Insurance is a safety net most people rely on. Helping to make sure that safety net is in proper order is the job of insurance claims and policy processing clerks. They organize information and documents to keep insurance policies updated and help resolve claims. Policy processing clerks take in new policy applications and make changes to update existing policies. They also review applications to make sure all questions have been answered. The average day includes lots of communication with agents, applicants, policy holders and insurance carriers. Insurance claims clerks need to collect information about claims, compile reports, and send them on to a claims representative to determine what the settlement will be. People in both of these roles need to be detail-oriented, since errors could jeopardize a customer’s coverage just when it’s most needed. A high school diploma or equivalent, and strong typing and computer skills, is required for most insurance claims and policy processing clerks. Some employers may expect some college coursework, an associate’s degree, or more extensive on-the-job experience. And a background in customer service will help you succeed in this industry that relies on excellent relationships with customers.