Jackie Cruz: At the center of the island. At the top of a hill. Miracles happen. Anyelina lives here with her husband and electrician. They make a good life with what they have. A fruit tree, chickens and a refrigerator
bought after saving for more than a year. But poverty has a sharp edge. No one knows this better than Gabriela Salvador,
a surgeon and public health care expert who leads Americares programs in Latin America. Gabriela works in places that need the most
help. In very poor settings, complications can too
often become death sentence because the resources and the skills that are needed to treat them
are either unavailable or unaffordable. When Anyelina was pregnant with her second
child, she fell ill. Her blood pressure was extremely high, a dangerous condition for
pregnant women wherever they live, but in the Dominican Republic, poor health during
pregnancy is especially risky. All too often childbirth here ends in tragedy;
without care and treatment Anyelina and her baby could die. [Anyelina in Spanish; english translation
on screen] “I had asked God to help me so many times to have it go well to not let it
be a cesarean and that my blood pressure remain stable so that I wouldn’t lose my daughter.” Gabriela, Americares: The most excluded communities
are the one hit the hardest. Jackie Cruz: Poverty hurts health centers,
too. Poor working conditions, inadequate equipment
and lack of medicine limit would health center staff can provide. Anyelina is luckier than most. She lives near
one of the thousands of health centers Americares supports worldwide. Gabriela makes sure Americares brings the
resources to meet the needs of this community—to give patients, like Anyelina, a chance of
a healthy life. Now because of Americares, this health center
has a new pharmacy, laboratory, medicine supplies and training for staff, including vitamins
that pregnant women need. Gabriela: Prenatal vitamins are absolutely
key. And sometimes we take them for granted. Here it’s a luxury. At the Tambroli health center. Anyelina gave
birth to a tiny daughter, but her blood pressure was still soaring. Jackie Cruz: But with care, mother and baby
both survived. Jackie Cruz: Anyelina and her husband gave
their baby a special name. Dolenny Milagro. Milagro for miracle. The health center here is at the center of
so many lives. Americares supports this health center. Americares changes lives. And when a mother is desperate for her baby’s
life, Americares makes miracles.