Hello, it’s BenQ Republic with you today on the table, we have 2 BenQ monitors – EX2780Q Without waiting any longer, let’s start the review As you can see, both monitors are already on my desk, turned on and ready to use So I won’t be doing unboxing this time Just going to add that, with the monitor you get HDMI cable USB Type-C, manual and remote control which will be mentioned later It was a bit weird that the Display Port cable was not added However, these monitors have HDMI 2.0 port and with that, we can reach 2k resolution and 144hz. As usual, I will start monitor’s review from its design For these monitors, BenQ chose a truly decent design Personally, I would say that this design, much more pleasant than real gamer design with RGB lighting. These monitors do not have RGB, so even serious men will be able to use these monitors The main colors of the monitor are black and bronze at the bottom Maybe some people won’t be happy with the bronze color if someone tries to match colors with their setup Make attention to the colors before buying the monitor, but for me, these hues are totally fine. Before starting the tour around the monitor, the first thing that caught my eye from the upside and the first feature is the hole at the back of the monitor’s stand, which can be uncovered by moving the plate up. And there you can hide your monitor’s cables, because of that your cable management will look better and cables won’t be flying all around the desk and will look tidy. Continuing the talk about tidiness, it is worth mentioning that this monitor does not have a power supply unit (bloc) Power supply cable goes straight from the monitor to the electrical socket, as well as with PCs and console I instantly noticed this feature and I loved it because the desk looks less crowded, and there is less dust on the PSU. Continuing about the design, probably everyone is curious about how flexible is this monitor. This monitor neither turns to the sides or goes up and down. It only has a tilt function Which means you will be able to lean the monitor forward and backward. Is that a good enough feature? For me, I think it’s enough. The height of the monitor is adequate and there is no problem to turn the monitor to the sides by moving the whole stand. This monitor is not an exception and it has media buttons on the back of the screen and joystick There is power on button, joystick, and other two buttons to navigate through the monitor’s menu. However, to avoid reaching the buttons at the back of the monitor, BenQ did one of the most intelligent steps by giving us the remote control together with the monitor So what this remote is capable of? It’s simple features: You can open the menu, turn on HDRi- which we will be mentioned later You can also turn on Brightness Intelligence technology which we talked about in the previous review. There is sound EQ, you can turn the volume up or down or mute the monitor, turn it on and turn it off as well as change its input. In short, the remote control saves your effort and time as well as makes everything easier to control. SUPER BENQ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT! Even though you change monitor’s volume with the remote BenQ also added volume scrolling wheel on the bottom of the monitor With this scrolling wheel, I had some issues, because scrolling the wheel too fast makes it irresponsive So if you want to change the volume with the scrolling wheel you have to be very careful and slow with it. And the last thing is connections. This monitor has 2x HDMI 2.0 ports, Display Port and 3.5mm port for headphones or speakers The very positive thing is that with USB Type-C, you can not only transmit the video signal but charge your devices that use USB Type-C. And now let’s take a look at one of the best features of this monitor which is speakers. And you suddenly start to think that all monitors have poor speakers and I also said that before, BUT BenQ says- “Hold my beer” (non-alcoholic) We will create the speakers that will make your jaw drop Monitor manufacturers, usually do not invest in integrated speakers as they know that most of the people will use external speakers or headphones when they are doing something with a computer and using a monitor However, BenQ decided to go the other way and they put 2x 2W integrated speakers at the front and 1x 5W subwoofer to the back of the monitor. The sound of this combination is just insanely good and now I will let you make sure by yourself. *eastern europe dance moves* It’s not even on the max volume. *face of approval* You heard these speakers by yourself Maybe you can’t actually feel how good they are because of the microphone quality, so for comparison, I did the test. I compared this monitor’s speakers and my old BenQ monitor’s speakers. And you can see the comparison right now. And you will probably ask: Do I still use headphones and external speakers with these monitors or I use integrated ones. And I can honestly tell, that from the minute I started using these monitors I did not switch my external speakers on. Only because there is no need. The pure loudness of these speakers is more than enough for ears and I never use them on MAX volume as my neighbors wouldn’t be happy about it. And now it’s time to talk about the specifications of these monitors. The EX2780Q is a 27-inch gaming monitor. It is a quad HD resolution monitor with the 144-hertz frame rate. This monitor can be used not only in popular e-sports games such as CS: GO, PUBG and Apex Legends due to its high frame rate, but also in singleplayer or slower high-definition games due to the monitor’s high resolution. The monitor is 2560 x 1440. This resolution has about 30% more pixels than Full HD. This combination of 144Hz and 1440p will mean that your monitor needs a sufficiently powerful computer to fully exploit it. I would recommend at least GTX 1660ti or Radeon RX 5700 graphics card for esports games, RTX 2070 Super or GTX 1080ti for playing triple-A games at 1440p resolution at least 60 frames per second. This BenQ monitor has FreeSync technology, which allows it to adjust to the frame rate of the games, so the games will look smooth – without “lag”. Freesync only works with AMD graphics cards, but many monitors like this one can use G-sync via Freesync. As I mentioned earlier, the resolution of this monitor is 2560 x 1440 i.e. Quad HD has a 16 to 9 aspect ratio. It is also worth noting that this monitor has an IPS panel and therefore has much better color and side views than TN or VA monitors. Most IPS monitors are used for work such as editing photos or videos, as well as watching movies because of the colors that are very well displayed. This monitor is no exception – it can display as much as 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and supports 10-Bit colors, but this monitor has the added plus – it has a high frame rate AND it is an IPS monitor! It is the first BenQ monitor to have both of these features. This makes it very easy to do other color-related work with this monitor, but it is also free to play games. One minus on the IPS panel is the slightly slower 5 millisecond response time than the 1ms on most TN panels, but many won’t even notice it, and all the IPS pros outweigh it. This Benq EX2780Q monitor is VESA Display HDR 400 certified so you can turn on HDR through PC/monitor settings. The monitor also has one interesting mode, the HDRi, which uses a “B.I. +” light sensor to select the appropriate brightness, color, and even better HDR effect depending on the ambient light. The feature may be interesting, but it will probably not be used by gamers or ordinary users, as the monitor constantly adjusts the lighting and changes colors. Another 3 settings highlighted by Benq are Game mode, color vibrance and black equalizer. These three settings are all about the backlight contrast and the color brightness of the monitor. The game mode has 3 display lighting modes that are specifically adapted to different games. Color vibrance will allow you to add saturation and vividness to your colors, and Black equalizer will save you when the game environment is extremely dark. You will then be able to raise the equalizer to the maximum and the darkest parts of the monitor will be easily visible Another interesting feature worth noting is the 24p (or 24hz) mode. It is designed to be compatible with 24fps content, e.g. movies usually run at 24 fps. This way, you will see a more natural and enjoyable picture while watching movies. This feature will only work if the content you are watching is available on 24p. And now it’s time for the verdict. And probably all of you want to know how much one of these monitor’s cost. One monitor costs around 600 US dollars which will be around or over 500 euros in Lithuania. The price isn’t low, however, you are getting a truly impressive monitor. And probably the main question is: Is the monitor worth the price? In my opinion, if you have this amount of money and you are ready to buy a decent monitor then I think this monitor is an ideal choice. And I think we can prove that. First of all this monitor has great looks. Secondly, this monitor has a bunch of important features and functions. One of them and the most important to me that his monitor has the eye care technology and saves my eyes to the maximum. There is no flickering, you can reduce the amount of the blue light, you can switch on Brightness Intelligence technology Other features as HDR are additional pros Thirdly- speakers which are epic, and I’ve never heard better-integrated monitor speakers than in this one. Moving on. We have 2k resolution which is a standard in 2019 We have 144hz refresh rate which is vital when playing games 5 milliseconds reaction time it’s a quite poor result but it has to be taken into account that this is an IPS monitor But for me, as an ordinary gamer, who is not very good at games or he does not try to be good at them 5 milliseconds do not have any difference and personally, it does not bother me. To sum up, the monitor is not cheap, however, for the money, BenQ gave everything they were able to with as many features as possible so the consumer would be happy and feel that he invested money into the decent and quality product And probably the main plus of the monitor is the IPS panel and colors of these monitors are just fantastic I honestly never had a monitor that could so beautifully convey the colors And even watching a simple video on Youtube, eyes are grateful for the beautiful picture that this monitor transmits. A big thumbs up for the BenQ, that they were able to create almost a gaming monitor with an IPS panel. So I’ve already listed all the Pros of this monitor and naturally, the question arises: Is this monitor really so ideal and are there any cons? I think the only minus which may even not be a minus is that BenQ mentioned that his monitor has very think black bezel, but in my opinion, these black edges are not that thin I certainly saw thinner black bezels before, but I really did not have a worse experience with these monitors because of that. It’s only a minor observation. I assume I mentioned everything, and gave my opinion from the bottom of my heart If you accidentally have about 500 euros in your pocket and you need a monitor I recommend this monitor. Thanks for watching this review I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to press the like button *Sad/exhausted* because I have to pack my luggage to Lithuania after this review Write something in the comment section below. Tell me how bad I am in making reviews. I will be very thankful. It was LTU Republic, thanks for watching, till the next time. Byeee.