thank you for being with us today if I
can I’d like to begin by at least recognizing the people who will speak
initially and you see that we are joined by probably half of the leadership in
the state of California here today and when we have to enable we’ll have an
opportunity here from some of our other other leaders who are also joining us
today for this very important announcement I will say some words and
then I will turn the microphone over to our first partner of California Jennifer
Siebel Newsom she will then give her remarks and pass the mic over to Senator
Senate President Pro Tem Tony Atkins who will then hand the microphone over to
the chair of the legislative Women’s Caucus Connie Leiva who will then
provide the vice chair of the legislative Women’s Caucus
Assemblymember money came on and the opportunity to speak who will then hand
over the microphone to Julie Rabinowitz who is the CEO of essential health
excuse me essential access health which is the principal provider of the
services we’re going to discuss today and then she will hand the microphone
over to crystal Strait who is the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood
affiliates of California and they are among the most important of the
providers of the healthcare services we’re going to discuss today I’m
probably the best way for me to start out is by saying today’s March 4th 2019
the operative words there are 2019 this is not 1920 yet here we are still
fighting the same old battles for women’s rights we’re standing here
United today around a simple principle that we’re going to say loud enough so
that they can hear us all the way in Washington DC all women should be able
to access basic health services including reproductive health care no
matter where they live and medical care and medical care it’s kind of basic that
you have to say this but you have to say it in 2019 medical care should be
between a woman and her doctor not the President or the Vice President of the
United States as the Trump pence administration continues to take aim at
women’s access to birth control and abortion care California is standing
with women across the nation not just California to protect their health and
their rights this latest battle in the trumpet’s administration’s war on women
is an attack on the title 10 program our nation’s premier Family Planning program
and the health care providers who care for women and our families it’s a safety
net program that helps low-income women many of them women of color and it is a
critical lifeline for nearly 4 million women nationwide 1 million of them just
in one state alone in the state of California this illegal Trump pence rule
hits California families hardest of all the title ten programs help women and
families access preventative health care such as cancer screenings family
planning services including birth control and much more but the new title
10 rule something many of us call the gag rule released by the White House
last week makes it harder not easier for women to access the care that they need
this rule gags our doctors nurses and other care providers from fully
discussing reproductive health with their patients and it bans doctors from
referring patients for abortion when doctors are gagged and women are denied
care it’s dangerous not just for them but for their families make no mistake
this is a systemic effort by this administration to end access to birth
control and safe legal abortion the rule will interfere with the practice of
medicine and will result in clinics going out of business due to financial
strain that’s why today we are filing suit against the Trump administration
yet again for this unlawful harmful rule we argue that the rule prevents doctors
from giving patients full and accurate counseling about the reproductive health
choices we argue that the rule cim precludes doctors from fully informing
patients as to their medical options we argued that the rule forces title 10
providers to go to forego federal title 10 funding if they decide to provide
full and accurate information to their patients we argue that the rule requires
family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood and community health centers
to have physical and financial separation from abortion providers in
California this caught the costs of this rule would be staggering for every
dollar invested in publicly funded family planning programs the government
saves more than seven dollars in Medicaid related costs the potential
gross public savings from preventing unintended pregnancies in California is
estimated at more than 1.3 billion dollars and this rule would also make it
harder for us to reduce health disparities that in the year 2019 should
not even exist according to the CDC black mothers die
at a rate of three to four times the rate of white mothers it’s one of the
widest racial disparities in women’s health in California we will defend
those women and we will defend their families because they have a right to
care anywhere and anytime it is threatened we filed a comment later last
June and we filed a Freedom of Information Act requests demanding
justification for this rule we’ve filed requests with the Office of Management
and Budget budget in Washington DC to Reeve review this rule and our record in
California speaks for itself we stopped the Trump pence
administration from rolling back rules that aim to deny women birth control we
are continuing to defend the affordable care act in federal court and we’re
ready for this next challenge we’re ready to stand up for a woman’s right to
make her own healthcare decisions about her own body I want to acknowledge
essential access health which is also filing suit and Planned Parenthood which
works every day to protect women’s health they have been with us defending
title 10 F step of the way we won’t stop fighting
to protect every woman’s right and every American’s right to access quality
affordable health care and now I’d like to turn to the first partner Jennifer
sasebo Newsome for her remarks good morning I’m so glad to be standing
shoulder to shoulder with our Attorney General
prep Senate Pro Tem some incredible members of the state legislature Planned
Parenthood leaders and members and members of the media so why are we here
today because somehow in 2019 American women are still fighting for the right
to determine the fate of their lives our own bodies and our own destinies and the
gag rule is only the latest example president Trump has decided to attack a
program that helps to ensure that every person has access to basic preventive
and reproductive health care this gag rule is an attack on women everywhere
but especially the most marginalized and most vulnerable among us and let’s be
clear this isn’t about abortion title 10 funds cannot be used on abortion no this
is about politics and pushing away organizations like Planned Parenthood
what the president is really attacking here is gender equality and female
autonomy because organizations that provide reproductive services don’t just
protect the health of women they enable us to control our own lives and to
pursue our own dreams on our own terms so in California we will stand up for
all women we will continue to protect organizations that provide essential
health services for women and we will continue to support the values and the
policies that recognize our full equality gap and I are proud to be
living working and raising our four children in a state that is breaking
down the barriers that hold women back and I’m proud to be standing in a state
that celebrates Planned Parenthood and community clinics
so in California we will continue to work toward a world where men and women
are truly equal and where all of our children can realize their full human
potential and we will make sure that the women of this nation know that
California has your back thank you and now we have the Senate Pro Tem Tony
Atkins well thank you so much Jennifer and good morning everybody you can say
good morning even if you’re a member of the press it’s okay you know I’m really
proud and pleased to be here along with our Attorney General the first partner
Jennifer Siebel Newsom and an incredible array of women from the Senate and the
assembly as well as some of our partners along with Planned Parenthood and
essential access health you know in California there are 356 health centers
that receive federal funding under Title 10 offering programs on a range of basic
services that serve more than 1 million low-income and minority residents these
centers actually help prevent hundreds and thousands of unintended pregnancies
without these efforts we would see a dramatic increase in unintended births
and abortions and the point here because there’s already been the the statement
that title 10 funds are not to be used for abortion services but what this is
about is really keeping women from getting
access to information and basic care many of these women use the community
clinic system and Planned Parenthood as their health homes where they go to get
basic health care related to birth control related to overall health and
it’s where they go to get referrals for services that they need so they deserve
we deserve not only unfettered access to care but unfettered access to
information you know as as someone who actually was a director of clinic
services for three clinics in California for a number of years I can tell you
story after story I was in the room I was counseling and working with women
who came for services and you know what women hold a unique place in the world
and in society an added responsibility we have when it comes to the decisions
of family planning of how to take care of our families whether to even choose
to take a pregnancy forward or to make the painful decision not to and if you
think we’re not fully aware of that responsibility that we hold to protect
our families ourselves to have the ability to control our own lives we
don’t deny we don’t walk away we don’t get to ignore that responsibility ever
ever so let me be clear with my partners behind me in the state of California we
will stand strong we will stand strong and work with these community clinics
and with Planned Parenthood on a strategy that responds to this challenge
and preserves our access to care and I’m proud to be in California but you know
what I have talked to women all across this country and I am very concerned not
just for Californians but for every woman who has to make that decision who
has to get access to information in a non-judgmental fair organization that
will provide all of the options and so the decision to do this and and to not
be able to refer patients for services that they need is really amoral at best
and so I stand with my colleagues today I applaud the Attorney General for
representing California so well and my colleagues here behind me and now I have
the opportunity in the pleasure to introduce the chair of our Women’s
Caucus senator Connie Leiva thank you madam pro Tim good morning as
the chair of the Women’s Caucus I would like to introduce the women warriors
standing behind me senator Rubio senator Jackson senator Durazo senator Mitchell
senator Hurtado senator Skinner assembly members Petri Norris Smith corks silver
silver Silva sorry Sharon Revis Bauer kahan Reyes Webber Rubio Friedman the
vice-chair who you will hear from Lamone wicks gonzalez Boehner harbor’s
Caballero kam lager dev and Aguiar curry these are the women warriors who are
going to continue to move California forward as you have heard this reducing
title ten puts a gag rule on a doctor’s mouth can you imagine as a woman you are
pregnant and you want to find out what all of your options are and your doctor
cannot even talk to you about it it is truly shocking and as the Attorney
General said it’s 2019 and we’re still worrying about this and this is about
fully integrating women into society and making sure that we are paid equally to
men that we can decide what we’re going to do with our bodies when we’re going
to incorporate a family and with whom we’re going to incorporate a family into
our lives you will also notice that we are all wearing little hangers these
represent a call back to or harken back to a time when abortion was illegal
making it harder for a woman to get an abortion
doesn’t mean it won’t happen it just means more women are going to die and I
don’t know about all of you but it’s high time we respect women and we
respect our place in the world or we respect our choice to make our decision
over our own bodies I thank you all for being here and I think these amazing
women that join me and our enlightened men and we we’re going to tell the White
House we’re tired of two old white guys telling us what we can do with our
bodies with that it is my pleasure to introduce the vice chair of the Women’s
Caucus Assemblymember Monique Lamone thank you thank you all for being here
today we’re gathered and we do so in a very United fashion in ensuring that we
are here to make sure that the state of California knows that healthcare choices
in this state will be protected and they will be made by women coming together
with their medical doctors we do not believe in limiting a patient’s right to
get all the information they need to make the right decisions this is simply
unacceptable and as we discuss what it means to understand these options before
you as you hear from providers and from women we need you to make sure that you
that the state of California understands that all information needs to be given
to patients and decisions are up to the patient and we are here to ensure that
patients also understand what’s important for them in the languages that
they needed hola soy Monique Iman assembly esta aqui estoy represent ah de
con Group o deliveries en el estado de California a nuestro fiscal general del
estado para asegurar a todos los pacientes especialmente las mujeres en
el estado de california que estamos aqui a pagando las mujeres para asegurar que
reciben toda información medica que necesitan para ser la decisión medica
que es mejor para Ella’s el gobierno federal otra vez addressed IDO promo
Varuna propuesta te Lomita la información que les damos a las mujeres
esto no es sólo sobre el aborto esto es sobre la información y estos limit s en
los doctores y doctores del estado a California trying problemas para la
comunidad porque no de hann que los doctores los profesionales Medi
en este estado en toda la información hace que queremos que se pan y hasta
como estado de california como mujeres como leader SNS estado estamos apple
ando a kara mujer y estes clínicas seguir ana v artists en este estado
seguir hemos Dondo información y seguir hemos Dondo servicios para todas mujeres
en este estado gracias good morning my name is Julie Rabinowitz and I am the
president and CEO of essential access health
I want to thank Attorney General Becerra and our incredible champions in office
for taking action on this critical issue and for once again standing strong to
defend California’s values essential access health is unwavering in our
commitment to ensuring access to quality care for the 1 million women men and
teens who rely on the title 10 program every year that’s why today we are
joining Attorney General Becerra and the state of California to mount a robust
and vigorous legal challenge in federal court to block the Trump pence
administration’s unlawful title ten regulations from taking effect going to
court is something that we do not take lightly this is the first time in our
organization’s 50-year history that we have ever filed a lawsuit the
regulations published today in the federal register represent some of the
most extreme policy changes in the history of the program the regulations
conflict with clinical best practices violate medical ethics and current law
and threaten decades of public health advancements the title 10 federal family
planning program has been a critical part of our public health system since
it was established by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law
by Republican President Richard Nixon in 1970
today California is home to the largest most comprehensive provider network in
the nation title 10 funding supports the delivery of quality family planning
services like birth control STD testing and treatment cancer screenings and
other essential services at over 360 clinic sites in 38 of California’s 58
counties if implemented these regulations will delay access to
essential reproductive health care for patients statewide particularly in rural
areas and in communities of color the regulations will devastate California’s
title ten provider network forcing qualified providers out of the program
although the regulations are designed to target health centers that provide
abortions they will also negatively impact clinics such as community health
centers urban Indian health centers hospitals universities city and county
health departments as well as school-based clinics most significantly
the regulations deny patients the quality care that they rely on through
the title 10 program this is absolutely unacceptable as the leader of the
largest and most diverse title 10 network in the country serving more than
25% of all title 10 patients nationwide essential access has an obligation to
protect title tens mandate to make comprehensive family planning services
available to all we cannot and will not allow the Trump pence administration to
create a two-tiered health system that dictates a different lower standard of
care for low-income and uninsured individuals this is not only wrong and
harmful it is unethical unlawful and unconstitutional so today so today essential access is taking the
Trump pence administration to court to ensure that the regulations never take
effect I’d like to thank our team at Tucker Van Nest and Peters for filing
this lawsuit on our behalf this morning and the team is represented here today
by Sophie hood over there who will be available to take questions thank you
all for being here and now you’ll hear from crystal straight who is the
president and CEO of Planned Parenthood affiliates of California Planned
Parenthood affiliates of California have about 100 title 10 clinics out of the
360 title 10 clinics in the state of California Thank You Julie again my name
is crystal Strait I’m president and CEO of Planned Parenthood affiliates of
California Planned Parenthood strongly supports Attorney General Becerra and
the law so he’s filing today on behalf of the state of California we of course
appreciate the support of Attorney General Becerra our first partner
general Jennifer Siebel Newsom our Pro Tem from Senate Tony Atkins the chair of
the assembly Select Committee on reproductive health Rebecca Barrett que
Han are of course legislative Women’s Caucus leadership senator Connie Leiva
and Assemblywoman movement Monique Lamone and of course the group you just
heard from our title 10 grantor essential access health this gag rule
hurts the very women and families that need help the most those that have the
most barriers to care and face staggering maternal health issues
including death and yet these are the very women Donald Trump is targeting as
he dismantles the nation’s only program dedicated to reproductive health
women like novel n’ in los angeles who used title 10 to receive screenings from
Planned Parenthood to find her breast cancer when she had no other insurance
you’ve already heard the details about the lawsuit
so let me be very clear reproductive healthcare is healthcare and let’s be
extremely clear about what this gag rule is really about it’s about stigmatizing
abortion it’s about demonizing women it’s about shutting the door on
science-based sex education it’s about building a wall a wall between a doctor
and her patients it’s about the 2000 Planned Parenthood medical professionals
in the state and the gag Donald Trump is shoving down their throats how dare you
president Trump women are dying we will not be silent
our doors are open our mouths are open our hearts are open Planned Parenthood
provides care in California to anyone who needs it every day that’s what we do
and that’s what we will continue to do no matter what and now I’ll bring up our
champion again we are so grateful to have Attorney General Becerra and all
these leadership all these women and leaders behind us but we cannot tell you
enough the difference it is in California for Planned Parenthood when
you have an attorney general who is the chief defender and you have a governor
and first partner like the Newsom so thank you