bitter divisive acrimonious and at times downright abusive nearly 70 days after the election dates were announced the loudspeakers have finally fallen silent it is now over to the voters 59 seats will vote on Sunday and with that the curtains will come down on Elections 2019 brush touch re number one extortionist tight democratic slap these were just some of the choice words that we used on the campaign trail there were many more that simply cannot be uttered on television but the end of it all the elections are about the people and there were moments to remember we saw one hundred and seven year-old Sumitra Rai braving freezing temperatures and sick him to hit the polling booths to exercise her franchise two days after an axial attack that killed five people voters defied the threat in Chhattisgarh sukma and queued up at the polling booth with water bottles in hand to save themselves from the unsparing Sun following threats from terrorists voter turnout was muted in Jammu and Kashmir but that does not mean we did not see voters in Kashmir shrugging off these threats and even dancing their way into the polling booths over the next 30 minutes veto say and I will recap the good the bad the ugly from the campaign trail in the last two months it has been a brutal and eventful election our starting point today is orthopaedist the BJP simply swept every party aside in 2014 but this time they have a battle to fight with my avati and alkylation of teaming up the Congress was left in the cold but decided to feel Priyanka Gandhi as a key strategist and star campaigner in the state mauritius Lutra wraps up the battle for the mighty of the pradesh in elections 2019 the battle for autre Pradesh was nothing short of a blockbuster yes this crucial you pee test for 80 seats are massive fight between the market Bandhan Raul and Priyanka and Prime Minister Narendra Modi amateur and yogi Adityanath the party which scores the highest here could even win the crown that is the battle for the prime minister's office or locally unmarked no wonder every party went all-out to woo the water with literally whatever it takes let's look at the beach appease narrative now the beach should be focused on national security in every election rally we had the Prime Minister amateur Oh yogi I thought they all referred to the Baloch or air strikes in fact the Election Commission also warned yogi I thought the star campaigner of the BJP for using the term Modi ji ki Senna in fact this was widely reported on and became quite a controversy at that point in time unfortunately despite all talk of development the communal agenda once again took center stage jab yogya at the knot was temporarily banned by the Election Commission for using terms like green virus and barber ki a lot maya32 of the damaja Bandhan was temporarily banned for urging muslims to work together and this blockbuster ladies and gentlemen was not without its share of thrill and suspense everyone was asking where the Varanasi is going to see a battle between Narendra Modi and Priyanka Gandhi and Congress's star campaigner triggered off speculation herself when she was asked by workers to fight the selection yes for several days this was a question on everyone's mind will varanasi see a Modi versus Priyanka battle she and the Congress decided to play along for a while later of course the Congress decided against it let's look at the battle for Amity which is also followed extensively and comprehensively in this election sprut irani vowed to defeat Rahul in his Bastion this time the scenario is such the Rahul Gandhi has chosen another seat that in itself is extremely telling I think what is important for me is that the Congress people within the Lok Sabha area themselves gave it and right endure all that please hunt for another seat in Amity and the rest of Alta Pradesh Rahul Gandhi kept up the attack on Prime Minister Modi over the Rafal deal but this one statement got him in trouble with the Supreme Court odd Supreme Court nuclear Berthier he choked Eid RG net Jory Caron Rahul Gandhi first regretted then apologized and then unconditionally apologized but that did not stop him he kept attacking the Prime Minister over corruption the Prime Minister on the other hand was under pressure to deliver a decisive verdict yet again left no stone unturned to run down the mahogany bar none and the Congress party mr. Kleinman ah da da da da father get up mr. clean mr. clean Salah da Li convicted back there recite re number bunky repair whom God even called come up and that statement by the Prime Minister was one the most controversial statements of Elections 2019 now if you look at the 2014 numbers it's quite clear that an erosion of seeds could really unsettle the BJP in this election for the BSP Samajwadi Party and the Congress it's really a battle for survival with that it's back to you in the studio all right predict sure thanks very much for wrapping that up for us now from utter Pradesh to the state of West Bengal the foe cornered race in the state so what is probably the most acrimonious election campaign the BJP is betting big on Bengal and launched an offensive with Prime Minister Modi addressing 17 rallies in this second only to orthopedic now there was violence almost at every phase of the election and three people lost their lives twenty thirty fourteen Falls were no different with seven people losing their lives in the election related violence now Joshua wraps up the bitter battle for Bengal [Applause] one of the three states that saw bowling spread over seven phases West Bengal that sends 42 member of Parliament's to Lok Sabha witnessed of fierce election campaign and violent polling phase after phase rally after rally while poll violence has been in election normal since CPI M days there have been more than 300 incidents of poll violence and three poll related deaths reported from West Bengal so far this election with four key parties TMC CPI M BJP and Congress in the fray it was BJP that emerged as the main challenger to Mamta Banerjee and Trinamool Congress which has dominated polls in Bengal since 2011 none of the national level narratives worked here this election in Bengal it was a clash of identity politics won for the majority versus the minorities with BJP pushing its hard Hindutva stance and raking up issues of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants promising citizenship amendment bill and NRC Mamta banerjee on the other side was countering it by invoking the bengali pride and raising her grassroot level development programs Bengals importance this election and for BJP can be seen in the fact that both Modi and Shah have campaigned the most here in the state after utter Pradesh Prime Minister Modi has alone done over 17 rallies for 42 seats here and have used all blatant ploys on their camp combative campaign the fears related mamta Banerjee did not take it lying down big Lina there is terracotta blow tje Charlton of common Callaghan the tamari with hug me of course or Jirga tanga violence continued amid sporadic clashes beer appease MP bubble soup Rios car was vandalized during a clash between TMC and BJP workers in US and Seoul then on the 12th of May during BJP president Amit Shah Road show in Kolkata BJP and TMC workers clashed again with many party workers on both sides being injured what made matters worse in hot cultural sentiments was that the statue of 19th century social reformer Ishwar Chandra Bandopadhyay hai aur Vidya Sagar as he was fondly called was damaged in the violence monka Banerjee and Amit Shah have traded charges over the incident PM Modi accused month of energy of destroying the culture of the Vajra Lok in Bengal and offering to make a larger statue to which month our Banerjee retorted by saying that Bengal does not need arms from BJP that was it that was what started the unprecedented move overruling the election observers views of halting campaigns immediately in an unprecedented move the Election Commission ordered ending election campaigning for the last phase by 2019 hours limiting it till 10 p.m. on may 16th in another first-of-its-kind action the Election Commission ordered removal of principal secretary home our 3-part Acharya from his post in West Bengal for having interfered in the process of conducting polls by directing the West Bengal CEO BJP said the decision was a validation of their complaint that BJP that Bengal has descended into anarchy Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said Election Commission's decision was undemocratic and a gift to BJP since the deadlines accommodated all of p.m. Narendra Modi's scheduled rallies in the state opposition parties rallied behind montebello gr3 to the Election Commission a god survey missile filet gone favorite song laughter whistle for us yet because the wonderful while you talk about the Hawaii or which serve which is Chara unio Mystica cannot Shack Paulina cal cannot animals into committing us among life nor on the movie Joe permitting shall show is aware the hotel future sexual away is it democratic decision unconstitutional unprecedented unfair unconstitutional unethical political bias decision disregard DD Moslem Mongol co-op knee are open uppity Jackie juggle so much material mr. Rocky Herc attacker here who say they're poly party John they are free speech was under fire and Bengal again in negative focus when a BJP youth leader was remanded to 14 days judicial custody for circulating a meme on mamta Banerjee she was later released security has been beefed up in the state and on May 19th over 800 companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed when nine lakhs of her constituency's all currently held by TMC what in the last face the face of this election is Mamta vs. Modi the Election Commission has been at the center of most controversies in these high voltage elections almost every political party has knocked on the Commission's doors and quite foul over several decisions organizing an election for nine hundred million voters of course is no easy task but from making this a seven phase election to various violations of the model code of conduct the spotlight was always on the Election Commission throughout the last two months well think of the 2019 looks of violations then think of the Election Commission chances are the linkage that you've drawn between the two is not the most charitable with respect to the conduct of the Election Commission which is a very very mild a politically correct a very sound way of saying that the Election Commission has faced severe amount of criticism across the length and breadth of the 29 he look so by elections we've identified five such instances where they invited a huge deal of criticism and perhaps found themselves in a controversial slightly embarrassing position we've shortlisted five such instances let's go through them one by one here's number one now Lee keep in mind that the Election Commission is a constitutional authority which essentially means that it has powers equivalent to a constitutional authority but on being asked by the supreme court as to whether or not as to why they were not acting against complaints with respect to Prime Minister Modi nammed Shah their answer essentially was and this is this is what I'm quoting them here they said that was simply powerless they went on and clarified that the only power that the Election Commission had was one to issue a notice to issue an advisory and then to lodge a complaint that's all that's the sum and substance of the powers that they submitted but available to them before the Supreme Court and interestingly it took a plea by an NRI an NRI was the one who demanded the Election Commission that you are a constitutional authority and that you have unlimited powers under Article 324 and it's only after that that the Election Commission sprung into action it took action against Yogi he was barred for 72 hours mathy was bad for 48 hours for model code of conduct violations and what's interesting is that towards the end of it all the Supreme Court interestingly had sarcastically remark that it seems that the Election Commission has woken up to its past so the Election Commission finding itself in a tough spot while saying that they seem to have no powers available to them and which is what makes the second controversy equally interesting let's keep in mind that on April fifteen that's the day that the Election Commission had told Lisa a back score that they simply have no past jumped to May 15 and we found the Election Commission acting with powers that they had never played with in fact of playing with fire that had never happened throughout this electoral history history now keep in mind that after the violence at the amateur Roadshow that happened in West Bengal post that the Election Commission took this extremely strong measure of in fact cutting short the campaigning by as much of 17 hours now on the face of it while it might seem innocent let's keep in mind that they had invoked article 324 and this is the power that in fact an NRI had reminded to them just about a month back and in fact what's critical here and what's interesting in what puts this thing in perspective is that this power of the Election Commission has never been exercised before throughout the Elector of the history of our country across Lok Sabha polls across assembly polls across by polls this is one power that has never been used before oh my god so wide a curve were stopped meeting for us tomorrow meeting to tackle the campaign bump two koreas one will tak like me tinkering I'll go in Ikaruga Republican a I keep hearing the Coulter come on avec 24 hours meeting campaign bankers ever pompous a mutiny at just kinda high and which is what brings us to the third issue and this pertains to while the issue might be of clean sheets the issue the larger issue that is raised here is that is the allegation rather of the Election Commission allegedly acting in a biased manner now the issue that quien that brought this focus that Bob this will focus essentially was the multiple of complaints that had been filed before the Election Commission this issue was taken up with the Supreme Court as to why the election commission wasn't acting on these complaints despite some of these complaints pending for nearly a month and this is what in fact was red-flagged by the apex court now subsequent to that what we had interestingly is that after being prodded by the Supreme Court after being prodded into actions the Election Commission did eventually start processing those are complaints and what's interesting here is that they started issuing clean sheets now in March the Election Commission had clarified that the Indian Armed Forces cannot be invoked for purposes of electoral campaigning however there was a complaint filed that the prime minister in fact had cited captain up in London and his return in an electoral rally but despite the complaint being filed the Election Commission in fact in the month of May had issued a clean chit this would be the first of many clean shirts to follow another issue that we had seen and this is with respect to amateur Amit Shah had likened why not which is the constituency that Rahul Gandhi is contesting from he had likened why not to the state to the neighboring state of Pakistan again a complaint was filed again the Election Commission says sorry none we don't see anything wrong with that in fact there was also another complaint and this one was against Prime Minister Modi the speeches that he'd made here invoked Bala Court he had in fact he also made a reference that why not again now Gandhi's constituency had very many Muslim voters yet despite that apparent MCC violation the Election Commission found absolutely nothing wrong with it which is what again raised that larger bogey of whether or not the EC is acting you know in an independent objective manner what is however the silver lining and this is what critics point out is that the Election Commission while issuing those clean sheets what's interesting is that a special Commissioner Ashok Lavazza made his position quite clear he dissented and in fact in four such instances of clean shirts in fact had a very very different view in terms of the position taken by the Election Commission but nonetheless inviting very very strong criticism from various political quarters about the conduct of the Election Commission now as far as the fourth controversy is concerned the issue again remains the same of whether or not the Election Commission is acting in a biased manner we however look at this same issue from a slightly different lens this time from the lens of an IAS officer now let's keep in mind that officer motion was deployed in the state of Odisha on the electoral duty in fact he however found himself facing the wrath of Election Commission the Election Commission had sacked him had suspended him in fact not just that the Election Commission had also swat a strong disciplinary action against officer moss and the reason for that essentially was because the officer Mawson had shown the Gaul to go ahead and in fact check the prime minister's chopper checked the prime minister's luggage and that appeared to be something that half that seems to have inspired the strong action from the Election Commission again raising that larger bogey of why the Election Commission seems to have done so wide inspired such action from the Election Commission and whether or not it continues to act in an objective independent manner so I have I have done my duty as per the ECI guidelines whatever instruction is supplied to me in the observers handbook volume 1 and volume 2 and other whatever guidelines have a label on the website that's what I can say I have done my duty as per the ECI guidelines TT which brings us the fifth and the final issue and this is with respect to the all-important state of tripura this is a very very tight contentious battle that we're seeing in the state of Tripura however a large number of opposition parties the left as well as the Congress parties had alleged that they had been large-scale rigging across the length and breadth of the state in fact the returning officer had submitted a report that they were very various the electoral process essentially was vitiated and he said in as many as 433 of the almost 1,700 polling stations now the demand that had been put across by the opposition parties was quite simple that given the scale given the report of the RO it's critical that we have repo lling done in the state of three para the Election Commission however differed with that view and allowed re polling to be done only in a hundred and sixty-eight booths which again has been the subject matter of a great deal of criticism that we've seen across social media and across the length and breadth of India's political spectrum well it was not all about ugly rhetoric and violence there were plenty of light and moments on the campaign trail there was music there was dancing and there was frantic chanting and troubles with translators we leave you with some of these moments thank you for watching wherever he goes a new promise and I am able to pay all of our learning algorithm don't make me Prime Minister he says make me the Chokey dad now he says a bear a bear my new are they repair provide of Andrea Conda zoo cheaper Gardocki ominous al-qaeda and then in every speech the Prime Minister speaks of yeah [Applause] the questions raised are that there was displeasure amongst the party workers in baccarat and that's possibly the reason why you were moved from baccarat could be could be you don't deny that no I don't know anything about [Laughter] okay now turn them over again