what are you doing help me push the beds together what why so you can do your duty like a good husband sure but it's not my birthday for another dreamers I'm making space next to the sink so you can fix it oh thank God for that have you thought any more about where we're going on our holidays this year your husband is a very busy man my darling haven't got time to think about holidays today is the AGM at the mosque and I've got an item on the agenda good the renaming of the community room you know I think it needs to be something that represents all the people of sparkle I'm going to suggest their name it mr. Kahn Camuto leaders community room and corporate hospitality suite VIP only catchy no this will be our last year together as a family before Shazia gets married we should do something special something exotic what's wrong with normal holiday staying with your cousin in Bradford not exotic what about staying at cousins in Oldham why don't we splash out use our rainy day money you're forgetting one thing about rainy day money my darling what's that it's for any day you have to think of the future we are fit and healthy now but what happens when you're an old lady in you can't look after yourself anymore mmm-hmm exactly we're gonna have to pay for someone to come in to cook my dinner and I on my sharks you see mrs. Kahn head for thinking feet for dancing but mr. Malik takes mrs. Malik to lovely places do you know why he's taking her this year do by three weeks just the two of them I don't know who to feel more sorry for Michael we ever go somewhere like that Bradford's better than Dubai how is Bradford better than Dubai more Muslims okay then why don't we go somewhere closer to home I know let's go back to Great Yarmouth you remember we had our special holiday there no it was just after we were married and we stayed in that rickety old Caravan I don't remember yes you can it poured with rain but we were up all night anyway oh yes of course what a night that was Pakistan were playing India I mean listen for two hours on my transistor radio yes and then and then Pakistan one the best night of my life you