[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] No [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I wanna get all my work done wrong Saffiano hottie [Applause] [Applause] see I like me Oh ja ja ja ja ja [Applause] Wacka Wacka Wacka welcome welcome welcome to France right thank you welcome back because you know the last step you'll hear we want the other side exactly now we are here and I love the dress code you guys you look nice too thank you oh yeah I was wondering well welcome welcome to say like we say there welcome to Kenya as well he'll tell us first of all oh my gosh oh my gosh how did you guys okay so um myself very cross we are ambassadors on the a premium cognac brand yeah and I wanted to remix one of my songs and you know give it like a male extra sauce on that and I sent a few songs to recross and he picked oh my gosh and he sent his first and then we shot the video and he really was amazing guys he loves Africa he loves us you know and I'm happy that we love the music as well yeah just loving Africa learning ourselves you have been I mean even now you have to be done everything you've been oh and always always after always take in the culture to the world do you feel that now the world I don't know if I can use this word but is this for this conversation SEC is taking African music more seriously I will just say um the rest of the world Africa is always taking African music seriously yes even on my drive while driving here you can hear all the clubs or the lounges they were blasting only Africa you know always thinking African music seriously but I think the rest of the world has just realized that this is really gold like not only do we have minerals our music has become gold guys and everybody wants a piece of that everybody is a baby baby literally means like covered them with the wave there you try there you go so as the queen of of music as well coming through you have the task and do feel pressure like you keep sending out hits upon hits I know there's a friend of mine called chef Alejandra who absolutely loves Bom Bom the song yeah this oh well I think both wrote the song and the absolute pressure to you know keep chatting out it's you know I realized a long time ago that this is the job I decided to do I decided to turn a hobby into something I'm going to do for life and if I'm not releasing music what am i doing you know so I'm under no pressure I'm working at my own pace and my own time when I see that okay my people they need a new song to dance to yeah give it I deliver that's my job to serve all of you with music and I'm doing it with love and passion and so for those who those are also coming up right now probably watching at home then I gave me I want to be like you or you inspire me to express my art there could be artists that could be tattoo artists that could be design whatever it is they're doing what advice would you give to that because I'd like to ask you has Yemi ever feel like you know what this music thing is not for me I don't want to do it or is it always just a cactus let's go no in the beginning Daisy was difficult to when nobody was really listening you know um but there were times I was like because I studied geography in university I was like okay maybe I should work I should go and you know get a part-time job or something but then something just kept pushing me I had the right people around me and they encouraged me and said I should continue and one day things worked out for me but I would tell anyone out there whether you're a musician you're a dancer you're a banker whatever it is that you're doing I think it's important to believe in yourself if you stop believing yourself then you stop fueling this dream it's going to be impossible for you to get there and most times the feared that something tells us oh it's time to turn around on stop that is when you are about to get your gold so I think we should keep on pushing because you never know when you keep on pushing yeah I gotta keep on push it so what what what I I feel like when you in there okay I know you have there's an event tomorrow yes sir and I you also suffered some Kenyan music look at the rock with something an artist's well hmm you want me to spill give us some juice hmm come on listen to my people why is everybody say more than Willie Paul and was there calligraph I know all these names yeah I know all these people yeah I got heard of their music and stuff well but what are the female artists I feel I've been Nadia I caught them [Applause] you're not a female okay you know what so like most sense what's a right he said no sir okay so everybody I'm going the thing is that as far as there's time and that I'm in love with the sound collaborate kami I always come here know exactly you know so yeah it's my new thing every year I have a new collaboration and I'm working on something new for my East African family so I know it's sure you guys prefer to eat and as always you're always welcome right here on channel 10 all the events gonna be able to Casa Ronnie right because Ronnie seen him so much you guys go out there and check out here everyone take a quick selfie baby [Applause] let me take one fast one part don't put me in trouble we have behind the scenes hold on behind the scenes they someone who you guys normally don't see his name is Kevin is our director and he's a huge fan of reality so Kevin come away that guy is sleeping with shoes on today so I know these guys are eager do you see what – hold on hold on well I'd say it's no Barrow is my face so everybody's nothing you cost it sugar sugar sugar water jet ways this shoe is a shoe [Applause] okay well everything yeah thank you so much thank you so much for popping through thank you though it's fun yeah we're little to appreciate you only see all these people absolutely love you and before you go because we're gonna toss it over to the other side in a short while but before we go just just a little bit of oh we shot a little bit she has to go and rest for tomorrow Jolie [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]