Hi ! this is the second episode of Sahil – Bhund Republic Jaski – Two Second Episode ! Duh! 2 Lets do it again I swear J- This is EPISODE 2! of Bhund Republic J-And today we’re gonna talk about… S- Dont know J-Spirituality S- may be Because, this guy! he’s been meditating for… what? 4 years now? S- 5 years, more than 5 years now J- so.. tell me something about the process man J- what to do you mean when you say you’re meditating.? S- nothing special, first-foremost, let me make the point that I don’t speak English as well as he does, J- Hindi dude S- Hindi is what I’ll, but I swear/abuse/curse a lot when I hindi. J- doesn’t matter, you cunt.. S- so 18 and below, do not watch it, if you do, make sure you’re folks aren’t around J- Public service announcement S- or else they’ll screw your happiness S- so bro, with meditation it’s like, nothing doing, just sit S- it’s as simple as that, you just sit, and you start realising…. a lot of different stuff… J- yea? like what? J- what do you mean you realise different stuff? S- bro I haven’t done this before, hence the volume is low.. plus I’m a meditator kinda guy, so its all about tranquilty S- you realise different stuff, as in, you start realising a lot different things that are happening around you, within you… there’s a lot of things that we don’t even focus on S- thoughts, the logic behind thoughts, things that happen in life because of those thoughts. how it affects your life.. in short, you understand all these things.. S- I am gonna pop that chewing gum man! My mouth’s been foul ever since I had that chai.. J- how did you get in to the process? like when did you realise that you’re a spiritual being or something like that.. S- dude, I always had an inkling about that, as in, that I wanna be meditating some day S- but, motherf**k some 8-9 years ago, no 6-7 years ago, I broke up (with my gf) J- yea, Mruna ; right? J- I’ll beep it.. S- neah.. let that f**kin’ be, use names, so what? S- people should get to know that “people getting famous” too have a break up story.. S- so yea, I was very disturbed mentally, had quite a few anxiety issues, used to be paranoid.. which I still get today a bit too S- I started reading a lot of passages that suggested meditation, sit, focus on your breath, this and that.. blah blah chant mantras. S- and it so happened that, in 2013 I met this colleague of mine… So I work with this brand known as “Bose” Bose.. marike! (Bhosmarike=cunt!) S- So, we used to work together, met him in Delhi, his name’s Ryan. He’s gonna be a huge Rap artist soon.. he’s writes good books too J- (bullsh*t!) err .. then? J-His book’s called Evolve, Please check it out when you can.. It’s called.. what? A psychedelic S- Tell ’em, bring it.. J- you continue bro.. J-Evolv, A psychedelic adventure that will destroy the concept of reality… bro… S- yea, something like that actually happened with/to me.. S- so yea, he taught him something known as transcendental meditation.. S- I was already practising meditating, but.. I didn’t really have a proper technique back then.. S- So i’d just sit, people went like “sit in the lotus(cross legged), pay attention to your breath J- “palathi” means the “lotus posture” S- Like how i am sitting right now S- (ideally)the other leg should be the same way ( foot over the opposite thigh), the chair.. no budget.. S- so he taught me this technique, and I started following it, I kept at it.. S- it’s a long story, in a nutshell.. I finally got a proper technique to follow, and I started meditating more aggressively.. J- aggressively? S- yea S- I know that sounds contradictory. S- now I realise there’s nothing “aggressive”, you just sit and shit happens.. S- like it does every morning.. J- I’ve known this guy for… 15 years now I think.. no? S- yea, 15/16 years.. as far as I can remember.. J- This guy used to be like super violent, belligerent, always ready for fight.. J- but, also he had an awesome sense of humour..which I think spirituality has well not “killed ” it, J-but you’ve sort of mellowed down.. because you don’t wanna pick on people anymore.. S- not really, thats not the point.. but.. S- the idea is that, I have lately realised that, It’s not anymore to to pick on people just for kicks.. J- IT IS! S- i mean, earlier, we’d just catch hold of any1 randomly, get him to hang out/sit around like a puppet and screw his happiness.. (for humour) S- I know I think , “why do f**k them over/make fun of them?” S- let ’em be, they’re innocent.. S- but yea, If you post hate comments, I still know how to bum-fuck you.. S- not doing that, is just an option I have… J- i’m also like, you know..I’ve been sort of
whats the word? “taken the path?” S- dickhead!, you’re asking the wrong guy for an english word.. J- basically, I’ve started too.. I am inspired by him.. so I was reading somewhere.. J- that, there are 5 elements.. of physical reality.. the whole “who am I?” et al, is there for later..from Babaji.. J- first, so 5 elements, which are? Aakash which is like Aether or whatever, like in Greek mythology.. S-space J-Space. J- that is what? it binds everything together? S- don’t know! there’s earth, there is.. elements you’re talking about? right? S- there’s fire, there’s water.. there’s …earth.. J- you mentioned earth S-Cunt! no I didnt S- I’ll do this again S- earth, water.. fire… space…errr air.. J-wind? S-wind.. J- “vayu” S- and…. eerr…. this is 5 right? F*ck! you’re testing me! I’ll (bind you in )curse you! dickhead!. J- So.. so, our physical reality, or wait “perceptive reality..is made of these things?” S- this dimenion, yes J- but all of this is made of consciousness S- yea! J- right? S- ultimately, this is made of consciousness, yes.. but err… how do I say this? S- so.. whatever you can perceive, at least with your 5 senses, that’s ,. that’s these 5 elements.. J- so these, this.. eeer… whatever these 5 elements make.. also, is emotion, thought, feeling a part of this? S-yes! it is.. J- okay.. J- So these things, in the yogic culture, according to Sadhguru , they call it Su(k)shma.. J- and Shunya is “nothingness “.. where there is none of these.. J- then there is Shi-va : ‘ that which is not ‘.. which is like anti-matter or the God Particle or the Higg’s Boson or whatever.. J- I think that’s why I got interested in… because I thought science doesn’t have all the answers.. J- I was reading up on Quantum Entanglement.. J- you know what Quantum Entanglement is? S- nai bhai(bro) J- sorry bro.. S- like I said, English.. S- yes, go on, tell me and them.. J- soo.. I’m like, I’ve done a Bsc, obviously i believe in Science J- I was been a very rational, logical sort of a person.. but there are somethings which physics couldn’t answer J- so i started looking at other.. you know? since I’m an open minded individual.. J- aham brahmasmi S- arrey did you have a look at bro’s shirt yet?! I’m sorry, I just saw it J- they’ve seen it bro, I kinda flashed it behind you while you were speaking.. S- I just noticed, I didn’t realise you’re advertising yourself , on your camera, at your own house, in your own room.. J- with my own friend bro! J- haha! what the — was i talking about man? S- Quantum … tanglement? J- entanglement! J- so that goes like this J- read up about the LHRC, Large Hadron Collider J- so when.. they bombard protons with protons.. J- no sorry J- first they thought ..you the light that falls objects, and then we’re able to see. J- so they thought light itself is in wave forms. J- then they realised it’s made up of quarks J- so its not like just waves, its made up of like material .. matter.. whatever, and then.. J- so this is real okay.. when the split photons.. err quarks are made of photons.. Lets’ say , one photon is split into A and B J- now photon B has gone about a 100kms away.. from photon A J- they both naturally have/get a spin J- Let’s say one has the upper spin, and one the lower J- but , in real life too, like if you do something with photon B, it affects the spin on photon A too! J- even if it’s a 100 kms away J- and they don’t know how to explain that.. J- like they don’t know why that happens, they know it happens. but they don’t know why that happens J- it’s one of the many things you know? physics couldn’t answer.. J- i don’t even know if spirituality can answer any of this.. but.. S- the idea of spirituality.. is .. a lot of people get into it to get answers but by midway you realise that, its not the answers that you get.. it’s the questions that you lose. J- ohhhhh. S -so you stop asking.. J- for real man! S- two likes extra for this please J- Osho, Nisargadatta and Sadhguru, so they’ve all said.. J-I haven’t read much, but I have read a bit J-so they’ve all said, your thoughts are yours, your body is yours, but those aren’t you S- true J- can you explain that a bit.. J- like who are “you” then? like Bullah ki Jaana main kaun? S- bruv, its very simple, the idea is that. S- thats a cool funky pair of shades you’re wearing..what have you made me wear? J- you chose them dickhead. S- so the idea, is that when you’re really small.. err.. if you observe babies, new born babies..they’re as blank as.. S- you know, they’re in that void..they’re always in that void.. J- void, explain the void.. S- void.. as in.. a blank piece of paper.. as in all blank.. completely .. S- the thing.. er… can’t even realise that its paper.. S- THAT BLANK! J- alright, okay.. S- so as long as nothing’s written on it, it’s not even called/considered to be “paper” J- so basically, its psyche is unaffected.. S- unaffected.. yes.. actually.. in fact, it’s non-existent. J- there’s no psyche? S- yup, no psyche, exactly S- when parents have some expectations..when there’ kids around people start with saying things.. S- if there’s boy .. they’ll something.. S- so basically, gradually.. over time, slowly, the mind is conditioned.. S- so eventually, these conditions.. or conditioning of the mind.. also activates some genes in the body of the baby.. S- the genes that can probably, make sense or reason with such conditioning. S- for e.g. So i’d heard somewhere, they’d conducted this experiment.. where er.. mice were kept in a cage. They’d always let them smell this lavender fragrance..and give them an electric shock.. They did this for quite some time then they observed that the mice, even their 3rd , 4th, 5th generation (the progeny) would get scared of even a little smell of lavender. This is because of the shock their ancestors were getting when there was a lavender fragrance around.. J- yea that happens.. cats are afraid of snake type looking objects.. S- its more like when the conditioning starts.. we humans start touching the genetic coding of our kids, babies S- and as we grow up these conditionings become more concrete in your mind S- which results in (affecting) in a particular perception of how that person sees the world. J- so you’re telling me J- if I’m afraid at the moment, it’ll gradually creep into my genes.. and my child is gonna be even more scared of that same thing S- yes, right. J-if, what if, if , i’m not going to have any (kids) irrelevant.. wait. S- yea, we got our balls chopped off at Asha Foundation (animal welfare organisation) S- if you don’t know about it, please google “asha foundation” J- they’re in animal welfare, they neuter stray dogs S-they chop the thaili (bag) J- i was saying, incase the child, who’s father was super scared and it got into his genes or whatever.. J- (the child )he’s gonna be scared of that thing like you said.. S- if it’s activated, yes.. S- and it gets activated cause his father’s always like, “son, don’t do this!” “son, don’t do that! ” J- that goes into his mind J- then its also gonna go into his (the son’s) kid.. S- yes if he keeps practising and err letting the fear eat on him J- so if this becomes all meditative. J- or lets just say he’s braved it all, and he realises all this is bullshit S- correct J- so he can recode his genes? S- yes he can J- yeah?! S- yea! S- you should really read a few articles written by this guy, err , Deepak Chopra.. J- Yea, i’ve heard of him, he spoke to Sadhguru on YouTube S- yea, he might have, he’s pretty famous J- he’s a doctor, no? J- medical doctor.. or? S-yea, he’s in science J- science can be a lot of things. S- he speaks about genetic, coding, decoding, encoding etc. S- so that’s why people keep saying you can reprogram your life. S- you can change your lifestyle and hence your life. S- as result of lifestyle changes J- who do you think are your spiritual masters ? J- who do you like reading or watching or whatever.. S- dude, i’ve bought a lot of books.. but i don’t read.. S- i bought them cause i thought “yea i should read this!” “it’ll help if i read this!” S-One of the major reasons why I don’t read books is because.. S- reading books kind of conceptualises everything in you.. S- as in, one person has had this experience. S- and somehow somewhere, you start to experience your experience of that thing, with the meaning of the other’s experience of the same thing.. J- hahah S- for eg.. S- i’ll explain.. J- the architect in the Matrix, ergo… what is he on about? J- it’s like i understand it, but don’t remember what he says.. S- how do I say this? err ok.. S- so if you’re reading a book right? about which S- it may lets say, an omelette or a particular thing is supposed to be like this S- to taste or something S- but.. reading a book won’t tell you what taste is like.. J- i’m listening.. go on.. S- yea..so if it says “sweet” S- then you just relate to sweet, as in the meaning of sweet that you have in your mind.. S- one of the reason why I don’t read books, after buying them S- or..i don’t prefer reading is.. becuz J- “becuz”? S- sorry dude, that’s how I been talking since I was kid.. J- don’t worry.. S- conscious what? S- I am 30 yrs old now.. J- good , tell me.. what’s the difference between conscious and the sub conscious.. S- conscious sub-conscious.. J- i mean in the spiritual culture or the Yogic culture.. S- dude.. I don’t have much of an idea.. S- I am not much about terminologies.. S- because again, its like you connect to one thing.. S-I think conscious is when you’re awake and subconscious is when you’re mind is awake S- and probably you are not awake.. J- no! I thought! * Wah modiji wah* (ringtone) * great going Modiji* (in modi’s voice himself) J- laughs S- even Modiji agrees to this.. J- err.. I saying.. J- i am big fan of Hunter S Thompson J- who was friends with Tim Leary S- no clue J- the ” Fear and Loathing ..” guy dude.. S- haven’t seen it, heard of it. J- the book’s great too, do read it.. S- no! J-read the book, ” Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and watch the movie.. J- Terry Gilliam , great movie.. J- so Tim leary.. J- at least in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.. J- He (Hunter S Thompson)talks about how Tim Leary was all about consciousness expansion J- and people started chasing that through doing psychedelic drugs.. J – like LSD J- now there’s a big DMT wave happening..I think.. J- you think these things are like..err.. J- what they called er.r.. J -what was the word? Jadibooti? (herbs)no.. S- aushadhya? (medicament) J- aushadhya! S- hmm J- Aushadhya is like.. J- please talk about Aushadhya.. J- and do you think that Acid and DMT (are that) or even Marijuana.. I don’t know.. S- bro, dude.. well S- haven’t done acid, I haven’t done DMT.. S- no man.. for real.. S- I swear I haven’t…I’m shit scared.. S- the yogasutras of Patanjali says that..a few of.. J- Patanjali, Baba Ramdev? no! S- no! the real Patanjali. J- Please.. J- give some reference, like a line or two.. S- don’t know man.. I haven’t read so much S- Patanjali? dont know..do you? J- He was (around) 2000 years ago.. J- One of the first to write these “yogic” books.. S- correct, ancestral knowledge.. J- before that it used to be like a word of mouth thing.. J- then he sort of organised it and printed.. J- like made copies S- Correct.. correct.. J- so if you couldn’t go to a gurukul to learn these, things.. or an ashram J- then he thought J- like everybody should be able to..also.. you know? S- soo.. the idea is that.. there are few ways to attain enlightenment.. S- one is through spiritual practises S- one is through birth.. J- through birth? S- yea..through birth.. S- i might be a tad bit here and there J- like Jesus Christ? J- was he born enlightened? S- could be J- can you explain, what is enlightenment? S- you can’t explain.. somethings.. S- you cannot explain air to a person.. S- the person may relate to it but you can’t explain it J- can you give some context? J- like air, you need.. you breathe air.. and its all around us.. J- something like that.. S- because you’ve always been told that.. its air.. S- but there’s a lot to it right? there’s a lot to it.. J- is this stimulated reality? J – SIMulated reality.. J- stimulated well it is.. but it’s mainly simulated…. haha S- well, in short.. Aushadhya is one of those means thats.. edible.. smokable..drinkable. J- consumable.. S- yes, thats right.. J- in bangla (bengali) “khobe” J- in Bangla, smoke, drink, eat is all Khaube. S- so you use that to attain enlightenment.. S-but i have never tried any of this.. S- however all my friends recommend Acid (LSD) S- in fact, for the ones watching this video.. i’d say S- bro, obviously, at your own discretion.. do it if you think so.. S- I’ve ever heard any say its “bad” .. S- but, yea, everything in moderation is good.. S- everything in excess is bad J- do it with right people, in the right place..get a good vibe.. J-don’t do it with people you don’t trust.. S- yea.. J- i’ve heard so.. I don’t … er.r… S- I have never even tried it.. J- neither have I.. S- yes.. J- so figured out all this? S- don’t know man.. S- the question is.. should one (try to) figure out this or not? S- let these things happen on their own.. S- no one taught Shiva meditation.. He was just sitting.. S- He didn’t have the yogasutras of Patanjali.. no Sadhguru. no Deepak Chopra.. J- no Osho S- no Shailesh Sir either.. J- you think some bodies are like, some physical self is like, deserves to be.. S- so it’s just like The Matrix..everybody is er… S- what do they call it? application? or program.. J- people are batteries.. J- that are working in a simulation.. J- the agents are programs.. J- Sati, in Matrix 2, is between the two (batteries/humans and a program).. quite a concept.. S- probably it was the purpose of their life.. J- how do you figure out the purpose of your life? J- have you figured out the purpose of your life?!?! S- err yes.. J- what is it? S- see there’s only one purpose to all lives.. S- just like the sun doesn’t shine for it’s own.. er.. S- it shines for the planets around it..it gives warmth.. J- heavy.. heavy.. deep… warmth! S- warmth! J- Heat! S- I thought warmness is a better word..but anyway ..heat.. S- its heat , as in, is of no use to it , itself.. S- oceans don’t drink themselves..its for humans.. J- nobody drinks oceans.. J- its salted water, (people drink) river water.. S- but motherfucker! its water, when you didn’t have any technology, S- people went to the oceans and the rivers to drink.. J- no! ocean water no1 drank.. it was rivers dude.. S- thats alright bro, a thirsty man needs water..salty or otherwise.. J- he’ll die! if he drinks salty water.. S- basically, i believe, its everyone’s purpose is to live for others.. S- like the sun lives for people J- do you believe the sun is conscious? S- see I believe, yes, it is.. J -is the sun like a sentient life? J-does it know what it’s doing? S- does it know what it’s doing? J- the whole planet is solar powered right? in a way.. S- may be yes.. because.. err.. S- people say that stars die.. S- the sun is star ? right?even it’ll die? S- so it has to be conscious.. J- no, it doesn’t die like, human beings die.. right? S- so? human beings don’t die like how plants die, right? J- well I guess.. makes sense.. S- so.. as simple as that.. so yes, the sun is conscious.. J- cool man.. I think i’ll cut this for now.. J – lets see how this goes, we’ll do one more.. S- but ultimately, it’s like .. Bhund Republic’s specialty/( Unique-ness) is that we are.. S- souls.. you know, we’re not..bodies.. S- so there’s no proper structure to our videos.. S- there’ll never be a proper structure to our videos.. S- until and unless you’re not Bhund(meaning in description), S-or Bhund – high on life.. you’ll not understand our videos..