joining us now somebody new who knows best about the chavez's e mustafa cornell he's a petroleum geologist who was elected to the venezuelan congress in 1998 before it was dissolved in 1999 following the election of Chavez as president a Cornell is currently designated as a quote enemy of the Shah fez regime gustavo welcome to the show now are you still considered an enemy even though he has passed well yes I mean he's dead now but he's a regime is very much alive so I yes I am a an enemy of the of the chávez government how many enemies were there Gustavo I mean was this something that regularly did he just had one giant enemies list and you're on there and where everyone by Sean Penn is on there yeah the list of enemies that I saw published which I still have a copy of had something like 1100 persons and I was very disappointed to be number 827 I what I was hoping that I could be created to be number one at least the top three Gustavo I mean jeez what did you do wrong can I ask well I write a lot against the government especially against the corruption of the chávez government I wrote to two papers 14 Cato Institute and then a later one in when in the Venezuelan press denouncing very specific acts of corruption by the java government and of course nothing ever came out of these accusations the thing is that chavez has left the country in total disarray can you paint the picture gustavo of what venezuela is like you say total disarray but describe some of the tactics that he used some of the gravest and grossest offenses that he committed yes well first of all he destroyed the oil company the oil company was in charge of producing oil 70 oil at commercial prices and giving the money to the central government what he has done he has he transformed the oil company in Venezuela into a company building houses importing food cultivating vegetables and raising pigs and as a net result the Venezuelan oil production today is about six or seven hundred thousand barrels per day less than when Chavez came into power and and the worst part of it is that most of this oil is being given practically for free to countries like Cuba and Ecuador and Bolivia Nicaragua Saudi the demand gave way during the last 14 years no less than 150 billion dollars in handouts to other countries ideologically friendly countries they so as to gain their loyalty as to gain their political support so the support of Chavez spilled out beyond Venezuela and he did this with a quid pro quo you believe in my you know oppressive theories and you know my kind of a liberation theology and you'll get a kick back and he's left about two billion dollars it's amazing Gustavo that such a very rich man a billionaire could die uh with such extreme wealth leaving his people just so poor we only have a minute left cassava but what do you think the legacy will be of Chavez and the future of Venezuela where does it go from here any chance they could be an ally of ours or as his successor just going to be more of the same well there is a chance there is a chance that in the next elections in opposition government will come into power there we say i would say forty percent chance of this happening but even if the Chavis successor wins as he might well win his days will be numbered because the the country is going broke in spite of the immense amount of money they have received today so it could be a revolution gustavos what you're saying it could really Duvall vintage a US yeah popular protest might become very ugly and we might have a period of great political and social instability Wow Gustavo Cornell thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate your take on the passing of Hugo Chavez thank you so much