everybody loves to hate passwords and we
don’t blame them passwords can be complicated and
difficult to remember 69% of people are concerned about their online identities
being stolen and yet 81% still reuse their passwords this practice leads your
business at risk if someone in your organization uses their work password
for their personal accounts a breach of that personal accounts could leave your
business exposed so with password reuse of problem and website breaches
occurring daily how can you ensure your business is safe and with the new
regulations around data security and protection how can you guarantee
continued compliance enter author object’s password policy agents our
solution installs easily runs your passwords through a database of circa
500 million known breaches fully complies with the latest password
guidance and forms a strong foundation for compliance at author logics we know
that passwords still form the foundation of many security policies used
standalone as part of multi-factor authentication or even with modern
access methods such as biometrics ensure your passwords are unique secure and
compliant with all three objects password policy agents