I chose the Kevin Ava campus brussels because i knew that it was a highly reputed university and i wanted to study in brussels itself as its picked rebel and also very lively city i always knew i wanted to do something with economics and as it was in brussels where i wanted to study that fit quite good and i want to do my master probably in event marketing and to do that i have to do a BBA so that's why I chose to do the Business Administration program I chose k-11 because it offers an international program and it offers all the courses in English which is important because I think that in nowadays economy you really have to speak English perfectly and also of course Caio Levine has a really good reputation but I can gain from Caio Levine is probably a different view on the world because I've been in such close contact with people from all over the world for three years and additionally Brussels offers a lot of opportunities for students to get engaged in extracurricular activities and to get already a first glimpse into the business world you