What I love the most about Scranton and the people around here are they’re just so warm and welcoming.
They understand that you come from a
very different culture. I’m like eager to soak in all the
knowledge that I can about here. But they’re also interested in learning about my culture. I didn’t feel a huge culture shock,
I was able to settle in pretty quick. The faculty make sure that you grow as an overall person. So they try to impart skills on you
like leadership, and soft skills. What I really like about the classrooms is they’re small.
It’s very practice integrated. The professors, they don’t make it monotonous by just talking,
it’s very interactive. Because at the end of the day, when you
walk out of the class, you have such new
concepts in your mind and you completely understand them. I’m also very active in the international club. So we have cultural exchanges every week. I made pretty good friends.
It’s been a great experience. You just have to make the most of the Scranton experience.