all right I’m John Archibald with
the Reckon for we’re here with the lightning round with Scott Dawson
looking forward to it 30 seconds of pop whoo you ready to go I’m gonna do my
best all right here we go. What’s the biggest
problem facing the state? Biggest problem facing the state for me is a lack of
vision for this next generation I think that’s what has to happen cast a vision
and then bring unity to our entire state Do we have enough money to run the state?
Well you’ve got what you got I mean what I want to do is set the economy free
recruit industry thank the Lord for Mazda and Toyota come into our state but
I want to set Alabama businesses free and sent of eyes them to expand Alabama
businesses because you know what Alabama businesses do they pay taxes and that
will set our economy free remove unnecessary regulations and the
bureaucracy to get businesses started Would you consider legalizing marijuana?
No. Ever tried it? Nope. Would you consider a lottery? No. Alabama or Auburn? Alabama.
Rick or Bubba? Oh my god you’re gonna separate friends it comes as a pair. What is your position on expanding Medicaid? Well my position on
expanding Medicaid like we discussed earlier is we got to help those who need
help and we want to offer always offer a hand up well we we can’t continue to
hand out we just don’t have the budgetary we’ve already discussed the
finances here we just don’t have the budget to meet everybody’s wants and
provide everything they they need it’s not the design of government. And finally,
Alabama’s prisons have been in disarray for a while how do we fix that you know
what there’s two things as a leader you look at crisis management and you look
at long-term vision crisis management we’ve got to have some more correctional
officers I mean it’s just they’re they’re overcrowded we’ve got to do
something about the facilities themselves but you know what I grew up
in Ensley, Alabama there’s a mom and Ensley or mom and Mountain Brook they’re
not praying for a bigger better prison they’re praying… let me say this. They’re
praying you better do something about my son we’ve got to do something about the
drug addiction in our state seventy percent of the the
mental conditions is heaven. All right that’s the lightning round
Scott Dawson. That’s your guy.