The first reason is that you will gain international
experience. This is possible throughout your study programme
when you will spend one semester abroad in one of our more than 100 partner universities. This allows you to not only gain international
experience but also impress your future employer. Second reason is: You will develop leadership
skills. A degree in business administration not only
allows you to learn about marketing, finance – but most importantly you will lean to manage
projects, act in an international environment and also think critically. This, overall, will contribute to your individual
skill development and you will also be able to manage companies and projects and work
in businesses in a global environment. The third reason is networking and community
building. During your student life, you will meet international
students, lecturers, counsellors – all of them will build an important part in your
future career. They will provide referrals, job opportunities,
and help you integrate your skills that you acquired in our study programme in your future
life. They are an important building block in your