, We checked in to the hotel, We’re going to take a quick shower, and then we’re going to take a tour around the city. So, come on! Now it was time to explore. We walked around the main square, and around the historic center. Next we would go into a wine cellar to try some regional wines with some local ladies. There was a language barrier, but nothing a few glasses of wine could not solve. In no time we were old friends! Na zdraví! Ok! I will have one more glass! Na zdraví! And finally we ate a quick dinner. Unfortunately, this is the time when we end the video tonight. I wish I could stay so much longer, But i’m super tired from the huge journey. But it was great to meet some Kočky Have some great wine Delicious food. For more information on what we did today check out the links below. Good night! On Day 5 We leave Mělník Stop to see a baroque chateau And arrive to Prague to see tons of great photos from the journey or to post your own shots be sure to check out these hashtags on Instagram don’t leave yet there’s tons of great videos to keep watching more importantly… did you subscribe yet???