failure banks of course welcome to walk rad news man it is amazing how I was waiting for the first black person to step up and get crazy that's what I was like I was like well who's gonna be the first black person to jump out there and embarrass ourselves in this situation there you banks to the rescue and here she comes with everybody up in arms women of all colors unified against this Alabama legislation about abortion and prohibits all abortions at any point in a woman's pregnancy in their state and she went to social media to see I actually see this as a blessing conservatives should care less about petty racism and more about having control of medical industry money and endeavors I'm actually fine to really start limiting abortions in favor of other ways to prevent pregnancy the problem today is that abortion is being used as a form of contraception rather than a last resort option for terminating pregnancy as she went on to talk about still search research and it's also a dangerous problem and he said the deep state black embryo sale Mars dwellings low Scientology liberal robot chicken planning and all that she says this Charles delight bortion is not a right it's a luxury provided by modern science I'm not a Christian quack but everyone is a little too strong and loud about demanding the state of abortion as a right when it is not a right it is a privilege of modern science just like sex change surgery or a gastric bypass sleeve Wow unbelievable now if she wanted to try to say if she wanted to try to say something and I know what she was trying to say and she just worded it really wrong I believe because people were abusing it but just because some certain people abuse it don't mean that well we gotta just taking away you got to violate everybody's rights because not everybody is using it as a contraception they're a bunch of ratchet women they might use it as contraception okay but that's not the majority now somebody's using late term abortions you know that's a different story now if you want to talk about the levels in which it passes a certain point where you're gonna have to go to to full turn that's another conversation but just to tell somebody period agents have no right no matter what the circumstance I feel that that's in jest and so for her to make that kind of statement you know that I felt like that was reckless and for her to be a woman and then a minority woman at that to make that statement it's insulting very insulting so you're gonna tell victims that they have to go full-time no matter what you know it's a sad situation anyway how about y'all time with you to think in the comments section