how do political parties get corrupted to win the elections a political party needs the citizens to cast their vote for it in order to persuade the citizens to vote for it the party needs to reach out in other words it needs to run a political campaign print ads meeting the voters TV ads etc etc all of these require money more money I know of those more chances to win where does the bar to get its money from from membership dues from government subsidized from legal income of the party's own activity and donations the most important source of income are donations hence bigger donations mean even bigger chances of getting elected by accepting substantial donations from an obscure person or group the political party turns into their hostage the party will alter the donor that parrot got it will be bound to act in the interest of a group to the detriment of the people this is called corruption part to fight this phenomenon and grow political integrity by creating a transparent system of political parties funding capping donations according to the law financing the activity of political parties up to 200 average wages for natural persons and 400 average wages for judicial ones financing electoral campaigns up to 50 average wages for natural persons and 100 average wages for judicial ones conducting audits publishing the audit reports and the website of the central Elections Commission prosecuting breaches of the law getting or asking for favors in exchange for donations is Spanish by law however the best way to prevent political corruption is to have the voters well-informed try to find out what are the sources of funding of the candidate or political party that you wish to cast the ballot for when your vote for a party or a candidate with obscure funding you vote in fact for individuals hiding in the shadow who will only look after their own interest and remember integrity is freedom