the reach to impeach as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he wants robert muller to testify House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes an ominous warning to Democrats I think the president wants us to compete plus one of the most trailblazing pioneers of late-night comedy is coming to daytime TV his David Letterman is hitting the hot topics table and it's feel-good Friday on view your deal fire up hot topics with Whoopi [Applause] Bihar hostas and making machine now let's things started [Applause] let me explain what's happening here I want to introduce you to our beloved talent producer Natalie burrows who has been here for the past 18 years and you know as things happen she's moving on and this is her last at the view but the good news is she's gonna be working right next door but we but we we wanted her to know that her being has been so meaningful and we we could not have done this whatever and we love her and we're gonna miss her yes it's been such an honor and adventure and I learned so much and I thank you so much this is a tough move for you yeah 18 years long time not good with change she was a baby when she came here blossoms and I'm so thankful to be a part of it such a gem come on so former Special Counsel rather proceedings but House Speaker dad's Pelosi saying not so fast and me this morning to Jimmy Kimmel it right I you know I kind of feel like she said look we're gonna do everything we can do and we're gonna take the time we need to take and you know I think it's better to clean it to make it clean you know that you know when he is no longer running stuff when he goes to get on that plane you know in January as the new president is sworn in yeah I don't know maybe they get him mad well they can get him ft he's not that's what I'm saying and that genuine just after they've sworn somebody new in you know they might get it but I kind of agree with that I don't think that if you do it now and and you don't get the results you want I think it's gonna be Dutchman she's taking her time and I said kind of like Nancy she's playing chess he's playing checkers let's face it she's smarter than half and she's got more experience but you know the thing about impeachment I was reading today with impeachment you get more respect from the courts you know this you the subpoenas must be honored I believe when you're an impeachment process and right now that's just nor ignoring the subpoenas mm-hmm so there is a certain amount of clout that you have when you impeach look I thought I just I think it's that's a very dangerous precedent if you don't at least start the impeachment inquiry because no one is for that though doing that they're doing that well the inquiry really is what an impeachment is and in my view I I think an impeachment is starting an investigation into the criminality the potential criminality of this president no one should be above the law and I was listening to Morning Joe this morning and I thought the Donny Deutsch made a very interesting observation he explained that an impeachment really is a criminal investigation and perhaps what we need to do is rebrand that word because Trump now is saying impeachment is a dirty word it's dirty it's a horrible word how's Jason I think yes his word yeah he said it's dirty and it's filthy and disgusting word and so you know Donny Deutsch was saying Trump is trying to rebrand that word maybe we need to rebrand the word impeachment and call it what it is which is a criminal investigation and perhaps Donald Trump needs to prove to us that he is not a criminal he needs to defend him people need to need to understand whether or not there is a criminal in the White House it's interesting is that only forty five House members are for impeachment proceedings which actually surprised me it's only 20 percent of House Democrats ten percent of the entire house and I do think I agree with you Nancy Pelosi is an incredibly shrewd politician 65 percent of Americans say Congress should not begin at the proceed at the moment yeah I will say if you take this killshot Democrats you better not miss they better hit his jugular and if there's even a finger still moving at the end of it you're gonna ruin your chance one let me say that you better do this well if you're gonna do it and my faith in you doesn't mean she doesn't mean literally we get people I mean like a metaphorical I talk I wish I'm a hunter in a shooter I'm sorry and I thought like a redneck so sorry but I won't make you pass that you have to you have to successfully do this if you're gonna impede you you have to impeach him it can't just be proceeding that don't end up success but again please don't take that thank you very much you know so here's the thing people come after us for what we say and how we say it because they're they're listening for something to be good to be wrong in their mind yeah we try not to do that so we look out for each other because we know cuz we all see what people write to we and we'll be right back thank you the current political climate make a late-night icon David Letterman wanna hop back into the host chair what was the most surprising moment of his sit-down with Kanye West and today to really make prank phone calls to joy he hid in the table that was a legendary David Letterman signing off from his iconic Late Show after 33 years behind the desk now he's back for the second season of his Netflix show my next guest needs no introduction and frankly neither does he please welcome David Letterman [Applause] thank you very much ladies I'm very excited this is nice I love being on TV debut seems jittery yeah I'm excited because I can't adjust the chair when you get to be my age I'll tell you why it's fun to be here and thank you thank you everybody but I I know people here that used to work on my show yeah and so when I go visit people who are now doing much better than when I knew them the last thing I want to do is come on and ruin their show no I am the pressure is on me yes thank you very much the most important one is Brian [Applause] [Laughter] we show yeah we do that here now to four years yeah it's impossible isn't it's kind of wild yeah it's just a bit bizarre and I you know I just I wanted to say that one of the things when I saw Megan here I knew your father and there was a thing in 2007 and 2007 I think it was right before the economy blew up and so I I didn't know what did you know was going to blow up so your father was scheduled to be on the show he cancelled I remember it was a big deal let me tell you canceled with like 15 minutes huh it would be it would be like I said I'm not going out there well that didn't know wouldn't be the same thing busy you'd say well so what so it was hilarious because now all of a sudden and not only do we not have a guest we don't have Senator McCain so it's a and and I love nothing more than chaos laughed and laughed and laughed and I said well what happened is he well as and they said no there's a financial emergency in Washington he's flying right back immediately and I thought oh my god it's like Martians something really dangerous is happening because he's flying right back immediately I can't possibly do the show okay so I don't know this for a fact but I'm assuming we got Regis so he suspended his campaign so now we're doing the show and the control-room says look at the monitor and there's your father not only has he not shot right back to Washington he's at the broadcast and they're talking to Katie Couric I know Katie Couric so we thought hey wait a minute I thought the economy was exploding and you couldn't be on our show so that was even greater for me because I just I thought this is fantastic I have something to go to work on now the guy he backed out of it he lied to us he wheezes oh sure he's an emergency I can go see everybody but Dave and so I pounded him and pounded him and pounded him for weeks and weeks and weeks and the economy just kept getting worse and just kept getting worse and then I guess the things stabilized at some point and the senator said we'll all come back yeah and he came back and he sat down he got a standing ovation because everybody thought here's a man demonstrating courage because I have every night signaled that he had weaseled on us that he had absolutely in fact lied to us but yet he comes back he's got the guts to come back everybody stands up gives a good standing ovation he sits down and I said well and he said what can I tell you I screwed up and they loved it yeah absolutely would crazy back to Vietnam oh yeah so anyway I'm like everybody else I'm sorry for your loss but I loved the guy it was a great guest and a lot of people would not have come back you know they wouldn't screw that we're not going back but he came back and owned it somebody who did come back to show quite a few times was Donald Trump if I recall I mean we've had him on hit this show a few times and Howard was on Howard Stern was on the other day going on about what a great guest he what it wasn't that great a guest on this show he was a great guest to Howard a great guest for us too there were there were two people that you could always count on one was Regis who I don't think anybody remembers you remember getting Regis and the and the other one was Donald Trump and and I think Donald came on and always again a standing ovation can you imagine that to himself and I would say Donna you must be exhausted all day evicting elderly widows and I said what do you do do you are you a Windtunnel testing your hair and laughs he would take a joke then he could take a punch pretty good and he I think he just liked being on TV and and he was an excellent guest for somebody I could just beat up on ya and smack around and stuff didn't you show his time it's just like a goofball just like a bonehead well one of the one of the an interview the late 80s is actually making the rounds again because he's lost I think a billion dollars he's one of the only people in history to have ever lost that much money in this so you seem sort of skeptical of his net worth yeah but you know the important thing about it is and maybe I'm the older one that shares this opinion but there he seemed like a guy he seemed just like a god right and where I ever to get the chance to talk to him in person and you know I won't live long enough for that to happen but I would say when did you become a goon you know where did that happen you used to be just like a guy yeah did you have that same absolutely it was just somebody who came on the show a New York character that's right exactly and they say power corrupts about absolute power corrupts absolutely that's what he said this Alden a lot of this started when he began me Obama was not born in the u.s. because he was pondering running he was memory was throwing it out and so people said well you know what you should say this you push this people really think this is a great and that's what he was Asian and Republican policy PAC remember he's invited to speak at CPAC and sudden people saw him as a politician but do you think that he came up with these ideas on his own or very few but you know what the only idea that I have right now cuz I can hear Teddy talking to me we'll be back with water boy [Applause] with David Letterman yes mr. Letterman we had Jay Leno on recently on the show and he told us that he doesn't miss late-night at all because he thinks it's too politically one-sided and he preferred it back when you could quote humiliate both sides equally do you agree with him well I can only speak for myself he would do the kind of show Jay would like to do and I feel like if with things going on current events seeming what they are not seeming actually being what they are I I would have to constantly be on the attack and I would be fatigued but I would constantly be going at the easiest target because that makes your job much easier now the the great thing about doing it that way is if you keep attacking people and attacking people you get folks from the other side rarely to come on and and then you can go at it head to head I'm not sure how I would be able to do make fun of both I know that historically that's what Johnny did Johnny Carson he would play it right down the middle but say for days yes but things are so fraught now that it's it's hard and I think people have done pretty well going after one side but then I understand how that also could alienate part of the audience so I agree with what Jay is saying but for me I don't think I could operate that way but just a question for me as a conservative woman going on a late-night show is really no different than going on MSNBC anymore so if you had like a conservative woman on would you treat it in a more serious political tolerance yeah because if the person demonstrated encourages the wrong word when talking about going on a late-night TV show but if there was a difference in aetiology I would respect that person and there might be a tussle but it's still like with your father and this is this is pre vigorous divisional days in politics well that that doesn't make sense we you know trying to say before he came on and and we could go at each other if we wanted to and I think that's that's a pretty healthy collegial when he came on well he's a collegial guy for God's sake so he was kind of his deal and if you didn't recognize what this man's life had been good and bad here was a guy that proved that he was solid you know we came up kind of around the same time and you might be you know things on me are close to we've done gigs at the Comedy Store you are out in LA and what'd you think when you were there did it feel like Comedy Store was because the original goal I was told was to take over a Johnny show but then you you started doing comedy it's a comma stuff right well well it was pretty easy you saw people on TV every night Johnny would say they're at the Comedy Store and now they're on The Tonight Show so you thought okay I know how to do this you get on the Comedy Store you may get to go to the right but then again when you're a kid you don't you don't know what you're doing and a manager or an agent will get a hold of you you've been through it you've been through it you've been through you've not been through it could you just play along and this one manager I had sent me out to be an actor on situation comedies because in those days the idea was get yourself a sitcom you could be Fonzie you can be Robin Williams you can you can be anybody can be Laverne and Shirley bang zoom everybody makes a billion dollars so they sent me out on a thing an audition and as you know you go into a room and there's like eight people who look exactly like you look sitting there with with the page and they call them it's an inside showbusiness term besides what you're gonna be reading it's not the script so you're sitting there and you're reading it and then they call your name and this show was Saturday Night Fever they were gonna make a situation comedy out of the Saturday night John Travolta car yeah well that's what oh my god so you get inside the director says now what we want you to do you're getting ready to go out on Saturday night and get the fever and so you're you're in the bathroom and you're looking in the mirror making sure everything is good and you're you're blow-drying your hair while you're looking in the mirror making sure everything is fine and while you are doing this you are dancing and I said oh you know what I think I left my car running I'll be right back but it was stupid do you know I've been waiting to ask you for many years because about 1991 – I had a radio show on WABC and it was a call-in radio show yes and I unturned from one of my spies that you used to call in and say it was John it was Frank is that true because I used to talk to somebody and they'd say it was you you would call from your car and engage me in the conversation I never knew it was David Letterman let me ask you a question for the purposes of this discussion do you want it to be me David I'm not really let's hear the truth I never called you but I have done that and it's like in you're a kid in high school and you send pizza to somebody's house no I don't think so I'm sorry I did I called every day okay I'm happily married it's fine I don't know when this went there but this is where we are and we'll be back with war David Letterman [Applause] from the new season of your Netflix series my next guest needs no introductions and Kanye styled you up I liked Kanye I didn't I knew him a little bit from our old show and that's about all I knew about it was that experience and his music and then he and his wife and his family were so generous to us and we got to know him and what a what a great kid well he you know we started out by going to something that he referred to as the Sunday service and he at that point he had only done it twice and we didn't know what it was and we drive and we drive and we drive it and we end up near the Burbank Airport and there's a sound studio there that they had converted into like a theater-in-the-round a smallish place with lighting designed by a renowned lighting artist and some musicians and and acquire and indeed it was a Sunday service and it was I I feel odd invoking the word spiritual but in fact it had that effect on me and the thing that I learned from it all and the experience to a person involved in it on the production crew and everybody in the audience not a big audience found it surprising and moreover moving it was touching you don't expect to find anything like that in Burbank first of all but that's another story and I learned from the percussionist who was playing a single drum he did a little monologue about the history of the drum and he said this drum and the use of drums historically represents the beat of the human heart and I had I had never heard this and and I found that kind of as the foundation for everything that came after which was beautiful with this the choir and and the music and and Kanye himself who was a different experience than I'd ever expand had so that was a great way to start with him yeah what seemed to me and watching the the interview is he was very open about talking about his struggles with mental illness and that was just remarkable what what did you learn about what he is dealing with well I I I'm ignorant on this topic of bipolar or schizophrenia luckily I don't have it I'm not sure that I know anybody who does have it but I recognize from my discussion with Kanye that you suffer and the thing that was fascinating to me was his wife Kim who I knew a little bit more than Kanye is such a strong advocate not only for her family and her husband but also as we know for prisoner rights and people who have been incarcerated unnecessarily lengthy terms and in prison and prisoner rights and the combination of the two the energy and then dynamic was something I really was not expecting Wow I actually have another question for you now that you have a lot of free time you are spending more time with your 15 year old son Harry I have a 16 year old son Gabriel he doesn't want to spend as much time with me anymore are we in the same boat now you and I are yes I am glad you two could get again yeah soon me but I'm glad here at somebody else I get up every day and I go down to the interstate wave of cars I've been trying to get on the cover of AARP and those bastards will not call me back but my son hears now his method of expressing affection he comes he comes oh that's that's not him in California last week and as soon as I get home it's late Saturday night as soon as I get home let's fight and so ok sure and so he starts throwing punches at my ribs and he lands them in my kidneys and I said Harry we've talked about this before this is Elder Abuse and then we fired until I have to tap out so as we speak now that's the nature of our relationship it's time yeah what is it like with your son he doesn't want to fight you know he doesn't but I invite we used to go to the theater together a lot and I just yeah it's wonderful I just invited him to a play and he said can I bring a girl with me I'm the girl mommy dearest yeah your son is not the one with the problem [Applause] we know that every beer joke has been done to the Sun apparently you caused quite a stir lately people thought you had been arrested at the at the Ecuadorian Embassy [Laughter] [Applause] great I wish I had a nickel for every time I have been arrested at the Ecuadorian empty you know what's silly and I think it for people who have tattoos that the first few to two or three weeks you have a tattoo and you're the showers must be poached oh and it was like that with the beard and now I wake up and I forget I have it and then I go look at the mirror and it's oh my god but I'm going for the old grizzled coot they say that you're doing it to keep yourself off of TV the truth of it is the second I got off TV I went to an unnamed Central American country and had a full facelift so I didn't get the full treatment and it didn't turn out well I know I thought what can I do but cover it up with a beard so that's that's the truth that's the truth well I shave every week I know what you go thanks to David Letterman season two of my next guest needs no introduction is now streaming on Netflix it's very kind of you to have me and it's a pleasure nice to have you Coffee weekend with they undo your deal we partnered with Under that'll put a smile on your face [Applause]