Let’s get you out of go let’s get this Corvette fleet back Trying to select you Changing course where my fighters okay, just cut over here and there probably there’s the province so I have any bombers really is just Do I really live one bomber? Yikes Honestly don’t use things of guns like our missile launchers we should probably all right you guys need to join the battle Alright, let’s try this ground battle. I don’t know if you get if you get um, Invasion, I don’t know. Why did I just like to have one big stack? Nice we got friendlies here just explore for me See let’s get one of the Jedi down on Mase Let’s get Yoda down as well Jedi not crave not these things, huh? Yah, oh you’re such a loser I told you guys to go this way one of you can go this way Okay, looks like a white guy for a second I was like that’s not mace They got turbo lasers, but they’re uh, they’re abandoned but they’re captured. Yes Honestly, I’m gonna be waiting for a lot of bombing runs in this campaign I can just tell Hey, I forgot something there should have that guy capture that command post I forget if free units can revive in this Exactly what I expected Jedi to say You guys are basically just uh, they still just disposable fought or so, thank you Must be something over here Let’s uh, just get some squads pushing over there Yeah run away Oh took a half the squad with one swing All I’m thinking about is that scene in the 2003 Clone Wars when may skills like a gazillion sound like hype or you’re somewhere weird that he does it where my skills like a gazillion, um clones and kills that a ground pounder thing wears Oh, he’s got foresight Wow, that’s super useful so you’ve got a Abandoned sensor, right? Well, that is so stupidly useful. Glad I didn’t waste my time walking over here just to pick some berries This is an Age of Empires 3 So I don’t really need to push in this direction They don’t really have anything here. It’s just whatever squads they have on the planet. The – Jenna I probably could have done this Put some supers So my bombing run will be ready soon or not Yeah, I know it automatically doesn’t super useful Yodas power is like immensely useful are these medics stimpaks cool? There’s something so cool about clone troopers TESE was never an option Anyway wait, that’s true. Unless they choose a retreat then it’s not true Nice you got him Good I’m just gonna go ahead and speed up until the bombing run is ready I’m hoping when I bomb their foundry that they’ll just give up, but who knows? I Miss the donation. We’ll check that in a second Here we go boys Epic too bad we didn’t take out the turbo laser Tower. I hope mates can do that by himself Listen just do it. Okay, may somebody’s like a goddamn over level Pokemon won’t even listen to you Sweet umm, I’m honestly just gonna make a little force go around just capture an assload of planets um, I think I should focus on Megiddo. Muna lynched Wow, Maggie. Maggie toes got no defense fleet Okay, well that’s very Attractive Now this might be a really stupid way to do this, but I don’t really care I’m gonna take this fleet out of So two droids Stop and a tank and we’ve got to Cologne platoons. Let’s see what they give us for I Know those are CIS strongholds, but I’ve got a pretty decently sized to fleet here. I wonder if we can do this. Oh nice We can cap Susteren Protect this with all your life with all your life right here stay back. Okay even rebuild that Karma built an anti-vehicle. Turn. Where do I go? Who’s this? Mod by I actually don’t know it’s pretty old mod Damn Wasn’t quite quick enough How many ways in and out are there Damn these dudes are I Think I should basically hopefully there’s like a defensible here move back move back Join your brothers join your brothers Kind of wish I had built There honestly got pretty limited resources here Okay, let’s see if I can do this these have like a Thermal detonator ability. Let’s see if I can take one of these tanks and with it, that would be pretty cool Or both Not really didn’t do that much. All right fall back fall back fall back Damn dude Hmm set more troops no mobility I’ve got them To fall back to the base. I mean they’re gonna need to take the base so nice When white church is doing absolute work here you guys are gonna be sacrificed. I’m sorry It’s just it’s the way it’s gonna be This is podracing you’re right This is the perfect place to hold them right here What I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna build the anti-vehicle turrets Hopefully We can handle any infantry on our own Get them there we go. It’s got a recommend to videos of urs point 2017. YouTube’s funny like that aren’t a Nice job. Hey you guys got a We ever Tek the turrets because we’re gonna need them when the tanks come There we go, boys, there we go keep it up I Just think it come through here as well I attempted to build a constructing. Oh, there’s another one right there Well as the vet goes down, I’m just gonna build an aunt died in the tree one These little buggers can sneak over here the absolute legends So they’ve got walkers down there where their tanks go We must have destroyed their tanks Yeah, that could have went way worse I’m just gonna build this year so I don’t need to next time If there is it next time, there we go well done What if yph droids is just during the Clone Wars, I mean the COS that’s a pretty dangerous droid Maybe not in that mood. Not anything as bad as the yvh is but beautiful See it goddamn clankers Okay. So what was I doing? What’s? With any ships that I can pick up to add to this fleet What do you guys think? Should I wait for maybe? She’s being an absolute madman, I’m gonna do it screw it We’re rushing Confederate Holdings, please don’t take co-op tips This is a lot of ships I heard they put an ending trailer, it’s kind of sad I can’t watch it Is there any ships here in grab well, it’s not really worth it for those two Corvettes. Um Grab those stop it 8-bit quick cuz she never got over a a crap. That’s right outside the core. Yep Um That’s a pretty big fleet But thankfully I’m totally willing to lose this planet. The only problem is it I’m pretty sure that’s a direct jump Yeah, this is direct jumped Bureau. So It’s worrying that they’re so close See you in there Sean thanks for tuning in dude mandalorian episodes are coming in weekly although I’m it’s not a week until the first episode, you know, I mean Yeah fighting retreat exactly Exactly the plan. I don’t wanna lose any ships But I’m gonna take as many of them as I can. I sit behind the station basically Let’s do fighters Do missiles over here I Know missiles aren’t strictly anti capital ship Vice-versa They’re coming in fast Kurosu ouma five space they don’t even notice. That’s crazy. I Want to make sure I differentiate between the free ships and the costly drinks You’re not you’re free, so let’s get you over here you’re not freezing You’d be a bit more careful I Think that so the first middle Orion episode comes out and like just they get to it’s seven hours in ten minutes it comes out And then the next one I think comes out on Friday so you don’t do wait a week And then I think it’s every Friday, but I’m not I’m not sure if it’s every Friday after that or everyman they are rushing hard Holy cow Kind of thought we’d have more fight in us than this but they’re just coming hard see we can take any of these big frigates But I’m plenty of doing a video on it tomorrow either way, I mean I assume it’ll be good Can’t connect the HCP Clone Wars tomorrow. What about Clone Wars their new trailer connector on My station is getting rekt the good thing is once you buy these garrison levels The update the upgrade remains so you could have like a totally pimped out. Oh no You never totally pimped it little fly a space station I’ve been a waste I Wouldn’t lose any of those not being careful All right, let’s get the retreat going oh No, six five four Two. Oh thank God. They don’t know to go for the engines first. Ah Damn I did lose this house so stupid just not care. I’m not being careful enough Yeah little five space station that will hold a lot But right now the core is not will defendant so we need to be very very careful Like I would I need this fleet to be quick like done quickly, oh My got these hyperspace journeys Do they bring it for ground invasion? Uh-oh. That’s not much do we can we can definitely be serious You hit me with that weak shit, I think I know this map maybe What is that humans aren’t front look he wants to live under the Bullock stations are way under powered on it’s good to know Their base is down here. So I shouldn’t give up that New Clone Wars and start tomorrow Clone Wars doesn’t start until February Sorry to burst your bubble Kaito garrison is weak early on that’s good to know a problem. Definitely gonna hit Kaito But if they’re early, I don’t know I might hit them in space I know they probably have a fleet there, but I might as well try to We’re gonna try to take some ships out right if I do have overwhelming force. If not, then I’ll drop back and here They’re tearing through these clankers, baby These civilians are killing me literally there’s the tank Then I got one landing zone but I guess does really matter that got all their stuff Just fight them in out of here. Let’s blow these civilian Hut’s up teach them That’ll teach them I’m sure they’ll be big fans of the Republic now G-unit Upgrade complete there there Go Damn we’re not going very well Oh my god that way more tanks and I thought pull back pull back pull back Police tell me we’ve got some sort of structure we can build down here. If not, we’re screwed We’re screwed The total of 20 tanks, oh I didn’t realize I Thought they just had to for some reason oh wow It’s gonna do a cheeky on a result sometimes you do those a lot of resolves you get, you know a couple extra vehicles for Okay I Don’t suppose you have the know Gris helping us Don’t forget to like the video we need to beat the algorithm exactly Odd we have the know Gris. Yes fanatically loyal to the Republic. Yes, get him know Gris get him It’s no one no glues hell no If only you poor no green knew what was coming nothing good Isn’t this the Ha Nagar the training mission for like pace Story for the game mod. Also I like how ha Nagar is already polluted Gucci There’s a scanner up there up here up here Well, that’s a places where I can hold up Dawn with the very nice profile picture on the dollar 99 donation. He says Ecch. Thank you very much dude. I appreciate it secure, well, honestly, I think we should just probably fall back and Hold out here Well back fall back fall back. Oh just go go on your own cards There are Jedi, yes many Jedi in this pond We’ve secured a surrender What this one anti-vehicle Reinforcements contested Well, I only have us use a few things, but I guess not that many Come on through baby. We ain’t gonna hurt you But they were they were gonna what they even do that we’re gonna hurt them transit mission Problem is they can air strike the bejesus out of us here Are you shooting at honey? Come on get a little closer. Oh You can blast through the wall, how do I not know that Well, those are some advanced strategies there JJ says don’t forget to like the view guys. We need to beat the algorithm love the game in this channel Thank you for the donation afterwards much appreciated. I Honestly did not know you could break through the wall like that. Look how he’s making sure to take down literally every piece In the day they still got taking this base Was it Call of Duty Okay, we’ve closed the thing down just to like get within range of my turret Welcome for the likes reminder Beautiful, oh, let’s see if we get this heavy. Let’s see if we get this mine. Oh Just a little further up there and that funny Alright Well now I know we’re to rush heavy vehicle factory Another mine down here Take all the money I can get paid Just chill just chill down there so I can that’s the tank that’s the turn Just chill down there so I can running it the other mine. Ah That’s okay It’s my fleet arrived yet. I’m a little anxious not gonna lie They haven’t even reached Ord Mantell yet. Hurry up boys. Come on, the chorus like completely undefended. Oh God I’m coming at Corellia, okay One two three four Jesus all right. I’m just gonna shift ships over but it is quick. Alright, go go I don’t have anything air-cool lot right now. I want I’ve been so aggressive. This could be a huge mistake Oh Yeah, I got this planet as well Just send a clone there. I think I might just be I could just jump down or what Guys can you hurry up, please? You’re killing me. We’re playing on hardcore II I said I’m playing this because Tu-95 thanks. We’re yeah, we’re playing on hard Well, this should be interesting All right, let’s damn no turrets Oh, yes upgrades good call it’s good some fighters. Damn I can only buy one Or actually I might build a buy a second one. It’s pretty Pretty spend heavy right before that Canon’s charged orders general upgrade All right, I want you guys to turn around law Start to turn around. I just want you to be with in the I want the cat the station to take the brunt of the attack Bombers fighters Reinforcements Oh These upgrades worth buying Damaged up I find it. Ok. These are all pretty good actually Upgrade in progress Here come the fighters. All right. Now, let’s stay here. Stay here. Stay here All right cruisers get back free ones, I guess you can stay there but Okay, nice I’m a bit worried when those Providence’s start showing up though Let’s get you out of go let’s get this Corvette fleet back Trying to select you Where my fighters okay, just come over here and they probably there’s the province do I have any bombers really is just Do I really only have one bomber? Yikes Honestly don’t use things of guns like our missile launchers we should probably all Right. You guys need to join the battle. Oh That’s a space that’s a ground unit, okay Then we kind of broke their first attack though at least The a quarry we were saying that this is probably I wanted to play this mod one last time because Next will be follow the Republic I really love to take out It isn’t looking good as it It’s been a slaughter so far just probably just retreat but Whatever Just kind of worry entire sectors like I’m defended I Don’t know keep like in the stream will keep streaming there. She goes Damn that was brutal. Oh My god, we only took down two ships that is really bad. Okay that good That’s terrible we’re in big trouble there’s no other way to put it we’re in big trouble. I don’t really care about one squad Dathomir let’s suppose the night witches are hopeful Um see, I think that’s gonna be it for tonight guys. I hope you all enjoyed this stream as much as I did Alright guys until next time have a great day and may the force be with you