now will president Trump win a second
term in the White House or will there be a new face in the Oval Office and what
can we expect with the 2020 US presidential election exactly one year
away to find out Arirang TV spoke with an expert who has an unrivaled ability
to forecast the winner for his analysis on what promises to be a truly
blockbuster race eun-jung min with the details with the
u.s. presidential election just one year away key factors for predicting the next
president are based on the strength and performance of their party that’s
according to Professor Allan Lichtman from American University who has
predicted the lost nine u.s. presidential elections from 1984 through
2012 Lichtman says his predictions are based
on 13 factors including the economy foreign policy social unrest and a third
party when asked about the latest impeachment inquiry against President
Donald Trump the professor says it could be a factor that affects the upcoming
election particularly if things go badly in a Senate trial so while I’m not ready
to make a final prediction by finally doing what is right morally
constitutionally and indeed politically the Democrats have at least put
themselves in a much better position to win next year Lichtman says there’s not
much to predict from the ideology or experience of the candidates but the
public needs to pay attention to the performance of the administration
including foreign policy however he says there has not been much success on
foreign policy for the Trump administration so far the killing of
al-baghdadi was hardly noticed in the United States most Americans didn’t know
who he was and on the other hand I would say the
policy in Syria which was denounced even by Republicans than with jarl the
handing over of Syria in effect to Iran al-assad and the Russians could well be
a foreign policy failure the professor went on to say the election also depends
on the success or failure of the economy and whether the Democrats emerge with a
charismatic figure who can attract voters you know me
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