Nick Condratoff: One of the real benefits actually was identifying quite early and quickly that we all grapple, at all levels and all jurisdictions we all grapple with very similar public policy problems and so
one of the benefits of the EMPA was sharing and bouncing ideas off other
colleagues that were going through very similar struggles. Previous to the EMPA
much of my experience was on-the-job training, shadowing and mentoring of
seniors, but I hadn’t had the real theory and discipline behind my actions.
Lee-Anne Fisher: One of the things I’ve seen most considerably with Nick is that he’s been now prepared
to work outside his comfort zone. He’d come through on a particular track and
this really broadened it out so he’s doing work now that he hadn’t ever done
Nick Condratoff: There are a number of valuable tools and tricks that I learned through
the EMPA, but probably the one of the most important ones, the ones that I use
in my day-to-day transactions is the discipline and the prioritization of
evaluation within a policy and program environment