hello everybody its Brian Christopher I'm here at the cosmopolitan in Los Vegas for my biggest ever group poll we have 26 contestants everyone put in $500 myself included that's 13 $1,000 going into only three high limit machines please say hello to all the contestants all right we're heading over there machine number one which is not rude it's starting it off with airplane I cannot tell you how excited I am to play this one we're doing that 25 cent denomination max bet is 300 quarters or 75 bucks and we got Paris up first you ready to go Paris yes all right girl we have eight spinners each doing five spins six pin sorry six pin so whenever you're ready Paris you can hit that 300 right there $75 a spin four thousand dollars into the machine we're looking for two bonus symbols come on now my bonus symbols are on reels one three and five you only need two of them for an opportunity to get the bonus one more spin there's one come on fine number two find it oh so close turn it okay Ryan's out y'all ready to go absolutely all right Ryan whenever you're ready my friend hit that beat yeah go for that six all spins there's one go alright so we're in second guys we got to pick one the left or the right hands up for left hands up for left I see you like five hands hands up for right everyone's going right I even if we don't get it we took it a little line hit here and they're good for right okay with you two back he's okay with it alright go ahead press the right line okay this is where the real money is that guy's holey jeans we're already at $200 you all you have to pick a seat right now behind seats are either money a feature of a bonus or the bonuses over we do not want that you can also get audible and he'll automatically picked winning sinks for you you got the bonus you get to pick a seat go ahead you got a bonus you got a bonus snack which one has the most money behind it no pressure 600 credits that's 150 bucks very nice holey jeans there's one of those win all awesome all right no Amy's another bonus all right I'll run into one two and three guys hands up another one hands up for number two heads up for number three more twos all right we're going number two 200 are [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you get to pick another see six hundred hundred three hundred three hundred another $75 nice another 150 if you pick the correct Auto we get to keep playing so Jill do I pick it yourself or do we polling on here [Laughter] alright guys it's all going to one two three four or five hands up for one ends up for two ends up for three and it for four heads up for five heck ain't nothin to four or five hands up for four hands up for five okay more fives lady friend right there on let's get her you did great picking two features now that's amazing 6,200 quarters pay the man over $1,500 bone inside plus we got some line here I've been dying the plants name forever I'm so glad we finally got the player everyone else to the right to play this way you guys are awesome yeah on airplane wheel here alright bad guys that's we get some money in our pocket [Applause] alright guys we just got paid well done Ryan you ready to burst more he's got more spins to go go ahead off we go [Applause] you really want to get those Wiles to the left because they grow they fill the hole real if you can get all four reels Wilder laughing all right Thank You Jeffrey yeah all set to go Jeffrey Oh surely surely we can do better surely we can show us how it's done then yeah she's counting Freddie gates of this count all right Jeffrey Mario's up it's set to go let me order we are all right we're ready go ahead Oh baby [Applause] mind it up where those wilds are they're evading us right now that was it all right man all right we got sorry Kevin's up now my man Kevin y'all set for this man you got six pins all right there you go there you go another one the girl honey back more let's get multiple wilds now come on Oh Oh Donald Oh last bin party Oh Thank You governor Rebecca we have three more spinners on this game Rebecca's all set to go Zep Rebecca line it up my man Zack come on wild line it up Oh there's a lie oh good double your money very good a couple hats rs.50 is open to that Brooks them come on down bro two more spinners y'all ready to go bro all right timing is ready I'll let you know right over here yeah come on wilds bro yeah nice money back no spin for you all right thank you broke Jeremiah or that's better yeah we're in Mars bands I had to look away I couldn't a good one last man on the airplane everybody when I said that's been on the airplane him in forever it's over it's uh it's just good figuring yourself Gomez the second three that's 300 beds our last fan you guys on airplane never ever crashing out of this one $1000 plus right-hand pay and moving on to number two office win-win one that was that something to just win-win we have four thousand dollars in there there it is we're doing a two dollar denomination Mac spec which is 45 credits or $90 off spin we got March to lop y'all ready to go Marshall all right we got nine spinners he's doing five spins the person you're the first one go ahead Marshall one second so the math is off a little bit hold on we did a little bit more it's all good we're good we want to hit the number three here did not want to watch the next one okay and then we're step there we go there you go $300 Linus beautiful line it up baby 200 scatter pay love that nice we're already at up 400 bucks we're up 420 there are some Kings 60 bucks and lastly all right well done Marshall love the Prophet Alex come on over and what's up Alex maybe you can Rudi's representing you ready-made repeat button yeah line it up come on girl Oh and that's your last bit of a come on oh darn Jared come on over dere oh you're doing man they'll set all right you got your five spins hit the repeat button please okay line it up man's looking for some of Jebel symbols all in a row let's do it with some twin wins keep going darn it one more spin for you all right Mary stop come on over Mary Mary show us how it's done love you sir Chris very good very good all right hit the repeat button please $90.00 the spin there's a hit 120 very good go for it I'll line those up come on now that's been for you come on baby oh darn it Kevin come on over Kevin for a big project all right we'll come back Regina okay our counter all right so hit the repeat button go ahead come on $48 line it either going I know wild at the front and last bin for you John Kevin and else is there Kevin Nealon else yet Duke all right Andrea y'all ready to go ready all right awesome hit the repeat button please Andrea there's a hit 120 dollars you got this come on baby line it up Oh are you thinking a 300 to 450 bucks nice line up those stingrays now come on that's been for you all right that's been in rubber let's do it wait wait what's that good Robert Mason I was like you're not the Robert I know Robert come on over all right Robert don't let me go man ready let's do it okay so what do I get you can hit the repeat button you get five spins come on baby $48 last vid for you come on down but y'all ready for this one all right go for it repeat button line up those wild baby line them up $48 and last been alright David Boyer David come on down last inner mermaid power repeat the bet repeat that David you got this mermaid come on my rigs two more spins on twin win thirty bucks less pin for Julian – out of fifty and sixty Laurent win win we point six thousand dollars in this huffy we got nine spinners each doing five spins the piece at a hundred and twenty five dollars a spin whoo how exciting that's 45 spins total hopefully enough to get a couple bonuses let's see how we do Stephanie all set to go me all right let's do it hit that 125 or start us off line it up baby three more oh yeah but this one the other day it doesn't work very well line those up come on he's wild one more that was that all right Thank You Stephanie Charlie's up come on over charlie don't litter says what's up Charlie I hit the 125 volt light that wasn't working very well but don't hit that one don't hit that 250 by accident little hit there is there a dollar denomination game I don't intend crazy alright so we've already got 1,800 we got 2020 right 2,600 something ready nicely done Charlie I know Charlie whenever you're ready my friends with the button there star laughs spin [Applause] [Applause] come on [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right guys look back in just a few seconds yeah unbelievable all right well plays Charlie we're back for that delicious I think was a t-shirt right t-shirt where did you get that was that casinos right calm yes Oh amazing all right guys Charlie still it's three more spin and off you go Charlie let's double it never won yeah there seventy-five last bin for you there you go yeah Turtles Ted please all right all right my friend Brian must be really cool [Applause] there is Brian house Road all right man y'all stuff you got here let's do it 125 don't hit that 250 like it yeah doesn't work very well I can just hit that one there yeah yeah 800 Ryan told you you must be cool right on yeah I call this awesome all right Rob earnest Robert let's go man you got this Ando 125 you got five hole spins [Applause] 250 oh I saw that major go by let's not go by twice now come on all right Marlene y'all set to go yeah here you go hit 125 come on bonus let's get that lighting the strike twice Oh baby twenty-five bucks that's been for you we have four more spinners left Denise come on down alright these here guys you ready it's a 125 okay now it's running ahead all right guys I'm still going there we go 175 that's it oh nothing there last one for you all right come on down here guy there you go come on bonus when it say hi to you hi Erica come on bonus Oh with two of them we need three couple hundred bucks there nice let's beat up here $300 line in eyes keep it going 25 let's pin for you mine's all the way across two more spinners may stand up that's a full lunar dollar hit all right y'all ready made said hit the 125 25 yeah baby come on keep going how many boys you got one more got some chains in there all right last spinner it's my turn all right no pressure right now I'm feeling a little pressure but jumpy Red Machine here we go guys hit the 250 yeah come on bonus oh look at that oh my gosh 3 grand right there lined it up two more spins on lightning link here we go and last spin for the triple huge hit to end it off $30 and we're cashing out 3200 bless our new champ a [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]