hello everyone I'm dr. hazel messenger course leader of the MBA at London Metropolitan University welcome to London on a rather breezy but sunny afternoon if you look behind me you can see some of the major landmarks of the contemporary city the gherkin and behind it the cheese grater the City of London has a very long history of engagement with business but we have to remember that business does not just happen at desks in these beautiful glass and chrome offices business links with families countries and communities and I'd really like to tell you about the MBA that we're running here at London Metropolitan University we've come down now to the streets of Petticoat Lane you ought to be able to see the gherkin in the distance behind my head this is the other side of the gherkin this is the East End of London and the city and the East End have always rubbed shoulders with each other we're really pleased to say that this is an important part of our MBA we want you as MBA graduates to realize it's not just big business that matters but small businesses entrepreneurs I'm surrounded by food pop ups down here we think that you should think about not just getting an MBA but becoming an MBA graduate the sort of person that's prepared to make a difference in the world to everybody in this world rich or poor children older people communities everywhere so that you can take back your learning to wherever you come from and make a difference well we've come indoors now into our more gates building and into the fifth floor lounge where you will be starting your week if you become an MBA student here at London Metropolitan University I'd like to talk to you now about the structure of the course and also the philosophy behind it we know that a course should consist of more than just the talked modules and you will have a wide range of enrichment activities that will provide you with the experience to help your development the main program consists of four modules covering the essential business functions of marketing strategy leadership accounting and finance and human resource management on top of that each of the pathways either in general business or in cybersecurity or business psychology and the other pathways will have two modules which you will study alongside students who specialized in those areas you will also be prepared for a research project but perhaps one of the most important things about our course is the MBA Monday and Friday we start the week in here with a business breakfast an informal event where students interview a visitor and the evenings there will be a business dinner once a month the monthly dinner again where you'll be able to listen to speakers fridays a bit quieter because yes you will have a torch module but the afternoons are informal if you look for religious observance or for group work we think sandwich in the MBA in this way so that it is a Monday and a Friday with the weekend for you to be able to get on with preparation it's important to your development so welcome to the roof of our Holloway Road building you can see the city in the distance the gherkin and the chard and so on and also Canary Wharf however I can see the city that I was brought up in the families and streets and parks Alexandra Palace the Spurs football ground and the Olympic Park where I did an AB fail for the Napali earthquake appeal we'd like to welcome you to London to do an MBA with us an MBA where you are prepared to make a difference a difference to your future yes but also a difference to the communities and the businesses and organizations that you will work for the world needs people that are prepared to make a change because we all need a future that is worthwhile please come and join us in London and let's see what we can do together you