Really Great Reading’s free Diagnostic Decoding Surveys enable quick one-on-one assessment of phonics skills. Educators using the Surveys can identify which basic reading skills have been mastered and which skills need improvement. The Beginning Decoding Survey assesses a student’s ability to read high-frequency words and single-syllable words with short vowels, digraphs, and blends. All right Harrison, I’m gonna ask you to read these words. We’re gonna start with Set 1. We’re gonna read across the page from left to right, and it’s more important for you to read accurately than to read fast. Do you know what accurately means? Yes, correct with no errors. Good, it means correctly with no mistakes, and it’s more important to read accurately than to read fast, okay? You can say “I don’t know” if you need to. And I want you to read one set of words at a time. And I want you to read slowly enough so I can take notes, okay? All right. Let’s get started when you’re ready with that first set. See, one, there, you, are, rag, lid, don’t, hum, pet, rick, shop, trick no track, quit, month, dust, step, trip, pond, bag All right. So now we’re gonna read these sentences, and can you please read them one at a time? Go ahead. The cat hid in the box. The fresh fish is still on the wet grass. Six flags no, flat shells were in the bath. This last set are nonsense words. Nonsense words are like make-believe words. They don’t mean anything, but we can still read them because the letters will tell you what sounds to say, okay? Let’s start with this first word. Vope, yud, vine, kep, shap, thid, I don’t know this one. You sure? Okay. Week. All right. Let’s see how many you got right. You read 35 words right. Nice! The number of words read correctly is the number of words a student reads accurately on the first try. To calculate the words read correctly, simply count the number of words that have a check after them, or above them in sentences. Self-corrections count as errors. Unlike the rest of the error grid, you will fill in the number of words read correctly while the student is with you. To request the free Diagnostic Decoding Surveys or watch the Diagnostic Decoding Survey scoring videos, go to the Really Great Reading website,