so this practice has to stop we have to recognize – Claudia's point that these these immigrants are not a threats to any of us in fact on net they are contributors not just to the economy but to our safety and the security of our families and of our communities assuming an air work administration the only case for internal enforcement is against somebody who poses a violent risk because they have committed acts of violence or are a known threat to our communities not profiled based on their ethnicity their country of national origin or their religion those differences make know are not meaningfully should not meaningfully be considered as factors in in internal removal operations so abolish those practices of ice and return the security conversation to bringing people out of the shadows allowing our immigration laws to reflect our values or traditions the reality that we see here in in in our communities and on the ground working with partners in the hemisphere and the world beyond to make sure that we're a partner to address problems in the home countries that caused people to flee in in the first place and stop terrorizing communities that the way that we're doing right now we end Trump's chaos on our border so no more putting kids in cages or separating families or pushing asylum seekers back into Mexico where they are prey for criminal organizations we make sure that we follow our own asylum laws we reunite families we speed those who have residency here in this country towards citizenship and then bring millions out of the shadows so they can register with their government making us demonstrably safer in the process and then your question we go to the root of the challenge that we have in the northern triangle countries of Guatemala El Salvador Honduras work with local communities to reduce violence so that fewer families have to make the 2000 mile journey to our country in other words our laws will match our use the reality that we see here in our communities and the best traditions of this country