the goal of Open Government Partnership
is to improve citizen participation in politics
thus we can saw the bow GP held its first asia-pacific regional meeting for
2018 eun-jung HS slide on some of the key discussion topics as more and more
citizens around the world are taking an active part in politics reformers are
looking for ways to ensure dialogue between governments and society the Open
Government Partnership asia-pacific regional meeting 2018 takes place in
Seoul on Monday and Tuesday with participants discussing ways to promote
citizens involvement in political decisions this year’s ogp meeting was
jointly organized by South Korea’s interior and safety ministry some 600
participants including government officials lawmakers professors and
citizens discussed ways to promote democracy the Korean government also
shared its efforts toward an open government after inauguration our
government opened kwangmin first read a communication platform for citizens at
Quailman square some 1.2 million citizens proposed 180,000 policies over
a hundred day period this year’s meeting also encompasses other democratic issues
including raising public access to the legal system improving governance to
improve the quality of life and fighting against corruption with the idea that if
you carefully listen to what citizens have to say what they want out of
government and you respond to that as a government you get better government
more effective government more credible government people with the technology
and I can improv so open data and a government is providing the resources
and the platform for citizen participation in their own way the Open
Government Partnership hopes this year’s meeting will provide more practical
advice for citizen engagement in politics in jung-min Arirang news