By now, we’ve all faced challenges with users and their devices. You may have a BYOD policy in place, but chances are the majority of users disregard it or don’t even know about it. And more than likely, most employees have their personal devices connected to the production network because, well, they have the key, and the guest network is for guests, right? Then there’s IoT. You may not have run into any problems yet, but between the growing number of company- and employee-owned smart devices, you soon will. The IoT trend isn’t going away. Is your network prepared to handle those devices and the complications they present? With the ever-increasing number of network devices, the question of access control and network security is becoming more involved. How do you balance security and ease of user access? What if I told you there was a single solution to address all of these network access and security issues, and you don’t have to change your network infrastructure to use it?! Introducing HPE Aruba ClearPass and Optio Data. With ClearPass you can easily identify devices and users on your network, making it simple to set access permissions and security policies for anyone, on any device, down to the smallest detail. ClearPass can automatically perform a threat assessment of all users and devices before they even connect to the network, and assign permissions accordingly. Visitors can access your guest network through a customizable interface without compromising the security and performance of your network. And to top it all off, ClearPass will work with nearly any network infrastructure device. Finally! The question of secure network access control has a clear answer… HPE Aruba ClearPass with Optio Data. Devices Enabled. Workers Empowered. Guests Connected. Network Secured.