People say, our nation’s women are our mothers and sisters. They also say that the women from our neighbourhood are our mothers and sisters. But I ask Why?! We are getting scre**d over by this sc**wed up idea. Binny Arora My childhood crush Yet, She is the star of my love story, and also it’s villain ‘She’s not an ordinary bombshell, She’s the Firebrand.’ Should I send her a friend request? Sure, why not. What if she ‘BRO-ZONE’s’ ME? I don’t like that I’m stalking her I mean, After all, I am a well cultured male How’s you Binny? Aren’t you being too cocky in exchange of a little help? Should I tie you a rakhi? Yes, Let me put a “The End” to your love story! The bottom line is… All girls from our neighbourhood are our sisters Dude, you’re so screwed. Gattu, give her a mouth-to-mouth! Yes, let me just… Gattu, can you stop snogging her? Move over. It takes courage to fall in love. What kind of courage? Go, convince my brother, for our wedding Beat him Yes? No.. Nothing… …Just say yes And I’ll convince not only your brother but all of lucknow for our wedding. I’ve seen Binny and Bhura….Hanging out, Together! Does it hurt? Are you kidding me? Its ringing and I just developed Tinnitus I’ve found a great boy. I’ll get Binny engaged to him Rahul Shiv Gattu, show your brother-in-law the way please? Will you go out for a coffee with me? Binny is now supposed to get married to Me! So, She’s getting married to everyone but me? You’re father loves being the leader, doesn’t he? Consider him dead. I’d warned you before. Keep an eye on Binny, starting today. When does she leave for college? 8:30 am Silence! Binny, this is your call. Whether you want to go to the Eiffel Tower to the shed Or in the house right across you. Take your time Binny How long will you take Binny? Show me one guy, just one Who looked at a girl and said.. “What a girl!” “I wish she was my sister” Why are these guys named Rahul such A**holes! What was that film? Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai Who fled with Salman Khan’s girl? Erm… Rahul! The other one… Dil Toh Paagal Hai! Who snatched the girl from Akshay Kumar? *indistinct singing* Rahul! From this day, in every film… …The Hero will be called ‘Gattu’. No Rahul!