Hello everyone Today I’m at Sindang-dong. This is Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town This place is very close from Sindang Station where subway line 2 and 6 connects. I like Tteokbokki So today I will try special Tteokbokki! Let’s go~! Place where instant Tteokbokki is famous for Let’s check out menu! I ordered the most popular menu set menu with Tteokbokki, chicken feet, rice ball, and cheese! Rice ball is made as soon as order goes in. Noodle and chewy noodle goes in! Add the special sauce~ Don’t forget the crispy dumping and boiled egg! Looking forward to spicy chicken feet! Plenty of savory seaweed flake! Place rice balls, and now it is ready to be served! Here comes Instant Tteokbokki Wow~ This is Jekseok-Tteokbokki, right? Hard to pronounce.. Jekseok! Mina tries Instant Tteokbokki for the first time Looking forward to it! I can’t really eat spicy foods And what’s good about Instant Tteokbokki is that you can decide spicy level! Foreigners can adjust spicy level in personal preference both not-spicy and spicy one for those who like strong flavor. I think that’s the good part of Instant Tteokbokki! And this is just my style Egg is cold (?) I will warm you up~ We can add various kinds of toppings! Oh~ I want to try! This is my first time Let’s begin~ I didn’t eat anything since morning on purpose! It is boiling. Looks so delicious! First, try on rice ball with Tteokbokki sauce~ This is good! Mm~ the seaweed is savory! The flavor explodes! Guys look at this~! Wow let’s try it with noodles! Roll up both noodle and cheese together~ The pot keeps the food warm We can enjoy the food warm because it is cooked in our place. Let’s try chicken feet, a set menu with Tteokbokki. Mina is enjoying it as it is not that spicy Oh this isn’t spicy! Everyone should really try this I recommend this place! Yummy! Enjoy both chewy rice-cake with toppings! Now I will eat fried-rice I ate rice balls but the shop recommends it, so let’s try! Wow~ look’s so good! This sauce is amazing Definitely dessert is fried-rice! Cheese on a well-spread fried rice~ Wait for cheese to melt! Time of patience Mina can’t take off her eyes from fried rice Finally a mouthful of fried rice Cool it down because it is hot Taste of happiness! Definitely the fried rice is a best way to finish Everyone has two stomachs: for Tteokbokki and fried rice~ Cheese is really good! Cheese on fried rice is essential! Mina’s fried rice ASMR Mina’s first attempt on ASMR Takes the microphone on her clothes to the pot… It’s hot~!  May I’ll try next time ^^; I really enjoyed my meal. I am so full This place is really decent restaurant I think foreigners might like it too So I hope many people could visit here Come to Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town~ Come and visit here~